Unplug from Society at These Upstate New York Tiny Homes

by Jessica McLaughlin
upstate new york tiny homes

These days, it doesn’t take much to get swept away with the convenience of technology. We are consistently connected to something: a steady flow of work emails, phone notifications, and the 24-hour news cycle. Then, to make it harder for us to disconnect, there are endless advertisements for faster computers, bigger TV screens, or apps for your phone, promising to make a simple task even more straightforward. Sometimes we need a simple reprieve, a place to sit in the sun and not worry about your inbox for a bit. These Upstate New York Tiny Homes could offer you that. Here are 11 places you can get away from it all.

1. “The Vista” Tiny Home

Leeds, NY $449/night

Upstate New York Tiny Homes

The Vista in Leeds, NY | Photo via airbnb.com

The Vista is part of a 28-acre resort for Upstate New York tiny homes and includes an on-site waterfall, hikes along the creek, goats, chickens, and a dog park. (There is an additional $25 dollar fee to bring your dog). The studio, with walls of windows, is perched on a cliff overlooking Catskill Creek. The natural light entrenches the small home. The Vista offers guests an on-site fireplace, heating and A/C, an outside grill, and a seasonally heated pool (open May to October), making this an ideal place to disconnect.

2. Light-Filled Tiny Home with Orchard Views

Marlboro, NY $289/night

Upstate New York Tiny Homes

The Orchard in Marlboro, NY | Photo via airbnb.com

One of the more rustic-designed Upstate New York tiny homes on the list, the Orchard is the perfect farm-house style escape, made complete with countryside views and an outside fire pit. The two-bedroom house is wrapped in windows and includes a loft, a full kitchen, and a bathroom, making it great for a small family to enjoy.

3. Modern Tiny Home Nestled in The Woods

Kingston, NY $177/night

Upstate NY Tiny House

Tiny home nestled in the woods of Kingston, NY | Photo via airbnb.com

Nestled on two acres of wooded land lies this tiny two-bedroom home in Upstate New York. Surrounding the tiny home is an extensive exterior deck equipped with outdoor furniture for guests to sit and enjoy the fresh air. Inside the home, there’s a large kitchen (with fresh eggs in the fridge), a living room, and a full bathroom. The living area sofa is a pull-out, making the space comfortable for up to four guests. The owners allow dogs on-site but ask that they be ‘chicken-friendly.’ For a family ready to relax for a bit, this seems like the place to do it.

4. Container Cabin in the Catskills

Saugerties, NY $239/night

Container Cabin Upstate New York Tiny Homes

Container Cabin on the eastern side of the Catskills | Photo via airbnb.com

A converted container cabin placed on the Catskill Mountains’ eastern side makes for a magical getaway among these Upstate New York tiny homes. The tiny house offers a kitchenette, a sofa bed, a record player, a writing desk, and a patio. There’s a yoga platform outside near the fire pit and horseshoe pit. There’s a hammock, too, ideal for reading in the sun. There is a 30-foot waterfall 300 feet away for those who love to explore. With all it offers, this tiny home will make it hard to want to come back home. 

5. Cozy Tiny Home Trailer

Cochecton, NY $152/night

Upstate New York Tiny Homes

Cozy tiny home near Cochecton, NY | Photo via airbnb.com

Within walking distance of the Delaware River and placed alongside a creek bed, this tiny home exists as a tranquil retreat for those wishing to relax for a weekend. Enjoy a quiet atmosphere with a bottle of wine in the hot tub or venture out to hike a trail in the surrounding mountain area. No matter how you spend your time in this newly renovated space, you will come home feeling refreshed.

6. “Catskills Cocoon” Tiny Home

Narrowsburg, NY $141/night

Catskill Cocoon Upstate New York Tiny Homes

The Catskills Cocoon in Narrowsburg, NY | Photo via airbnb.com

The “Catskills Cocoon” has all the requirements for a weekend unplugged: no Wi-Fi or TV, a place to sit under the stars, and a fire pit to keep guests warm in the colder months. Guests can also enjoy the outdoor pavilion next to the house that provides shelter from the occasional rainstorm. Other amenities provided: a queen-sized bed, a kitchen with a two-burner stove, a mini-refrigerator (with freezer compartment for ice cream), and a pour-over coffee maker. Located near Skinner Falls, guests can take advantage of the surrounding activities like tubing and kayaking (available into October). Or, take in gorgeous scenes of fall foliage at nearby Lake Superior State Park. 

7. Cabin Get-Away to Lake George

Queensbury, NY $79/night

Tiny home near Lake George in Queensbury, NY | Photo via airbnb.com

A wooden walkway running over a creekbed brings guests to this tiny cabin near Lake George. (The actual lake is roughly a ¼ mile away). On the screened-in front porch sits two rocking chairs where guests can enjoy a morning cup of coffee. However, this house is not for everyone. With no indoor plumbing or electricity, this tiny home offers a standard camping experience. (Most of the Upstate New York tiny homes on this list offer guests a glamping experience, plumbing included). But, with the nearest town being less than a 10-mile drive away, the lack of indoor amenities shouldn’t be a problem. Although this might be a better retreat for the summer, it still gives guests a chance to catch their breath for a few days.

8. Riverside Tiny Home

Gansevoort, NY $119/night

Tiny home near the river’s edge in Gansevoort, NY | Photo via airbnb.com

On each side of this tiny home, guests are greeted with picturesque views of rural life. Horse farms and valleys line one side, while the Hudson River flows from the other, creating scenes from a storybook. This Upstate New York tiny home makes it easy for visitors to take a break from their fast-paced lives. There is access to a floating dock from May to October, and kayaks available to rent. The owner contributes foldable chairs and a cooler for visitors to take with them if they wish to see a horse race at the nearby track in Saratoga. A scenic drive 40 minutes North offers visitors a chance at Lake George’s best views from Bolton Landing’s Pinnacle Mountain. Cooking essentials, non-perishable snacks, coffee, fresh linen, and hot showers are all provided, making this tiny home a 300-square-foot sanctuary. 

9. Peaceful Getaway for Off-Grid Wanderers

Argyle, NY $105/night

upstate ny tiny homes

Serene getaway in Argyle, NY | Photo via airbnb.com

This quaint and quiet tiny house offers respite from city life, a peaceful getaway for those ready to leave their world behind for a few days. The owner of this home put in a lot of time to create an enhanced stay for guests: vintage furnishings, cotton sheets for the summer and flannel sheets for the colder months, and biodegradable soaps and shampoos free of charge. There is fresh well water offered inside (no indoor plumbing) and necessary kitchenware, spices, teas, and honey. Outside amenities include a shower (closed during colder months), compost toilet, and fire pit. This tiny home excels in bringing visitors a “back-to-nature simplicity.”

10. “The Big Dipper” Tiny Home in Paradise

Fort Edward, NY $101/night

the big dipper tiny home

The Big Dipper in Fort Edward, NY | Photo via airbnb.com

The Big Dipper” sits on 80 acres of woods and grassland, available to explore year-round (snowshoes provided in winter months). The property also includes a swimming pond, gardens, and a wood-fired sauna in colder weather. Take a walk in the woods to clear your head or make use of the location by visiting nearby hiking trails. As the name suggests, this tiny home is a perfect place for visitors to stargaze. The home offers a few creature comforts: a water cooler, mini-fridge, and small kitchen-top burner. Although there is no indoor plumbing available for us, guests are welcome to use the outhouse (and outdoor shower) located near the house. The Big Dipper makes for an excellent place for guests to reconnect with nature and themselves.

11. Open Concept Tiny Home Overlooking Creek

Cairo, NY $405/night

open concept tiny home

Open concept tiny home in Cairo, NY | Photo via airbnb.com

The tiny cabin is an open concept two-bedroom home-away-from-home filled with natural lighting and plenty of amenities. Sharing the same 28-acre property as “The Vista,” guests of this Upstate New York tiny home can enjoy the heated pool, goat walks, dog wash, waterfall, and creek. This house offers an outside deck (with furniture) to breathe in the fresh country air while unplugging for a bit, but does provide WiFi and TV for when you’re ready to reconnect with the outside world again.

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