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Dogs And Their Owners- It’s Not Just About Looks!

by Lauren Scrudato

The humorous and popular notion that dogs and their owners resemble each other’s physical appearance can also be applied to personality types.

According to a study by Psychology Today, owners choose their puppy look-alike based on the concept of familiarity. Humans are accustomed to seeing their own faces multiple times a day, so when they see a dog that subtly resembles them, they are more inclined to feel comfortable with that breed. The same can be said about finding a complementary personality with your dog. Similar to making new friends, you want to pick a dog that you will get along with rather than bicker with.

To find your perfect match, you can now visit websites to fill out a questionnaire regarding your personality type. The majority of the questions inquire about their activity level and how dedicated they would be to maintaining a healthy lifestyle for their canine. Based on the user’s answers, the site will recommend the top five most compatible breeds.

My family has always brought home bigger dogs such as German Shepherds, so I was not surprised to see that my number one pick was a Bernese Mountain Dog. Bernese Mountain Dogs are long-haired working canines from the farmlands of Switzerland. Being a young, active woman, the site-generated choice seemed to be a logical one. Yet the same may not be said about an individual who is more of a relaxed homebody who would rather have a small cuddle buddy.

For those who would prefer not to go through nine months of child bearing to produce their very own human mini-me, fill out a two minute questionnaire to discover the perfect canine companion that will resemble all your best aspects.


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