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I’ve always wondered why people complain about not being able to meet people. That may be because at the ripe age of 24, I can say that I’ve moved a minimum of 10 times. Speaking to strangers is second nature to me. I’m not saying that you’ll like everyone you meet but you should engage with the different characters of the world. You will see how influential a stranger can be. I am a firm believer that people are put in your path for a reason, whether it was to guide you or divert you. You may not always end up where you thought you’d be but you will certainly end up where you’re supposed to be, so get out there!

Here are some tips from my short travels that may help:

Go out alone: I can’t stress this enough. In order to meet people , you need to be around people. This applies if you just want to meet different people or if you are new to an area. For instance, go out to eat by yourself  but don’t sit at a table. Sit at the bar and the bartender will strike up conversation with you (It’s part of their job). The outcome will be one of the two– You will eventually be included in a conversation with others at the bar or you will become familiar with the bartender and feel comfortable enough to go back. You’ve now met one person who will lead you to meeting many more.

Another suggestion is to go out and party by yourself. It’s no surprise that alcohol is the social lubricant so take advantage. I personally go out alone on a weekend night at least twice a month. Dress up, hop on the train, and walk into a popular lounge. Trust me, the worst outcome will be you freely dancing by yourself. Yea, I threatened you with a good time.

Join a group: Some may find it harder to start conversation without a slight push. If so, check out your community groups. They normally offer an array of events and activities you might find yourself interested in.  These are local recommendations:


Hoboken Elysianettes Running Society‎


 Rotary Club of Hoboken‎


Hoboken Mommies


Hoboken Dads Group


Hoboken Happy Hour Group‎


“Peacock”: This term comes from Author Neil Strauss and it basically means to do as a peacock does when they display their colorful feathers. This will work whether you are with a group of people or alone. Wear an attention-grabbing item. You can also wear your hair a certain way. Lady Gaga is very popular for doing this. So maybe you don’t want to go as extreme as her but know what might make a conversation starter.

Gym: Hit the gym– it’s a great place to meet people. What makes for easy conversation is that you can always ask for help. Plus, everyone there has similar fitness interests and compliments go a long way!


Co-Workers: You spent 8 hours a day with these people and how well do you really know them? Take a chance and ask a co-worker you don’t know very well to lunch. You might just hit it off!  Also, maybe take the next step and go out with a casual work friend and meet their social group.


Above all, have the COURAGE to meet people. We often complain about things that we never even set out to do. You never know who’s out there. I’ve met some of the closest people in my life hitch-hiking, dancing, and just debating in a coffee shop. Go turn some strangers into friends and live a little!


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Olivia September 10, 2013 - 10:04 am

I love your articles so much! They are relatable, witty, and on point. Keep up the great work 😉


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