One Way Trip To Mars: What Do You Bring?

by Lauren Scrudato

If you knew you’d be leaving this wonderful country to take a one way trip to Mars, what handful of cherished items would you bring to remember your homeland? A nonprofit organization called Mars One plans to send a handful of volunteers to permanently live on Mars in 2023. Approximately 200,000 people from 140 different countries have already submitted applications to be considered for the one way trip to outer space.

If you’re one of the individuals ready to pack up and leave, it is essential to bring some items to represent America at your new home. Here’s ten of them:

1. Baseball jersey. Personally, I’d go old school and bring my Bernie Williams shirt but regardless of your favorite team, baseball is and always will be America’s favorite pastime.

2. McDonalds. We are the second most obese country for a reason; we love fast food and lots of it. I wouldn’t be surprised if the golden arches weren’t already built up there by the time the Mars One project launches. But if not, a burger and fries from McDonald’s may still hold its flavor for the duration of the trip.

3. Bruce Springsteen record. What’s more American than the album Born in the U.S.A.? Bruce is an American icon, and even better, he’s from Jersey. When you’re feeling homesick on the new planet, listen to some classic Springsteen hits.

4. Budweiser. Even though the king of beers is now owned by Germany, we still claim it as our own. Taste-wise Budweiser wouldn’t be my first choice, but with limited refrigeration, you need to pick a beer that tastes pretty much the same warm or cold.

5. Home Alone. Everyone wanted to be as awesome and creative as Kevin McCallister after watching Home Alone. He makes booby trapping your home from burglars look like a fun weekend activity. It’s basically an American tradition to watch this movie at least three times during the holiday season, whether you’re on Earth or not.

6. G.I. Joe. Every young boy’s favorite toy growing up wouldn’t take up too much space in your backpack on the spaceship.

7. Monopoly. A game whose object is to buy up as much property as you can. What American didn’t play this growing up? Continue the tradition on another planet.

8. Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. “All modern American literature comes from one book by Mark Twain called Huckleberry Finn.” – Ernest Hemingway. Be inspired to explore your new planet after re-reading a book that was on everyone’s summer reading list in school.

9. The Walking Dead. I hope that new episodes would be available on Mars, but just in case, I’d need to have all the past seasons on DVD. How can you reminisce about American television without a zombie apocalypse?

10. Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. After all, America runs on Dunkin’. And no matter what planet you’re on, you do not want to wake up without a cup of joe.

About the Author/s

Lauren is a writer and blogger for The Digest. A lifelong Sussex County resident, Lauren has adventured out of the sticks of northwest New Jersey to join The Digest team. When she is not commuting in rush hour traffic, she is typically frolicking outdoors or cheering on the Yankees.

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