Local Barre Hoboken, NJ Testimonial

Local Barre- Hoboken, NJ

"25 new clients mentioned our first two stories and featured offers in the Hoboken Digest."


-Jennifer  DeMarco, Local Barre Hoboken

Local Barre classes are a cool mix of the most efficient practices of classic workouts infused with hip music which is certain to have everyone dancing the jive. Local Barre Hoboken is hiring on all six cylinders.

Open Barre Hoboken

Open Barre is their signature class which is a fusion of ballet fundamentals, core conditioning, Yoga and stretching for a total body workout using lightly weigted yoga balls, stretching straps, ballet barre, playground ball and yoga mats to achieve a lean, flexible, youthful body. Open Barre is just that, open to beginners and all levels of practice. Socks are Required.

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