Home Used On The Sopranos Hits the Market

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Junior Soprano House

It’s no secret that The Sopranos used a lot of real-life NJ set locations during its six season run. Tony’s mansion is a real house in North Caldwell, the infamous final scene was shot in Bloomfield’s own Holsten’s and  so on. Similarly, Uncle Junior’s home—where he spends a lot of his screen time due to house arrest—can be found in Newark, and it’s now officially on the market.

Click here to read about the famous booth in Holsten’s, which was sold on auction earlier this year.

In Newark’s Forest Hills neighborhood, 380 Highland Avenue is the real-life location of Uncle Junior’s home in the series. This residence, featuring four bedrooms and three-and-a-half baths, is just one block from Branch Brook Park and listed at $579,000, It was built in 1927. 

Uncle Junior—AKA Corrado Soprano—runs the New Jersey Crime Family in The Sopranos, but spends most of the series facing legal issues. Coupled with old age, his nephew Tony Soprano—the lead of the show played by the late James Gandolfini—heads the family. Therefore, Uncle Junior, portrayed by Dominic Chianese, spends much of the series under house arrest, making the house’s dark-wood-paneled interior as familiar to fans as Tony’s own mansion. 

It’s not just a worthy house for fans of the show, 380 Highland Avenue is a beautiful home, set in a great neighborhood. The timeless architecture and wood-forward interior makes it a historic home that any buyer would be lucky to score. 

the sopranos house

The updated kitchen | via Zillow

The home’s listing can be found here

If the photos in the Zillow listing are any indicator, much of the home has been updated while still retaining the old-school charm synonymous with North Jersey. The dimly-lit kitchen, where Corrado Soprano spends a whole episode with his hand stuck in the sink, is not so dim anymore—boasting bright blue cabinets and plenty of natural light. Still, the house has been tastefully updated, while preserving the historic integrity. 

So, if you’re looking to buy a house in North Jersey, this might be your sign to live like one of The Sopranos. Plus, we heard there might be $40K buried somewhere in the backyard. 

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