Easy Apps for Super Bowl Sunday

by Lauren Scrudato

The majority of Super Bowl parties consist of the generic finger foods such as pigs in a blanket, chips and dip, and the all mighty chicken wings. But here are a few ways to add a twist to your easy apps for Super Bowl Sunday:

Salsa bar Guacamole-Salsa-Bar

There are so many types of salsa available, along with varying degrees of heat, so let your guests decide what they want to dip their chips into with a salsa bar. Here are five salsa bar options to browse through, thanks to allrecipes.com and chow.com.

A scoop of this salsa will transport you away from the Jersey weather and have you feeling like you’re on a tropical island.
Click here to see the recipe.

Black Bean

If you’re still craving more beans after having Healthy Hoboken Girl’s vegetarian chili, dip into this black bean salsa, also filled with corn, tomatoes, and onion.

Click here.

Corn and Avocado
With over 158 million avocados consumed on Super Bowl Sunday, it’s a given to include this corn and avocado salsa.
Click here.

Pico de Gallo
The classic Mexican restaurant favorite will be a hit with your guests who like a kick to their salsa.
pizette2Click here.


This refreshing green salsa can be mild or turned up a notch with some heat – you decide!

Click here.

Mini Pizzas

All the local pizza places are going to be slammed on Sunday. Rather than wait an hour for delivery, offer bite sized pizzas that everyone will be intrigued by.

Click here.
And if there are children in attendance, relive your childhood by making English Muffin Pizzas!

Click here.


Buffalo Chicken Wontons
My aunt, the ultimate party hostess, made buffalo chicken wontons for a family party awhile back and they remain at the top of my list. The wontons offer an alternative for people who’d prefer not to get their hands messy with buffalo chicken wings.

Click here.3c9e9c3613ad1f32_savory-sights.xxxlarge_0

Pair these easy apps for Super Bowl Sunday with our recommendations for your party drink menu.

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