Everyday Awkward Moments

by Lauren Scrudato

There’s always those brief moments of awkwardness or embarrassment that everyone can relate to but rarely talks about. Here’s a list of everyday awkward moments that everyone has experienced:

Grocery Shopping Gone Wrong
You can count on this awkward situation happening during your designated day for grocery shopping week after week. While strolling down the aisles you’ll stop dead in your tracks as you catch a glimpse of the last person you want to run in to. To avoid this dreaded scenario, you get bug eyed and make sure you know where this person is at all times, specifically to not go anywhere near there. But then the second phase of this awkward situation ensues — you inevitably run into them and one of two things will happen: You’ll either have some boring small talk or they’ll feel the same about you and chose to look straight ahead, pretending they don’t know you as they walk by.

Selfie Time
When you’re the only one in a public bathroom, you take the time to check yourself out in the mirror and comment on how good you look today. Then all of the sudden you hear footsteps behind you and in a startled moment of panic, you immediately wash your hands even if you have already, and nonchalantly walk out as if you weren’t just giving the kissy face in the reflection of the mirror.

Facebook Stalker
While spending your Friday afternoon at work creeping on Facebook, you come across your friend’s relationship status that now reads “single.” Later that night you meet up with her and she gives you the not so surprising news. Do you pretend not to know and act shocked or say, “Yeah I was stalking you today, old news.”

Nice To Meet You…Guy.
I admit I am the absolute worst at remembering people’s names. As soon as I am introduced, their name goes in one ear and out the other. Repeating their name back to them as you say nice to meet you is a tip on retaining their name.

Speak Up
If you’re the soft spoken one in your group of friends, this scenario isn’t only awkward, but also frustrating. You’re anxiously waiting for a break in conversation with your friends to tell an incredible story, but you’re the unheard voice in the group. You try to repeat yourself numerous times with no avail so you just give up.

Can you repeat that?
That same soft spoken acquaintance of yours says something to you, but you can’t hear them. You ask them what they said and they respond for a second time, still with no success in actually hearing them. So to save yourself from seeming like a hard of hearing nimrod, you just laugh and say yeah, knowing there’s a 50-50 shot your response makes sense. If not, the awkwardness level goes up another notch.

We are all programmed to give generic responses when prompted with certain questions, which can lead to awkward conversation if you mix up your responses. The biggest example is when someone says, “what’s up?” and you reply with “good thanks.” The conversation usually ends there.

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