January 2021 Horoscopes: Embrace the Unknown as Uranus Moves Direct

by Kaitlyn De Leonardis
uranus direct january 2021

Virgo  (Aug 23 – Sep 22)

New Years Day has ultra-romantic vibes, as your ruler Mercury dances with dreamy Neptune. Focus on the love in your life today. As Mercury catches up with Pluto on January 4, this is a wonderful time to dive into one of your favorite hobbies. Mars steps into Taurus on January 6 and this will give you the urge to explore anything that piques your curiosity. Mercury moves into Aquarius on January 8, activating your daily schedule.

uranus direct january 2021

Uranus Direct January 2021

On the same day, Venus moves into Capricorn and both the transiting planets form aspects to Mars. You may start to feel a little anxious about a higher demand at work, but Venus continues on with Mars for the remainder of the weekend. Pencil in some time for the things you enjoy. Mercury meets up with Saturn on the following day and you’re ready to take on the extra work.

The week of January 11 may present a moral dilemma at your job. As Mars squares Saturn throughout the week, you’ll feel torn between doing what you feel is right, or protecting the integrity of someone in power. Mercury squaring Uranus the next day doesn’t help the situation, and it may feel like your head is spinning. On January 13 the new moon in Capricorn creates the perfect distraction. Today is a day to focus on a budding romance or creative endeavor, with the Sun conjunct Pluto, doing so will feel extra restorative. On January 14, Uranus moves direct and initiates conflict with Jupiter. You have a decision to make in your work life, and while both options aren’t ideal, you’re going to have to pick a stance and live with the consequences.

The atmosphere at work is slightly brighter when the Sun transits Aquarius on January 19. As Mars conjuncts Uranus on the same day, you’re in a good place to handle the uncertainty that life throws your way from time to time. You can truly relax with good company on January 23, Venus aligns nicely with Neptune. Mercury also meets up with Saturn and reminds you that taking breaks is a part of a sound work ethic.

On January 26, you can expect more hectic energy at work. With the Sun squaring Uranus, this will likely come from a disgruntled client or employee, and will quickly blow over in a day or two. The full moon in Leo on January 28 marks the end of a cycle you’re in. Now is a good time to release any baggage you’ve been carrying because you won’t need it in this new phase you’re entering. At the end of the day, you’re extremely satisfied with the life you lead, as the Sun conjuncts Jupiter and Venus conjuncts Pluto. But when your ruler Mercury stations retrograde on January 30, your work and health routines need some readjustments. If this month showed you anything, that’s the area of your life that requires your full attention.

Libra (Sep 23 – Oct 22)

As the New Year gets underway, you might find yourself focused on family. On New Year’s Day, Mercury is a supportive aspect to Neptune and a close relative might have some motivational words relating to a work-life issue. As Mercury meets up with Pluto on January 4, you have a chance to really mend a broken relationship. Get what you have to say off your chest once and for all.

Mars moves into Taurus on January 6, and you’re ready to do some inner work so you can give your all to an intimate relationship. As Mercury moves into Aquarius and Venus into Capricorn on January 8, you’ll want to spend your time and energy doing what you love, with people you deeply care about. When Mars gets involved with both these planets it might be hard to open up, but doing so will fortify your emotional bonds as your ruler Venus influences Mars all weekend.

Starting on January 11, Mars ends up in a week-long, not so nice aspect to Saturn. Anger that you’ve kept from past situations may resurface and you can find it hard to relax. The mental pressure will mount on the following day as Mercury is in a harsh alignment to Uranus. You’re at a loss with how to cope with these feelings. The new moon in Capricorn will breathe some fresh air into your emotional world, and the best thing to do right now is openly express yourself. Venus is harmonizing with Uranus, allowing you to find some emotional footing for the moment. As Uranus direct on January 14, 2021, and is promptly met with a square to Jupiter, more buried emotions bubble to service and put a damper on your mood into early next week.

When the Sun enters Aquarius on January 19, you should feel a burst of inspiration. Self-expression in any form will help you through the darkness, especially since Mars meets up with Uranus on the same day. For the rest of the week, you’ll find the courage to push past depression or doubts. January 23 is a great day for romance. With Mercury conjunct Saturn a serious conversation could take place. As Venus aligns with Neptune on the same day, your connection to this person will likely grow stronger.

As the Sun and Uranus make an intense angle on January 26, you might have a major epiphany about what truly stands in the way of your happiness. The full moon in Leo on January 28 urges you to reach out to the people who have been there for you in times of need, and vice versa. Getting together with friends is a favorable activity as the Sun conjuncts Jupiter and Venus conjuncts Pluto on the same day. The month ends with Mercury retrograde on January 30, and it’s time to take a look at what you do for fun and make changes that align with the person you are today.

Scorpio (Oct 23 – Nov 21)

New Year’s Day is the perfect time to get out on the town. Mercury is aligning nicely with Neptune, providing a romantic and light-hearted atmosphere. On January 4, as Mercury meets up with your ruler Pluto, you can find yourself immersed in deep conversations with a neighbor or sibling that will transform the way you see the world. When Mars moves into Taurus on January 6, you crave more action and passion in your relationships. On January 8, Mercury steps into Aquarius and Venus into Capricorn. Their transitions will place them in alignment with Mars and you might trouble authentically communicating with others. As long as you speak from a loving place, Venus and Mars support what you have to say, even if it’s difficult to find the right words. When Mercury conjuncts Saturn on January 9, you’re ready to take the reins of your emotions.

January 11 marks the start of a week-long aspect between Mars and Saturn. During this time, someone’s action or aggression towards you might shake the foundation of an important relationship. Don’t even try to explain your feelings on January 12. Mercury is in a harsh alignment with Uranus and your thoughts are scattered regarding this matter. The next day provides a better environment for communication, with the new moon in Capricorn you’ll find alternative ways to express yourself.

Venus is also in a helpful aspect to Uranus, your words are perceived with love and understanding. On January 14 Uranus goes direct in 2021 and someone close to you might act out of character. As the planet of unpredictability finds itself in a conflicting angle to Jupiter, this might bring up all the doubts you have about the relationship in question. The Sun conjunct Pluto makes it nearly impossible to not speak your peace, even if it stirs up drama.

The start of Aquarius season on January 19 is urging you to level your emotional playing field. As Mars meets up with Uranus, you might become agitated with the way someone has been treating you. By January 23, when Mercury conjuncts Saturn, your thoughts have been gathered and they’re ready for dispatch. Venus creates a supporting alignment to Neptune and once you get your feelings out, it’s time to have some fun.

After a great weekend, there will still be turbulence in relationships. On January 26, the Sun square Uranus brings on more emotional disruption. With the full moon in Leo, you should draw the focus back to yourself, because you’re going places. Spending time in solitude will bring you peace as Mercury conjuncts Jupiter. As Venus does the same with Pluto, switching up your personal space will enhance your overall mood. Mercury goes retrograde on January 30, and you’ll be rearranging your home life to create a more comfortable environment.

Sagittarius  (Nov 22 – Dec 21)

Spend New Year’s Day cozied up at home. With Mercury sextile Neptune, you’ll want to be where you feel valued. As Mercury pulls up to Pluto on January 4, you have the foresight to completely transform your earning potential. Put a plan in motion as Mars moves into Taurus on January 6. You’re ready to work hard and earn the big bucks. On January 8, Mercury transits Aquarius and Venus moves into Capricorn, both are met with influences from Mars. You might quickly begin to doubt your intelligence when it comes to job performance, so step into your power and believe you are worthy. As Mercury conjuncts Saturn on the following day, you’re communicating clearly. Now is a good time to build your case for getting a raise.

Work will not be easy the week of January 11, with Mars in a long complex aspect to Saturn. Expect to be running late, missed meetings and general frustration regarding your work routine. A communication mishap on January 12 might be an embarrassment thanks to Mercury square Uranus, double-check all work materials. The new moon in Capricorn wants to add more value to your life. Let go of any past situations that made you feel unworthy and become the leader you know you are. This energy can help you through the rest of the month. The following day, Uranus moves direct in 2021 and comes head-to-head with Jupiter. Some elements of your work situation will drastically change and leave you feeling unstable.

January 19, the Sun enters Aquarius and you’ve got the thinking cap back on. As Mars joins Uranus, you receive a cosmic boost to power through these turbulent moments at work. You’re back in good spirits on January 23, as the Sun meets up with Saturn and Venus aligns with Neptune. You’re a true rockstar at work. Celebrate the fact you made it through this week of hell at work.

January 26 is another hectic day at work, and with the Sun squaring Uranus, you may not be communicating clearly. This blockage will pass in a day or two. The full moon in Leo on January 28 changes the tune, and you’re low-key grateful for all the turbulence of last year because you made it out wiser and stronger than ever before. You’re back in an optimistic mindset when Mercury meets up with Jupiter. Venus will do the same with Pluto, and now is a good time to treat yourself to something special. You earned it. Mercury goes retrograde on January 30, bringing on communication blunders and problems with technology. Just remember not everything is as drastic as it seems. Laugh it off.

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Beth January 5, 2021 - 4:32 am

Interesting read even though I don’t believe in any of it haha.

Kait January 5, 2021 - 8:29 pm

Thanks 🙂

Deep January 15, 2021 - 2:40 am

I can tell your article makes so much sense and is spot on with things that you say will occur. They did so far. It is spot on. Love the words you use. I read a bunch of similar stuff while it is pleasurable to read, some of them get so lost on me.


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