Don’t Be That Guy At A Wedding

by Lauren Scrudato

Don’t be that guy at a wedding!

There’s always that one memorable person at a wedding who makes a fool of themselves and is the focal point of stories for years. Here are 11 Don’ts to avoid being “that guy” (or girl), because all of them are too important to edit down to 10.

1. RSVP and not show. You may be able to prevent any possible embarrassing behavior by not showing up, but you may also be the newlyweds’ most hated person by standing them up on their big day. Another version of this rule is bringing a date who turns into “that guy”.

2. Arrive late. The only person who is allowed to be late for a wedding is the bride. Account for anything that could interfere with your arrival time and plan ahead just in case. You do not want everyone giving you the stink eye as you attempt to sneak to your seat during the ceremony.

3. Try to be a professional photographer. Many people will whip out their phones to take pictures of the happy couple during the ceremony, but don’t be the person that gets up, walks around, or squats in the middle of the aisle to get that “perfect angle”. The couple hired someone to do that, and it wasn’t you.

4. Photobomb professional photos. Similarly, the couple paid a good chunk of change to rely on a professional photographer to capture moments from their big day. Don’t be immature and sneak behind them while they’re cutting the cake and give them bunny ears. It may be funny at the time, but once the proofs come in, you’ll  be in trouble.

5. Swap tables. The seating chart dilemma is always a hurdle in any wedding planning scenario. The couple tried their best to match people up accordingly so don’t ruin their months worth of stress in a matter of minutes by revamping their seating assignments.

6. Get confrontational. Whether you have previous beef with a fellow guest, or drinking whiskey makes your mean side come out, do not start a fight with anyone. Loud drama makes the night awkward for everyone and you will feel isolated afterwards.

7. Be the creeper. Sure, weddings can be an opportunity to immediately bond with fellow guests in your shared love for the bride or groom, but making someone feel uncomfortable because you’re trying to show off your twerking abilities is a big no-no. Getting nicknamed “creepy Uncle Sal” will forever haunt you.


8. Complain. If your dinner wasn’t a delicious gourmet meal, don’t express your concerns with the wait staff or fellow guests. Think positively and take advantage of the open bar instead of making the bride and groom feel bad that you’re still hungry.

9. Be a Debbie Downer. You don’t want to be the one everyone’s laughing at as you unsuccessfully attempt to rip up the dance floor, but you also don’t want to be the only one not having fun at a wedding. Even if weddings remind you that you’re still single, sitting at your table like a loner playing with your phone isn’t going to make you feel better. And chances are you won’t get invited to the next party.

10. Make an inappropriate toast. Whether you have been chosen to give a speech or you feel the need to make an impromptu one, always keep it classy. Don’t talk about how much of a player the groom used to be or spill a secret about the bride in front of her grandparents. They will regret inviting you.

11. The over-partier. Inappropriate toasts are often the cause of drinking way more than you should. An open bar is one of the best parts about a wedding, but overindulgence will be a killer for a rookie wedding guest. Slurring, stumbling and spilling could quickly lead to being “the creeper” as well.


Witnessed any horrifying antics from “that guy” at a wedding? Have you been “that guy” and want to warn readers of more things not to do? Let us know!

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