Jersey City’s Newest Speakeasy, Nucky Thompson’s, Is Now Open

by Sarah Malik
Nucky Thompson's speakeasy

With the COVID-19 crisis slowly shifting to the past, we’ve entered our own Roaring Twenties. It’s time to celebrate 1920s style at Nucky Thompson’s, a new speakeasy in Jersey City.

Located within Hudson Hound, which opened in September 2020, this moonshine speakeasy touches roots with the original speakeasies of America. Originating in 1920, these hidden gems were known for providing alcohol during the Prohibition era. The alcohol was convincing, but the secrecy of the operation was exhilarating as well.

While we don’t have to attend speakeasies in confidence today, the idea of going to an underground bar and lounge is still exciting. Bringing people together under a common likeness was the original purpose. Nucky Thompson’s speakeasy in Jersey City continues to do the same.

Nucky Thompson's speakeasy Jersey City

Secret entrance from Hudson Hound into Nucky Thompson’s l Photo via @hdsid_jc

About Nucky Thompson’s

The speakeasy’s name comes from a bootlegger who thrived during the Prohibition era in Atlantic City. The lack of restriction on the beverage caused Atlantic City’s popularity to skyrocket. You might also recognize “Nucky” as the fictional character on HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire,” played by Steve Buscemi, which was loosely based on the NJ crime boss.

Anyone who wishes to be transported to the past will enjoy Nucky’s, especially those who appreciate historical accuracy. The architecture and design are similar to one from the 1920s with rustic polished wood, gray brick interior, a tight corridor, and kegs and taps perched on the wall. Cabinets hold bottles of alcohol behind the bar and tables vary in size depending on the party. The lighting is dim in this, but it complements the quiet, hushed theme of the original speakeasies.

So far, seating is first come first serve. For food, Nucky’s relies on the menu from its upstairs restaurant, however, owners Jason O’Brien and Donal Crosbie intend to create a new menu solely for the attendees of the speakeasy. 

Nucky Thompson's speakeasy

Speakeasy seating inside Nucky’s Thompson’s in Jersey City l Photo via @nuckys_jc

Eight cocktails are currently on rotation, but the variety of drinks expect to expand soon. Guests act as taste testers for the bar, and the most popular drinks will have a place on the fixed menu. O’Brien and Crosbie also plan to introduce live music and open mics, once more resembling the original speakeasies.

Nucky Thompson’s transports guests with a common love for socializing and drinking to a different, perhaps more simpler era.

Main image courtesy of @nuckys_jc

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