St. Patrick’s Day Fun Facts

by Lauren Scrudato

Happy St. Patty’s Day, folks! This Monday morning may be exceptionally difficult for those who dedicated your entire weekend to celebrating this great holiday, so here’s some St. Patrick’s Day Fun Facts to brighten your day:

Five and a half million pints of
Guinness are typically sold around the world on a daily basis, but on St. Patrick's Day, that statistic jumps to 13 million pints. Drink up!

In Irish tales, the color green was actually worn by fairies and immortals, and didn’t become associated with St. Patrick’s Day until the 19th century. Before then, blue was correlated with the Saint.

The highest number of leaves found on a clover was 14, and is noted in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Some say each leaf of the clover represents hope, faith, love, and luck for the fourth. But St. Patrick used the shamrock to preach about the Christian trinity–each leaf representing the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Even though Ireland only has 4.2 million people living there, about 34 million Americans have some sort of Irish ancestry. We really do all have a little bit of Irish in us.

St. Patty’s Day wasn’t always automatically associated with binge-drinking. From 1903 to 1970, Irish Law declared March 17 a religious observance, meaning all pubs had to be shut down for the day. Thankfully, it was overturned and switched to a national holiday. Cheers!

The New York City St. Patrick's Day Parade is the largest parade in the world.

Sixteen U.S. cities share the name of Ireland’s capital–Dublin.


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