January 2021 Horoscopes: Embrace the Unknown as Uranus Moves Direct

by Kaitlyn De Leonardis
uranus direct january 2021

While 2021 is off to an uncertain start and we may still be social distancing here on Earth— the planets certainly aren’t. This month features eight different conjunctions, as the inner fast-moving planets like the Sun, Mercury and Venus meet up with the slower outer moving planets like Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. Think of this as a ballroom dance. The planets are partnering up and then moving along gracefully to their next dance partner. These short aspects will help us find balance, peace and harmony in our lives, especially when the external environment feels unstable, unpredictable and a bit volatile as Uranus comes direct on January 14, 2021 (ending its retrograde). This month we must move to the rhythm of life, and not get caught up in the chaos and technicality of things we’re witnessing.

Mars moves into Taurus on January 6 after an extended six-month stay at home in Aries. This will make all of us a bit brasher, as we’re ambitious to move forward. Before taking action, we must stop to consider the consequences of our actions because Mars will find himself in some tense alignments to Saturn and Jupiter for the majority of the month. When Mars conjuncts Uranus on January 19, this is when impulses will really kick in. Feelings of both anger and passion may rise to the surface. Finding our center is more important than ever before.

The Planet to Watch This Month: Uranus

While Mars is certainly causing a commotion, the real instigator is Uranus. The last planet to go retrograde in August of 2020 starts moving forward again on January 14. In its retrograde the Uranian energy was somewhat dormant, lingering just beneath the surface. Now that it’s back in action, we’ll feel an energetic surge in chaotic energy. Uranus is the planet of surprises, innovation and drastic change. It rules free-thinking Aquarius and the Eleventh House of the Collective Experience.

Uranus Direct in January 2021

Uranus’ energy is unpredictable, ranging from earth-shattering to unexpected blessings. When this planet finds itself in critical aspects to Mars and Jupiter as soon as it comes direct, we have to embrace the uncertainty and lean on our faith to get us through. Change is never easy, but it’s necessary to build a better tomorrow. This can be a time of extreme anxiety for some and a burst of creative inspiration for others. We can’t let our fears or worries cause stagnation, we must move into the unknown with courage in our hearts and learn to accept divine intervention.

January 2021 Horoscopes Important Dates

Mars Transits Taurus, January 6 The first major shift of 2021. The red planet has spent the last six months of 2020 at home in Aries. Mars is a bit uncomfortable in the sign of Taurus, but as the warrior planet forges ahead we are eager to take action in a certain area of our lives.

Mercury Transits Aquarius & Venus Transits Capricorn, January 8 The start of 2021 has us all thinking about our collective experience and how we can hold love and light in a practical way.

New Moon in Capricorn, January 13 A good day to set intentions for achieving your highest goals and aspirations.

Uranus Direct, January 14 Uranus ends his retrograde and we’ll just have to live with some sporadic energy as 2021 is underway. Life isn’t meant to be predictable, so don’t get caught up in the possible outcomes. Take things one day at a time.

Sun Transits Aquarius, January 19 Aquarius 2021 season will have us thinking of others. In what ways can you show up for the groups and organizations you belong to?

Full Moon in Leo, January 28 A time to culminate more bravery, love and honesty in our lives, the Full “Wolf” Moon will shine on the 28th.

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius, January 30 A time to reflect on how we connect to others, infamous Mercury will go into retrograde at the conclusion of January 2021.

uranus direct 2021

Full Moon in Leo January 28, 2021 | Photography by Junior Peres Jr.

Capricorn (Dec 22 – Jan 19)

Happy Birthday, Capricorn! Your season has certainly been a whirlwind. If you have something important to say, New Years Day is the right time to say it with Mercury in a supportive aspect to Neptune. Getting something off your chest will relieve your stress as Mercury conjuncts Pluto on January 4. When Mars enters Taurus on January 6, you’ve got a renewed passion for life. Get out there and enjoy yourself, ‘tis your season after all.

Mercury enters Aquarius and Venus steps into your sign on January 8, you’re feeling on top of the world. Mars interferes with these two planets, and you might get frustrated when no one wants to join your quest for a good time. Mercury brings Saturn into this on January 9 and a party of one is all you need to have fun. No one can enjoy alone time quite like you, Capricorn.

January 11 brings some frustrating energy. As Mars squares Saturn all week long, your finances might be tied up in practical things, but you’re in the mood for a total splurge. You may have to pass something up due to funds. To make matters worse, a forgotten bill could arrive on January 12, with Mercury square Uranus. Don’t get worked up about it. The new moon in your sign on January 13 is your personal New Year. As Venus trines Uranus, this is the ultimate “do you” energy. The next day Uranus moves direct and fills you with a surge of creative energy. Jupiter ends up in a harsh angle to Uranus and you might not have the resources to follow your passion at the moment. With the Sun conjunct Pluto, you’ll look deep within yourself to find a solution.

The Sun brings a close to your season and enters Aquarius on January 19. This is good news for your bank account. Mars forms a conjunction with Uranus on the same day. Harness your passion to get past these trying times. The Sun conjuncts Saturn and Venus aligns with Neptune on January 23 bring some sort of assistance from a sibling or a close friend. You’re independent and stubborn, but you’re also intelligent, learn how to accept help when you need it.

January 26 fuels your anxiety when it comes to self-expression, as the Sun squares Uranus. Don’t fear judgment. The full moon in Leo on January 28 is coincidentally a good time for releasing said fears Get rid of it! The Sun conjunct Jupiter and Venus conjunct Pluto on the same day give you extra confidence. You’ve been to the depths of your soul and cleared out all demons of the past. It’s time to move forward, and Mercury retrograde on January 30 is just what the accountant ordered. Time to get your finances back on track.

Aquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 19)

On New Year’s Day, your mind is racing. Thanks to Mercury and Neptune, you’ll be tuning into some divine guidance on how to bring more money and overall abundance into your life. Jot down every single one of your ideas, no matter how unrealistic.

On January 4, Mercury meets with Pluto and you narrow those ideas down to two or three solid ones. As Mars transits Taurus on January 6, you need to take action at home. This could be anything from clearing out clutter or caring for a loved one in need. While you secretly love tending to home matters, when Mercury moves into your sign and Venus moves into Capricorn on January 8, you’d rather be working on your personal pursuits. Mars creates aspects to both of these planets, it may be frustrating at first, but when you stop and feel the love at home you’re a happy helper again.

On January 11 Mars instigates a week-long square with Saturn, and the weight of having more responsibility at home will crush you. Mercury creates the same aspect to Uranus on the following day, and there seems to be no solution in sight. The new moon in Capricorn on January 13 might bring you to a fork in the road. With Venus supporting Uranus, whatever path you choose is the right the one. Trust that. On January 14, 2021, Uranus direct occurs and things at home may get even more chaotic. As Jupiter gets slighted at a harsh angle to Uranus, it will be all too easy to get stuck in a negative mindset. The Sun meets up with Pluto on the same day and you should avoid downward spirals at all cost.  Remember mind over matter.

The mood will liven up when the Sun enters your sign and kicks-off your season on January 19. Mars also conjuncts Uranus on this day, giving you the power to push through and do what is best for your home life. On January 23, you’re feeling rewarded for sticking to your responsibilities as the Sun meets up with Saturn. This feeling runs deep when Venus sextiles Neptune, a calm you haven’t felt in a while washes over you.

January 26 presents yet another hurdle you’ll have to jump over at home, with the Sun in a tense alignment to Uranus. This one is more like a speed bump. The full moon in Leo on January 28 will have you feeling grateful for the few people you keep very close to your heart. With the Sun conjunct Jupiter, you can feel the joy they bring to your life, and with Venus conjunct Pluto they help you break out of one cycle, and usher you into the next. The first Mercury retrograde of 2021 is for you Aquarius. As Mercury travels backward through your sign, it’s time to get serious about the changes you wish to make to your inner and outer self. This transit will help you to align the two.

Pisces (Feb 20 – Mar 20)

On New Year’s Day your phone is blowing up thanks to Mercury sextiling Neptune. The people in your life just want to express how much they appreciate you! Long talks and catching up with friends is favored on January 4, as Mercury meets up with Pluto. On January 6, Mars transitions into Taurus and you might find you have a lot to say. As Mercury heads into Aquarius and Venus enters Capricorn on January 8, you’re in the mood for some enlightening conversations. When Mars gets involved you may start to resent your friends for being shallow at times. When Mercury conjuncts Saturn on the following day, you might realize this is only your perception. People are complex (yourself included) and accepting this helps you enjoy the company you keep.

On January 11 Mars starts a week-long challenging alignment with Saturn. Being too open about your inner world could leave you scorned. Deciphering which boundaries to enforce will prove to be difficult on January 12, with Mercury squaring Uranus. But the new moon in Capricorn on the following day will light the way, and you’ll be relating to others on a whole new level. Good vibes are brought to you by Venus and Uranus. January 14 might create disruption in your local environment, as Uranus moves direct and immediately squares Jupiter. Anxiety and nervous thoughts are likely, just try to take it easy this weekend.

The Suns move into Aquarius on January 19 will help ease your stress. Mars provides some extra gusto when he conjuncts Uranus, and you’re in a good place to handle life’s minor mishaps. When the Sun meets up with Saturn on January 23, you’re suddenly grateful for all of life’s experiences because they’ve taught you so much. More importantly, they’ve brought some wonderful souls into your life, and as Venus sextiles Neptune gratitude is the attitude.

When the Sun square Uranus on January 26, you’ll have one more roadblock to overcome and most likely make you wise to your projections of the world around you. The full moon in Leo on January 28 marks the completion of a cycle related to your health and daily routines. Now is the time to rest. As the Sun conjuncts Jupiter and Venus conjuncts Pluto, spend your leisure time with your soul connections. Mercury goes retrograde on January 30 and it’s time to declutter that subconscious. Get ready purge any limiting beliefs that hold you back.

Aries  (Mar 21 – Apr 20)

One New Year’s Day you’re feeling extra goal-oriented. As Mercury makes a magnificent aspect to Neptune, you can actually see yourself accomplishing them. Mercury will meet up with Pluto on January 4, and if you wish to succeed, you’ll need to change your mindset. On January 6 your ruler Mars moves into Taurus, after an extended stay at home. You might suddenly realize what exactly adds value to your life, and what doesn’t.  Time to take out the trash.

Mercury transits Aquarius and Venus transits Capricorn on January 8. They’ll both find themselves at angles to Mars. You might feel the need to audit and purge your social networks. Mercury gets Saturn involved on the following day and you’ll only want to keep the people who support your ambitious dreams. Strengthen bonds that will help you go far in life. By January 10, you’ll know who your key people are.

During the week of January 11, you might find yourself in conflict with an authority figure, Mars squares Saturn all week. Perhaps they made a promise they couldn’t keep and it’s best to accept that and not get caught up in trying to control the situation. The new moon in Capricorn on January 13 is a great time to reset your future goals. These goals might require some of your resources, which brings an unsettling vibe as Uranus moves direct on the following day, but with the Sun conjunct Pluto, you’re willing to move into uncharted territory.

During the week of January 17,  there will be temptation to play the victim, as Jupiter forms a disrupted aspect with Uranus. Hang on, because, on January 19, the Sun transits Aquarius and Mars swoops into a conjunction with Uranus. Work on accepting responsibility for your current state of affairs and feelings of discouragement should dissipate. Things are looking up around the weekend of January 23, as Venus aligns with Neptune and the Sun meets up with Saturn, you’re finally feeling ready to take 2021 by the horns.

Watch for ego flairs around January 26. With the Sun gaslighting Uranus, you’ll definitely come off as pompous. The full moon in Leo on January 28 is a wonderful time to indulge in self-expression. As the Sun meets up with Jupiter and Venus joins Pluto, bearing your soul to others will be a rewarding experience. When Mercury goes retrograde on January 30, socializing could be mentally exhausting for the next few weeks.  Give you social life a break.

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