Five Fitness Apps You Need To Download

by Lauren Scrudato

We all vowed on January 1st to eat healthier and work out more, but how many of us have been able to follow through for this long? Finding the motivation to maintain a healthy lifestyle can be a struggle, but these five fitness apps will help you excel.

ExerVolve, iPhone

ExerVolve is one of the most customizable workout apps I’ve ever seen. First you take an assessment to determine your current fitness level based on your goals, past or present injuries and physical abilities. Once completed, the app will build a workout catered just for you with equipment you have access to. Each exercise comes with an instructional video and detailed text to ensure you’re using the correct form. The creator, Jason Schlaffer is a New Jersey native, medically trained personal trainer, owner of a physical training facility and is also competing for the title of Next Top Trainer in Men's Health. Basically, he knows his stuff and it doesn’t matter where you are in your workout journey, you’ll see results.

Waterlogged, iPhone

This is an essential app for exercise gurus like our very own graphic designer Donna who hits the gym six days a week. You can never drink too much water, especially if you live an active lifestyle. By just picking out what type of water bottle or glass you drink from daily, Waterlogged can keep track of your water consumption and remind you to drink more if you’ve gone too long without hydrating.

GymPact, iPhone and Android

Who knew you could make money by eating right and exercising? GymPact gives you that opportunity. Set a weekly goal for yourself and decide on an amount of money you’re willing to bet that you’ll stick to your goal. If you miss a workout or don’t complete your goal, you pay the amount you bet to fellow users who completed their goal. But If you succeed, you get paid. And there’s no way to cheat because your progress is tracked and verified using GPS, photos and other tools.

TeamStream, iPhone and Android

With baseball season just starting up again, devoted MLB fans are constantly checking scores and stats from their favorite teams, and TeamStream from is a one-stop shop for all sports news. Our associate publisher Dave gets articles and news specifically for his favorites, the New York Mets, Knicks and Jets directly from this app without having to search for it.

Fitocracy, iPhone and Android
Fitocracy is like the Facebook of fitness apps. You can interact with friends and partake in challenges to reach higher levels. You’ll also have access to the combined knowledge of half a million of the world’s best fitness coaches as you track your progress and see how much you’ve improved.

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