BuchaBae Brings Cold-Brewed Kombucha to Jersey City

by Natalie Tsur

Jersey City continues to welcome new businesses and, in turn, adapt to current trends, especially those centered around healthy living. In light of this, New Jersey’s BuchaBae introduced a new craft of kombucha, a fermented tea prized for its healing properties, to the area in 2019.

Since kombucha’s recent recognition on social media, the beverage has become a fundamental addition to the United States’ functional food movement. Originating from Northeast China, kombucha is now accessible at most grocery stores, food markets and several beverage establishments throughout America.

The drink is typically brewed using tea and sugar that are combined at high temperatures in an effort to hasten the steeping process. As a result, harsh and bitter tannins are released which gives many brands the incentive to add artificial flavors. 

BuchaBae, however, has found that the mainstream kombucha brands often fail their consumers due to the drink’s “vinegary and acidic taste,” said founder Jennifer Hsieh. This flaw reigns significant in an effort to uphold the healthy-living fad, a detail quintessential to the BuchaBae business. 

They aim to heighten the drinking experience, offering a smooth taste while preserving the natural benefits of the tea by using a cold brew method. “Through the process of cold brewing, it smooths the harsh tannins associated when brewing kombucha traditionally,” explained Hsieh. “With our small-batch process, it just leaves a nice, delicate effervescent crafted beverage that is very drinkable and equally as mixable for mocktails and cocktails.”

Why is kombucha so popular?

The drink has entered the mainstream in the form of craft cocktails and has even begun to replace last year’s trend of hard seltzers. Further, the inherent healing properties of kombucha render it a much more multifaceted beverage. 

Studies have shown that kombucha is a holistic tea, particularly because of its organic ingredients and health benefits. In particular, the drink is said to improve digestion and diabetes, reduce blood pressure, strengthen the immune system and also lift energy and mood. It “is useful in the areas of body detoxification, increasing metabolism, rebuilding connective tissues, and controlling headaches,” another report concluded. 

“There has been such an influx of data that proves that you can get so much more out of life when you are actively putting health and wellness first,” said Hsieh. “If we treat our bodies in the same way we treat our cars, our jobs, and even our homes, maybe we would all be a little better off.”

“We really spend a lot of time perfecting our cold brew process, from ensuring that we only source the highest quality ingredients to measuring the right pH to preserve the best and healthiest essence of Kombucha,” Hsieh continued.

As a rather simple approach to incorporating a health-conscious diet, she remarks that the effort is not trivial and should not be overlooked. “It’s the small changes like drinking more water, taking more walks outside, not stressing overwork too much, and drinking BuchaBae. These changes, though seemingly small, are all part of putting health and wellness first.”

The global kombucha market is expected to see a 19.7 percent increase by 2027. Comparatively, BuchaBae has seen a similar incline in their consumer base as their business continues to thrive. 

Where can you get BuchaBae locally?

Eager to continue fostering a health-conscious lifestyle for those in the tri-state area, Hsieh has her sights set on expanding. After two years of operating BuchaBae in Hoboken and Jersey City, she hopes to spread her business to help more people. “We wanted to be a part of this amazing community that celebrates inclusivity and openness. We wanted to help further connect individuals with a common ground through health and wellness.” 

That being said, other parts of New York and New Jersey can ship BuchBae’s cold-brewed kombucha to their homes by placing an order through their website. All of this is in an effort to build a business that helps others incorporate wellness into their routines.

Main image via @buchabae

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