Experience the Grand Pacific Drive from Sydney

by Bruce Dugan

This coastal road trip adventure offers stunning views and the freedom of the open road. The Grand Pacific Drive is a 140-kilometer roadway that hugs the New South Wales coastline and offers a truly unforgettable experience.

We recommend organizing a Sydney camper van hire, so that you can make the most of your journey. There are stops along this route that are worth spending a few nights and enjoying the great outdoors. With this guide, you can plan your own motorhome road trip from Sydney and discover the best of the NSW coast.

Royal National Park

As you explore the Grand Pacific Drive in your campervan from Sydney, you won’t want to miss out on the stunning Royal National Park. Established in 1879, it is the oldest national park in Australia, and it covers an area of 15,000 hectares. You can explore the park’s diverse range of natural attractions, including rainforests, beaches, waterfalls, and cliffs, all of which can be accessed by foot or by car.

If hiking is your thing, you’re in luck because the Royal National Park offers a range of trails that cater to all levels of fitness and experience. For experienced hikers, the 26-kilometer Coast Track offers spectacular views of the coastline. The Figure Eight Pools, a challenging 6-kilometer hike that leads to a stunning natural rock formation, is also a popular trail.

If you prefer exploring the park by car, the Grand Pacific Drive provides an unforgettable scenic drive through the heart of the park. You’ll be able to drive past some of the park’s most iconic landmarks, such as the Sea Cliff Bridge and the Governor Game Lookout, which offers panoramic views of the park and the surrounding coastline.

The Royal National Park is also home to some of Australia’s most beautiful and uncrowded beaches. You can visit Wattamolla Beach, a stunning lagoon that offers great swimming and picnic spots, or check out Garie Beach, a popular surf beach that offers great waves and dramatic coastal scenery.

Stanwell Park

As you continue your road trip along the Grand Pacific Drive, you’ll come across the charming coastal town of Stanwell Park. This picturesque town is nestled between the ocean and the Illawarra escarpment, and it’s a popular destination for adventure seekers and beachgoers.

One of the main attractions in Stanwell Park is the beach, which is a perfect spot for swimming, surfing, and relaxing. The beach is surrounded by lush parklands, which offer plenty of shady spots for picnicking and enjoying the scenic views.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also try hang gliding or paragliding from Bald Hill, a popular launch site for these awesome activities. From the top of the hill, you’ll find panoramic views of the coast, including the famous Sea Cliff Bridge.

Sea Cliff Bridge

Photo by Ben George

The Sea Cliff Bridge is a stunning coastal landmark located between Stanwell Park and Wollongong on the Grand Pacific Drive. The bridge is a popular spot for photos, known for its breathtaking views and unique design.

The Sea Cliff Bridge stretches for 665 meters along the coastline, spanning the ocean between two cliffs. It is suspended 50 meters above the sea level, and offers panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and surrounding coastline. The bridge is supported by two sets of concrete pylons that rise from the ocean, giving it a futuristic and dramatic appearance.

The bridge is also a popular spot for whale watching during migration season. There are several viewing platforms along the bridge, offering a perfect spot to take in the stunning views and snap some memorable photos.

One of the unique features of the Sea Cliff Bridge is its construction method. The bridge was built using a cantilever design, which means that it was built in sections and then lifted into place using cranes. This method allowed the construction to take place without disrupting the surrounding environment or causing damage to the cliffs.

The Sea Cliff Bridge has also become a popular destination for events and festivals, including the annual Bridge to Bridge charity walk, which raises money for local charities. The bridge has also been used as a location for films and TV shows, including the popular Australian drama “Home and Away.”


One of Wollongong’s most unique and interesting attractions is the Nan Tien Temple, the largest Buddhist temple in the Southern Hemisphere. As you explore the temple complex, you’ll be struck by its stunning architecture, tranquil gardens, and peaceful atmosphere. Take part in a guided tour to learn more about Buddhism and meditation, or simply wander the grounds and soak up the serenity.

If you’re already missing the ocean, North Wollongong Beach is a favorite among locals for its great waves and atmosphere. Take a stroll along the coastal walks that run along the beaches and soak up the beautiful ocean views.

For a glimpse into the city’s rich history, visit the Wollongong Head Lighthouse. Built in 1872, the lighthouse is one of Wollongong’s most iconic landmarks and offers bird’s-eye views of the coastline.

Art and culture enthusiasts will delight in the Wollongong Art Gallery, which features a range of contemporary and traditional Australian artworks. The gallery regularly hosts exhibitions, workshops, and events, making it a hub for the city’s arts and culture scene.


Photo by Simon Maisch

Kiama features picturesque coastlines, beautiful beaches, and welcoming locals. It’s the perfect destination to relax and enjoy the laid-back coastal lifestyle.

One of the top sights to visit here is the Kiama Blowhole, a natural rock formation that shoots water tens of metres into the air. The Blowhole is a well-known landmark that attracts visitors from all over the world. Along the coastal path, you can also find the Little Blowhole, which is smaller in size but still impressive.

If you’re after another beach day, Kiama has several great options, including Kendalls Beach, Surf Beach, and Easts Beach. These beaches offer a range of activities like swimming or surfing and are popular with families, too.

Minnamurra Rainforest is close by and is a must-visit for nature lovers. The rainforest features a variety of walking trails that take you through lush foliage alongside a stunning waterfall. The rainforest is also home to a range of native wildlife, including lyrebirds, wallabies, and echidnas.

If you love the lighthouse at Wollongong, then the Kiama Lighthouse will delight you. It was built in 1887 and also offers spectacular coastal views. You can take a stroll through the historic Terrace Houses as well. These are a group of restored 19th-century buildings that provide insight into Kiama’s past.

As if all of this isn’t enough to keep you busy in Kiama… is also has a thriving food and wine scene. There are lots of cafes, restaurants, and bars that serve up delicious local. The Kiama Farmers’ Market, held twice a month, is also a great place to sample the region’s fresh produce.


Berry is located in the heart of the Shoalhaven region, about two hours south of Sydney. It is surrounded by stunning countryside and has a stack of attractions to explore.

One of the top things to do in Berry is to browse its boutique shopping scene. The town is home to a range of unique and quirky stores, selling everything from homewares and gifts to locally made jams and preserves. As you walk along the main street, you’ll be captivated by the heritage-listed buildings that have been beautifully restored and preserved, giving the town a charming and picturesque feel.

Berry is also a food lover’s paradise, with plenty of cafes, restaurants, and bakeries serving up delicious food made with fresh local produce. The town is particularly famous for its pastries and baked goods, with the Berry Sourdough Bakery and Cafe being a standout.

For those interested in history, Berry has plenty of historic sites and buildings to explore. The Berry Courthouse is a beautifully restored building that was originally built in 1890 and now houses a museum showcasing the town’s history.

The Seven Mile Beach National Park is also located nearby, offering visitors a pristine coastal environment that’s home to a range of native flora and fauna.

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