Hatta Travel Guide: What to Do, Where to Stay, and How to Get There

by Tom Lavecchia
where to go in hatta

Hatta Trip Guide: Preparing an Itinerary

Seeking an escape from the everyday hustle to a tranquil haven with your cherished ones? The charm of Hatta offers the desired solace. This concealed treasure nestles within the grand Hajar Mountains, merely a brief journey from the dynamic metropolis of Dubai.

As you embark on a weekend road trip with family and friends, you’ll be captivated by the charming blend of Hatta’s rich history, natural beauty, and unique attractions. All these things make it an ideal destination for those seeking a refreshing getaway. That’s where you will undergo an array of experiences. From exploring awe-inspiring mountain trails to discovering tranquil picnic spots and indulging in luxurious accommodations, Hatta has it all and even more.

So, let’s uncover the wonders of Hatta, the perfect retreat for city dwellers craving a rejuvenating escape.

Various Ways to Get to Hatta

The most popular and convenient way to reach Hatta is by car. A journey covering roughly 130 kilometers from Dubai generally spans 1.5 to 2 hours. Nevertheless, each kilometer of your expedition is undeniably rewarding. The awe-inspiring panorama of the Hajar Mountains ensures a captivating experience. As you embark on this scenic drive, remain vigilant on the roads. Be aware that the speed limit on a portion of the Dubai-Hatta Road has been reduced from 100km/h to 80km/h. Following the changing speed limits ensures a safe and no-penalty trip. It also lets you enjoy the beautiful scenery as you travel to Hatta.

how to get to hatta


Some travelers go with taxis or ride-share services like Uber. Although this option can be more expensive, it allows you to travel directly from your location in Dubai to your desired destination in Hatta.

For those who prefer public transportation, Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) provides bus facilities to Hatta.

As you plan your route and pick the preferable transportation means, mind that the distance between Dubai and Hatta is around 95 kilometers. It means that as you stay in Dubai, this picturesque village will be within your quick reach. That is why you may want to consider renting a property in Dubai and organizing a day trip to explore the nearby oasis. At Penthouse.ae, you will find an array of accommodation options for every taste.

Hatta Lodging Options

Regardless of your preferences or desired level of luxury, Hatta has something for everyone. You’re sure to find the perfect lodging for your Hatta holiday among the many magnificent hotels, resorts, and farmhouses available.


Would you like to immerse yourself in the realm of relaxation? Hatta is home to a variety of deluxe resorts that will amaze guests craving the utmost comfort and leisure. These establishments provide luxurious amenities, including swimming pools, spas, and fine dining options. What more could you ask for during a pampered retreat? To top it all off, many resorts also offer an array of activities and events to keep you entertained throughout your stay.

Hatta Sedr Trailers Resort, Hatta Damani Lodges Resort, and JA Hatta Fort Hotel are a few resorts that deliver a unique experience for their guests.


Are you an adventurous traveler? Hatta offers several idyllic camping spots, allowing you to reconnect with nature and sleep under the stars. Surrounded by the awe-inspiring Hajar Mountains, these sites offer a unique experience, combining tranquility and the great outdoors.

During the day, you can explore nearby hiking trails or partake in adventure activities. While at night, you will love gathering around a cozy campfire to share stories.

Some of the favored locations for camping in Hatta include Hatta Dam, Hatta Hill Park, Hatta Wadi Hub, and more.


Are you looking for a more upscale camping experience? Then, Hatta provides a range of glamping options. These luxurious tents and lodges come fully equipped with amenities and plush furnishings, ensuring a comfortable and memorable stay amidst the stunning natural landscape.

Moreover, many of these glamping spots offer additional services such as private dining experiences and guided activities. That’s exactly what you need to fully immerse yourself in the wonders of Hatta while enjoying the finer things in life.

You should consider Hatta Domes, Hatta Sedr Trailers Resort, Hatta Damani Lodges Resort, Hatta Wadi Hub, and more for the perfect blend of luxury and adventure.

where to go in hatta


Activities for Adventure Lovers in Hatta

With its diverse landscape and an array of outdoor recreation options, Hatta promises unforgettable experiences for everyone.

Hop Onto a Mountain Bike

When you think of entertainment in Dubai, you probably don’t consider cycling much. But in fact, taking two wheels for a ride is quite popular in the UAE. Hatta is known both for on-road and off-road destinations, offering numerous entertainment options for adventure lovers of all skill levels.

The Hatta Wadi Hub manages Hatta Mountain Bike (MTB) Trail Center. It is indeed the heart of the biking community in this region. The center features over 50 kilometers of well-maintained, color-coded trails. They cater to beginners, intermediate, and advanced riders.

You can rent a bike and all safety gear at the Hatta Wadi Hub. Additionally, you are free to arrange guided biking tours to get a structured experience or learn more about the region’s history from a knowledgeable guide.

It is also said that 11.5 km of cycling tracks will be implemented from the Hatta bus station to Hatta Dam. That’s all part of a new tourism masterplan that aims to make this village a major tourism hub. And this means one thing — more routes for you to discover as you saddle up a bike.

See All the Breathtaking Views

As Hatta offers plenty of spectacular ways for entertainment, it’s easy to forget that this place also boasts a range of amazing views. Anything around can take your breath away, from serene desert scenes to dramatic mountain backdrops.

So, when you plan a trip to Hatta, do not overlook a chance to visit Hatta Dam. This is one of the most iconic areas where calm turquoise waters contrast sharply with the rugged mountains surrounding it. Rent a kayak, pedal boat, or water bike as you come to this place.


Another must-visit destination is the Hatta Heritage Village. This is a beautifully renovated museum that transports you back in time to experience Emirati life in days gone by. As you wander through the village, you’ll come across intriguing artifacts, relics, and historical records that shed light on Dubai’s fascinating Arabian past.

Become a Thrill Seeker at Hatta Wadi Hub

Time for adventures at Hatta Wadi Hub. This unique place is action-packed with a wide array of exciting activities. From water sports to adrenaline-pumping adventures, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Here, you can discover the beauty of Hatta Lake. Enjoy kayaking or paddle boating through its calm, turquoise waters. Challenge yourself on the adventure ropes course to test your agility and strength. Soar through the sky while paragliding over Hatta’s breathtaking terrain or embark on a thrilling four-wheel electric off-roading adventure. Is it too much for you? Then find your inner balance by participating in peaceful yoga sessions amidst the serene backdrop of Hatta’s landscape.

With so many exhilarating experiences to choose from, Hatta Wadi Hub will make unforgettable memories for years to come.

Final Thoughts

Hatta offers a refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Its close proximity to Dubai makes it a perfect getaway for those yearning for a more authentic and less crowded experience.

Boasting an array of outdoor adventures, stunning scenery, and a variety of accommodation choices, Hatta beckons travelers with diverse tastes.

So, let your adventurous spirit guide you. Embark on an unforgettable journey in this oasis and create memories that you will cherish for years to come.

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