Plaine Products Provides A Zero-Waste Alternative To Purchase Shampoo

by Moneika Okawa
plaine products

Late last week, one of the latest trends in hair care arrived on my doorstep in two aluminum bottles.

Long live the days of last-minute convenient store shampoo runs. (There’s nothing convenient about that anymore—or green, for that matter.) There’s an eco-friendly way to replenish your hair care products. One that not only eliminates plastic waste, but encourages safer purchasing habits during a health-conscious period.

About Plaine Products

Founded by two sisters, Lindsey and Alison Delaplaine, Plaine Products launched in 2017 with a mission to eliminate plastic waste from the environment. Scarred by images of plastic scattered across the beaches and roads of the Bahamas, Lindsey re-examined her own disposable lifestyle and returned to the U.S. where she partnered with her sister Alison to develop a line of all-natural refillable beauty products.

Built on a simple, yet genius model, Plaine Products provides a seamless alternative for single-use plastic.

Simply purchase products through their website, order a refill or subscription, and then switch the pumps over and return the empty bottles. Plaine Products covers all shipping costs, sanitizes all returns and contains all of their formulas in aluminum bottles.

While the refill model is not necessarily new to the hair care industry, what I appreciate about the Plaine Products design is that it effortlessly targets every type of consumer. Checking all the boxes for the digitally-operated Gen Z and young millennial, their seamless three-step user journey simultaneously accommodates consumers who may not be quite as e-commerce driven.

Admittedly, I haven’t had much success with vegan or naturally-derived hair products. However, after reading rave reviews, I was anxious to give the Plaine Products line a try.

Finally, one late Thursday evening, awaiting my third UberEats order of the day, I received a knock on the door. And there it was. Not my chicken pad Thai. My first order of Plaine Products.

My Experience

I received one 16 oz. Rosemary Mint Vanilla shampoo and conditioner, a peppermint hand sanitizer, three pumps, an instruction card and a return shipping label.

Plaine Products currently offers two unique fragrances. Rosemary Mint Vanilla and Citrus Lavender. The Rosemary Mint Vanilla scent I received in both the shampoo and conditioner is light, subtle and easily one of the most refreshing scents I’ve found in a hairline thus far. Their scents are comprised of blended whole essential oils instead of synthetic fragrances.

As many vegan, sulfate-free products have flooded the market within the past decade, you may have noticed how they don’t seem to lather as well as mainstream shampoos and conditioners. While naturally derived products are better for your hair health in the long run, they lack the chemically-enhanced foaming agents that help distribute product throughout the hair and scalp for that overall clean feel. That being said, I was pleasantly surprised to find how well I was able to evenly apply both shampoo and conditioner formulas throughout my hair without feeling the need to pump an excessive amount of product on my head.

It only took one use for me to distinguish the one defining characteristic that sets Plaine Products haircare apart. Hydration.

Aloe Vera Extract, the main ingredient used in all of Plaine Products, is a staple for natural healing. After one use, my hair felt immensely hydrated. Rather than water, Plaine Products uses aloe vera in their formulas. This may contribute to the lack of hydration I’ve experienced in many other natural hair care brands. Plaine Products are free from sulfates, parabens, phthalates, silicone and palm oil.

Final Thoughts

Plaine Products has not only helped me re-evaluate my own plastic consumption, it also reset my view of naturally-derived hair care products. As you shop for your next line of hair care products, ask yourself, is there a way to achieve great hair while preserving the environment? The answer is “Plaine” as day. 

Main image by Plaine Products

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