Tom Fruin’s Kaleidoscope House Shines at Summit Public Art

by Sarah Malik
tom fruin summit public art

Tom Fruin, a Brooklyn-based artist best known for his artwork, Watertower, has a new piece mounted at Summit Public Art in Summit, New Jersey. This piece, called Maxikiosco, is an art house made from recycled stained Plexiglas and steel, celebrating city life. Numerous cities have displayed this striking exhibit, including Buenos Aires, Copenhagen, New York City, and Miami Beach.

The art house was first installed in the City Hall courtyard in September of 2020, represented by Summit Public Arta volunteer-run organization that strives to bring art to public spaces. Established in 2002, SPA has installed over 75 art pieces. Currently, 12 works of art are on display, including Fruin’s Maxikiosco. 

About “Maxikiosco”

Created in 2011, Fruin’s Maxikiosco continues to bring light to cities around the world. Most recently, it has illuminated City Hall in Summit, creating a vibrant aura in the courtyard for all visitors. Inspired by Argentina’s colorful corner stores, Fruin has created a work that revolves around a variety of different colors, LED lights, and shapes. 

Hw also incorporates his signature touch by using reprocessed materials. He plays off the adage, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”  Evident in all his work, Fruin often turns to reusable supplies to create new art pieces. 

Summit Public Art

Other exhibits on display at SPA include Troika by Aurora Robson and Efflorescence by Kate Dodd. Robson and Dodd agree with Fruin’s ideals that recyclable materials can make potential new art.

SPA’s most recently announced project is the Summit Under Quarantine photo exhibit. They partnered with photographer Joanie Schwarz to highlight how the pandemic has affected Summit. All pieces are in close proximity and within reasonable walking distance from between Springfield Avenue and Broad Street. 

Thinking about taking a trip to Summit Public Art to see the Tom Fruin kaleidoscope house in person? Let us know in the comments below. 

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Laura Morehouse February 10, 2021 - 7:03 pm

Hi! I’d like to come and see the exhibit this weekend, but cant seem to find the address or hours. Can you please send me info?


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