City Challenge Race in Hoboken, Do You Have What it Takes?


Adventure seekers are challenged to take on the “City Challenge Race” on October 5th at Pier A Park. If you like obstacle courses/ challenge races like the Spartan race, or you want to try your hand at adventure, the City Challenge Race is the perfect opportunity. Come October, the City Challenge Race comes to Hoboken for the first time and will consist of 15 obstacles stretching over an awesome 4 mile course. I know if I could run more than a mile without passing out, I’d be there.

The event is designed to push you to your limits while having one of the most fun days of your life. Going through an obstacle course like this, especially with friends or family, can help you learn something about yourself and can also teach you valuable lessons about teamwork and motivation. I helped out at the “5k Foam Fest” this summer in Tuxedo, New York, and I can say firsthand that I witnessed hundreds of people push themselves far beyond the limits they thought they had. Running something called the “Death Drop,” I had to constantly direct people through a towering inflatable slide, and many runners had a hard time coping with the height of the fall. Eventually they would overcome their fear by some persuasion from their friends or family (or me, to keep the line moving). I can only imagine that the City Challenge Race will consist of the same kind of challenges and good times.

The City Challenge Race is a great opportunity for anyone interested in an obstacle race. If you’re unsure about competing, I say go for it, you may surprise yourself. The race is expected to be huge, and hugely fun.

Take a look at their website to register, check out the obstacles, or volunteer. The City Challenge Race is also raising money for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation. You can donate during registration to help fight breast cancer.

If you’re up for the challenge, then, well… you know where to be on October 5th.




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Leo September 24, 2013 - 7:05 pm

Created a team, but 2 people just dropped out. 10am wave if anyone is interested, they will transfer their registration. $50 each reg. Email team leader: [email protected]


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