Twist to Activate Better Health: Activate Drinks


activateHow does Activate stand out from other vitamin and health drinks? The answer is in the cap – literally. Activate has innovated fresh vitamins in bottled drinks. By storing the vitamins in the cap, the consumer gets to witness first hand their fresh vitamins pour down into their bottle after a simple twist. All that’s left to do is shake and drink.

As cool as the cap technology is, the health benefits of Activate’s drinks are even cooler. The drinks are loaded with all of the essential vitamins and things like antioxidants, electrolytes and acai extract.

Activate comes in a variety of  great flavors like Exotic Berry, Lemon Lime, Raspberry Citrus, and many more. Certain flavors are designed to assist a different part of your health, like beauty/skin support, renewed energy, or immunity, so you really can’t go wrong with your pick. Unlike other vitamin drinks, Activate tastes as good as it is good for you.

Check out their website at to see the product and use the store locator.

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