Weather the Storm: Dressing for a Rainy Day

by Abby Montanez

When it rains, it pours. And if you’re familiar with Hudson County, then you also know it floods. So if you’re opposed to swimming as a means of transportation, then investing in rain gear might just be the smartest decision you make (your dry socks will thank you later). However, it’s not always easy to find weatherproof accessories that are both fashionable and functional. Here are some tips to consider when dressing for a rainy day:

  1. Try adding a pop of color. It’s already going to be dark and dreary outside so don’t shy away from choosing a boot or umbrella that will stand out and brighten not only your day, but your outfit.
  2. Don’t worry about wearing or purchasing a raincoat. Some weather/rainproof coats can be fairly expensive so rather than breaking the bank, purchase a nice sized umbrella to keep you dry instead.
  3. Boots come in all shapes and sizes. For colder months, you might lean towards buying a taller boot, something that will allow your jeans or pants to be tucked in comfortably. But when the warmer seasons set in, rain booties are a great option, pairing perfectly with shorts, skirts, or sundresses.

Lucky for you, we’ve narrowed down the places where you can pick up a pair of stylish rain boots or stand out umbrellas—staples when it comes to battling spring showers. Here are our favorite spots to pick up some must-haves when dressing for a rainy day.

1. Townhouse – Hoboken

dressing for a rainy day

2. Anthropologie – Hoboken

dressing for a rainy daydressing for a rainy day
$34.00                                    $225.00

3. Target – Edgewater

dressing for a rainy daydressing for a rainy day

$69.99                                    $27.99

4. Anthology – Hoboken
5. Dor L’ Dor – Hoboken
6. Morlees – Jersey City

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