10 New Jersey Corn Mazes to Get Lost In

by Rachel Stone
Corn mazes in nj

Nothing says fall in the Garden State quite as much as seeing our local farms transition for the season. Fields full of crops are to be expected, and while lots of fruits and vegetables are ripe and ready for harvesting, many local farms use their corn fields for something else. Corn mazes are right up there with hot apple cider, and pumpkin patches when it comes to fall on the farm. Some are only a few acres big, while others seem to be built with the express goal of getting patrons lost for a few hours. From the classic and family-friendly to the creatively intricate and straight-up spooky, these seven New Jersey farms are going the extra acre with their corn mazes. 

1. Howell Farm – Hopewell Township, NJ

This living history farm emulates the farming practices of a NJ farm that operated out of Pleasant Valley from 1890 to 1910.  Historic tools, outfits and practices offer a glimpse into what farming was like around the turn of the 20th century. Visitors get an up close look at real farming practices and an opportunity to speak with the talented farmers to learn more about the art.

In addition to historic value, Howell Farm offers a legendary corn maze. Until the end of October, the Howell Farm Corn Maze is open to the public. For just $12, you can get a ticket to access the four-acre maze, two miles of walking paths, maze games, food tents and more. Tickets can be purchased online here.

2. Stony Hill Farms – Chester, NJ

Home to a whopping 10-acre field of corn that is turned into a different corn maze every year, Stony Hill Farms has more than a full day’s worth of activities. The giant maze can take up to three hours to complete, but don’t worry. Maze Masters are wandering around to help out anyone who is feeling stuck. The maze has fun games and educational stations throughout its many winding paths, which all relate to the maze’s theme.

If you’re looking for something a little more daring, you can try going on Saturday nights when the farm has Flashlight Night and try to solve the maze in the dark. You can either bring your own flashlight or buy one at the farm. If a 10-acre corn maze sounds like a little too much for you, not to worry, there are plenty of other farm-themed and family-friendly activities at Stony Hill. These include a smaller, one-acre corn maze, tricycle racing, and a farm-themed board game so big you get to be your own game piece.

Let’s not forget they also have fresh fruit and vegetables, some of which you can pick yourself, as well as a bakery full of treats made right there at the farm.

3. Schaefer Farms – Flemington, NJ

By day, this family-owned farm is a friendly depiction of everything you would expect out of a New Jersey farm this time of year. There is a corn maze and a hay maze, plus over 40 acres of pumpkins to be picked. After 7 p.m., the whole farm gets transformed into a haunted version of itself. Goers can pay to get the life scared out of them as they are driven on a haunted hay ride and chased by flesh-eating zombies through the corn maze. 

There are four parts to the night’s terrors. Each one is slightly different and interactive in its own way. The event is ongoing every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night up to November 6. Tickets for the Farm of Horror can be purchased online.

4. Delaware River Railroad Excursion – Phillipsburg, NJ

At this Phillipsburg train center, guests have the opportunity to ride in a historic passenger coach through acres of farmland— complete with corn maze games, river views and picnic groves. The train takes you on a trip to the century-old Snyder Farm. Prizes will be warded to those who complete any of the games within the maze.

For the remainder of October, every kid will receive a free pumpkin! So, what are you waiting for? Book your train ride today.

5. R&J Farm – Galloway Township, NJ

In case trying to escape a labyrinth of winding pathways isn’t enough of a puzzle for you, this farm’s corn maze includes an added goal. You also have a crossword to finish.  Questions are written on 14 signs throughout the maze. You’ll need to find them all if you want to fill in the blanks. The maze is designed to be stroller-friendly for that extra bit of convenience. 

Corn mazes aren’t the only fall attractions at this south Jersey farm. They also have a hayride that stops at their pumpkin patch where everyone can pick a pumpkin to take home. On the less traditional side, they also have a jumping pad that is a little over 200 square feet and resembles a bouncy castle with no top. The farm and all its activities are open on both weekdays and weekends.

6. V&V Adventure Farm – Shamong Township, NJ

True to its name, this farm has so many different things to do that it is more like a permanent carnival than your average New Jersey farm. This year, the giant corn maze was designed in the shape of a haunted house. The farm provides maps of the maze, with multiple checkpoints for those explorers who might wind up lost. 

The rest of the property has all sorts of games and activities, from a traditional corn hole to a pumpkin shooting gallery. The farm also hosts a number of special events throughout the season. If you manage to make it there before the end of September, you will still have a chance to pick apples, sunflowers, and pumpkins. Prices for tickets vary depending on what you are looking to do and they only accept cash, so be prepared.

7. Happy Day Farm – Manalapan, NJ

At Happy Day Farm, everywhere you turn, it’s a fall festival full of colorful decorations, funny signs and lots of activities for any age. In honor of their 10-year anniversary, this year’s corn field is a unique maze nestled together on a 10-acre plot of land. One path is about half as long as the other for those with a little less time to spare or perhaps some slightly shorter legs. 

In order to make sure it really is a happy day at the farm, make sure to check out their other activities, including the bee barn, pig races, giant carnival slide, and pumpkin bowling, among many other fun events that are all included with the price of admission. Some activities on the farm require paying additional fees, including shooting a corn cannon and trying your hand at paintball.

8. Heaven Hill Farm – Vernon, NJ

Just on the border between New Jersey and New York, this farm hosts the Great Pumpkin Festival. The corn maze is mad scientist-themed this year with a kiddie maze built into it and fun games throughout. They also have a smaller hay bale maze, a tunnel of hay, an obstacle course and lots of other things to climb on and through.

When you are done racing around in those, they have lots of fun performances to see, including a dancing robot show. On weekends there are carnival rides, face painting, and pony rides for the kids. For adults, the weekends feature wine tasting and a promise that your kids will have so much fun stuff to do that they are bound to tire themselves out.

9. Bullock Farms – Cream Ridge, NJ

This farm boasts a corn maze with a view. In fact, it was grown on the side of one of the property’s sweeping hills. Visitors are highly encouraged to bring their smartphones to this farm to capture beautiful vistas and family memories. 

Bullock Farms in Cream Ridge, New Jersey also has two smaller corn mazes for the younger children, as well as a mountain of straw to climb and a lot of different animals to meet. The farm insists that the animals are only to be fed by them for their own health. Located in Central Jersey, this farm has been owned and operated by the same family since 1860.

10. Etsch Farms – Monroe Township, NJ

Since 1931, the Etsch family has been farming in Monroe Township. Agriculture has sustained the family through four generations. There are events, an exquisite bakery and so much more.

In addition to the rich history of this family-ran farm, Etsch Farms brings a new and improved corn maze each year. A large maze and a smaller maze are available to explore for guests. In the corn mazes lies games and activities in addition to the standard fun of getting lost in the crops. There isn’t a better fall activity than this, so book your corn maze tour today.


Been to any of these amazing corn mazes? Did we miss your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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