October 2023 Horoscopes: Pluto Direct & Eclipse Season

by Kaitlyn De Leonardis

Life is a balancing act, and we’ve got a relatively mellow start to the month, but what follows is quite jarring and spooky indeed. Mercury moves into charming and graceful Libra on October 4 and we can approach our relationships from a fair and diplomatic standpoint. The real action starts with Venus’s move into Virgo on October 8. Venus doesn’t exactly gel with this detail-oriented earth sign, but she’ll be in mutual reception with Mercury. This help should mitigate some of the critical tendencies from the planet of love in the sign of the Maiden for the time being. The next big move is made by none other than evolutionary Pluto, who emerges from retrograde in Capricorn on October 10. This can expedite the transformation process, as we are all stepping into greater versions of ourselves. Let’s talk about personal power, because Mars moves into proactive and magnetic Scorpio on October 12. With this fiery planet in this sensitive water sign we’ll all move with passion. Last but not least, eclipse season gets underway on October 14 with a new moon solar eclipse in Libra. We may be letting go of an attachment while embarking on a new journey or venture. 

Mercury and the Sun meet up for a rendezvous in Libra on October 19, giving some important insight, particularly in love and relationships. These two will both transit back to back by the time Scorpio season arrives on October 23, making for an extra intense period. As if three personal  planets (the Sun, Mercury and Mars) in this moody and mysterious sign wasn’t enough, the month ends with a full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus on October 28. This is a final chance to solidify our worth in a particular situation. While there is an internal focus, things are heating up in both our personal lives and the world around us. These are your October horoscopes.

October 2023 Horoscopes: Important Dates 

Mercury Transits Libra – October 4 

We may be more level-headed and fair-minded, enjoying the art of conversation or debate. We could become fascinated with others right now—not by who they are or what they do—but by what they have to teach us. There is a good amount of charm and diplomacy in our communication, making this an excellent time to talk through relationship issues.

Venus Transits Virgo – October 8 

Perfectionism can get the best of us. We want things to be a certain way, but might be extra critical. Acts of service is our love language right now. We need to approach our relationships and money matters with a sense of practicality. A bountiful harvest by the end of the transit is possible, if we play our cards right. 

Pluto Stations Direct in Capricorn – October 10 

Our time in the shadow realm has come to an end. As Pluto moves forward we must reclaim our personal power and embrace the change that has occurred, whether it was internal or external. We may be getting used to a new environment while chasing the same dream. This can be a confidence boost for many. Keep pushing through and don’t give up! It is all a part of the tail-end of Pluto’s 15-year voyage through dominating Capricorn. We have a chance to set ourselves up for success as we realize our true and core power comes from within

October 2023 horoscopesMars Transit Scorpio – October 12 

Passion takes over as Mars spitballs into its other home sign, Scorpio. We may be driven by our desires, willing to give a little more, or all we’ve got in the pursuit of them. This transit is especially auspicious for our sex and romantic lives. It dials up the intensity in a good way!

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra – October 14

A long-awaited new beginning or opportunity that comes with release. Around this time we may be letting go of something, which was probably near and dear to our hearts. This ending could also be bitter sweet. There is a mix of excitement for the new and sadness for the loss. 

Mercury Transits Scorpio – October 22

Our thoughts may get deeper as Mercury plunges into the abyss of Scorpio. While we can get lost in a spiral of our own thoughts and emotions, this transit will teach us to stop thinking and just feel. We’ll have the ability to align our thoughts, words and actions with our intuition. 

Sun Transits Scorpio – October 23

During Scorpio season we connect with the deeper parts of ourselves. As the outgoing Sun moves through this sign, we connect with our inner confidence. We can become a little more sure of ourselves and our abilities. The veil may be thin, meaning we can reach our own souls with greater ease.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus – October 28

This eclipse wraps up the Taurus-Scorpio series we’ve been experiencing for the last year and a half. Around this time, we may be reaching an achievement or receiving some sort of prize or reward. However, it is important to pay attention to our self-worth. We can really solidify our status or make a name for ourselves around this time. It’s not only about how we define success and value, but how we embody it on a daily basis. 


You are clever and cunning, but your charisma is about to be drastically enhanced as Mercury moves into your sign on October 4. Your already stimulated mind kicks into overdrive, you need excitement and thought-provoking conversation. However, in contradiction, Venus moves into Virgo and your house of rest on October 8. You can get more done by doing less. This also may be a period where you need a good amount of alone time. Just two days later, Pluto stations direct, and there could be some sort of emotional shift. You may take a mature approach to your feelings. Mars awakens your hustle as he assertively steps into Scorpio and your money zone on October 12. You may look for ways to gain some passive income or ask for a raise. While you’re so driven to obtain abundance, the new moon solar eclipse in your sign on October 14 may require you to let something go. You’re about to level up and you must shed some old skin before doing so. You’ll have a better understanding of what transpires around this date as messenger Mercury meets the Sun on October 19. Just a few days later, the planet of the mind dashes into Scorpio on October 22, and is promptly followed by the Sun. You might be putting a lot of effort into your professional and material endeavors, but don’t forget about self-worth at the end of the day. You shouldn’t attach it to success or failure. You’re learning the balance of give and take and the ultimate test may be the full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus on October 28. Trust that you have everything you need to succeed. horoscopes


Don’t neglect your imaginative and creative side! As Mercury moves into Libra and your mystical twelfth house on October 4, you could catch yourself daydreaming more often. Let the next couple of weeks be an enlightening journey. On October 8, full-hearted Venus settles in Virgo, and you might have a packed social calendar—just don’t deplete yourself for the sake of showing up for others. Libra season always echoes a lesson in balance. You ruler Pluto emerges from retrograde on October 10, and this could have you feeling renewed. You may be ready to get out there. Whether your angle is business or romance, you might experience a difficult start. However, you’ll get more than a second wind as ambitious Mars comes home to your sign on October 12. This provides an energetic boost, and you’ll be ready to take on whatever lies ahead. The solar eclipse in Libra on October 14 may be a time of release and loss and it’s okay to take some time to grieve all that has passed away—either in current or past events. You’ll see the silver lining by the time Mercury joins the shining Sun on October 19. Whether it’s an inheritance or a sign from above, you could get some reassurance. Mercury moves into your sign on October 22 followed by the Sun the very next day. You are a powerhouse to be reckoned with. You come into your season feeling like you can take on the world—and for now, you can! The full moon lunar eclipse Taurus on October 28 might illuminate just how much of an impact you have on others. When you lift them up, you raise your own spirits too. 


There may be a lot of back and forth as the month gets underway. The planet of communication, Mercury, enters social Libra and your connected 11th house on October 4. You may be coordinating with people across different time zones or planning a big trip. Just a few days later, on October 8, Venus saunters into dedicated Virgo. Now more than ever you may be willing to completely commit to a goal. Your personal drive gets a jump start as all-powerful Pluto stations direct on October 10. The pace slows down as Mars dives into Scorpio just two days later on October 12. This transit can make things manageable, but it’s also important to not neglect your intuition. The week ends with a new moon solar eclipse in Libra on October 14, and you may be leaving one group or organization to join another. This could be a bitter-sweet goodbye. You’ll be back in the right vibe as Mercury blends with the Sun on October 19. Around this time, your new journey could begin. Don’t be surprised if you feel lonely as Mercury drifts into moody Scorpio on October 22, followed closely by the Sun. New environments or groups take some adjusting. The full moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio on October 28 could highlight your need for peace, quiet and solitude. This weekend is ideal for restful retreats rather than rowdy parties. 


It’s no surprise that you’re plotting and scheming! As Mercury moves into Libra and your house of the big picture on October 4, you’re all in for chasing success. Your experiences in the following days could teach you a thing or two. Value-oriented Venus swiftly dances into detail driven Virgo on October 8. You can learn alot or pick up a new skill quickly, as long as your heart’s in it. Your personal power might awaken as Pluto comes direct in your sign on October 10. You could feel new and improved, but it’s time to put it to the test. Mars hustles his way into Scorpio on October 12 and there is an ample amount of networking opportunities. It’s highly likely you have the gusto to put on a good show. The new moon solar eclipse in Libra on October 14 might prompt you to take a realistic look at your overarching goals and you may have to switch up some tactics that haven’t been working lately. Any confusion in this area should clear up by the time Mercury gets together with the Sun on October 19. Mental Mercury hurries along to Scorpio on October 22, followed by the confident Sun the next day. It may be time to make use of some recent connections. Don’t forget to have some fun when dealing with others, be it business or personal. The full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus on October 28 highlights your zone of joy and play. Lean into a jovial nature towards the end of the month, and join the ghoulish festivities. Let go of your need to constantly be “on.”  

October 2023 horoscopesAquarius 

You may be thinking in a much broader sense as Fall gets underway. It’s probably due to Mercury’s move into Libra and your realm of big ideas on October 4. You can spend your time daydreaming, or you can come back to reality. An opportunity could lie ahead as Venus moves into dedicated Virgo on October 8. You don’t want to miss a chance at romance or collaboration. Just two days later Pluto stations direct on October 10, and might bring an end to an isolating or behind the scenes period. You may have felt especially isolated, but this alone time has given you a greater look into your subconsious. You can certainly move with more confidence, especially once Mars enters Scorpio and your 10th House of Notoriety on October 12. You may be recognized or seen, making this can be an excellent time to push towards your goals. The new moon solar eclipse in Libra arrives on October 14 and it may be time to put an ideology or belief to rest. You’re currently adopting a new outlook on life. However, you probably won’t reach a clear minded and certain state until Mercury conjoins the Sun on October 19. Just a few days later on October 22, the messenger planet bursts into Scorpio while the Sun makes the same move a day later. Scorpio season is about your image and reputation, and now you have all the cosmic backing to make some waves—it’s what you’re here to do! October 28 might be an emotional day with the full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus. Take a moment to honor your feelings. They may be your greatest strength on your way to the top.


You just might be falling in love as the month gets underway. Mercury moves into Libra and your sector of deep connection on October 4. This could present the chance to get to know someone on a deeper level, or become more transparent yourself. Things may take a serious turn rather quickly, as Venus makes a grand entrance into Virgo on October 8. Someone could want more of a commitment. However, your grand vision has been undergoing demolition and rehabilitation. As Pluto stations direct on October 10, it’s time to rebuild. Mars enters passionate Scorpio on October 12 and you don’t mind doing the hard work. It may be easier to see the bigger picture and it may feel like you’re working towards making a difference in the world. A deep emotional wound might need some healing alongside the new moon solar eclipse in Libra on October 14. It may feel liberating to release something you’ve held onto for so long. Doing so should have a positive impact on your relationships and you may even see results by the time the Sun and Mercury meet up on October 19. Scorpio season kicks off on October 23, and analytical Mercury joins the party a day earlier. This can be an adventurous time, so it helps to approach everything with a willingness to learn. You might have to speak your piece or deal with confrontation under the full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus on October 28. This whole ordeal is showing you that you can be assertive. So, step up and put your foot down. 


As the month starts you may be deciding if something is right for you. Mercury enters Libra on October 4 and stakes claim in your realm of partnership. You may think about others before yourself. As Venus enters Virgo on October 8, you could become a perfectionist, wanting to control every little detail. Don’t be so hard on yourself, though. Two days later, Pluto stations direct in your 10th House of Career and Recognition on October 10. You may be challenged by an opponent or an enemy, and it depends on how much true grit you have to come out on top. Mars moves into Scorpio and nods to Saturn on October 12. This hectic week ends with a new moon solar eclipse in Libra, which brings a major change or development in the area of relationships. Whether you’re splitting up or coming together, know that it’s all part of your destined journey. Mercury moves into Scorpio on October 22, and the Sun follows a day later. With your ruler spearheading this sensual stellium, there is no better time to connect to someone in mind, body and soul. The full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus on October 28 brings it back to what you truly value: The life you’re working towards. Put your ideas and actions to good use as Mercury conjoins Mars at the same time. Even if you’re intimidated, only the bold survive in love and business. 


You’re the person to get the job done. As the month gets started, you might find yourself working hard as Mercury hops into active-minded Libra on October 4. There is much to be done, so it may serve you to delegate some tasks. Around October 8, you can shift your attention to your personal life as Venus ventures into down-to-earth Virgo. All you want is a drama-free good time, but there may be an issue to work through in a particular relationship. Pluto stations direct on October 10 and you might be in the midst of drastically changing some of your personal beliefs. This could make relationships somewhat challenging. Clearing a hurdle deepens your connection as Mars moves into sensual and emotional Scorpio, AKA your Seventh House of Relationships, on October 12. There may be alot of action in this area—everything from fights and passionate make-ups, to an active dating itinerary. The new moon solar eclipse in Libra on October 14 illuminates some unhealthy habits and it may be the right time to kick them once and for all. You could find it helpful to gain the support of a partner or bygone. Mercury catches up with the Sun around October 19 and this might bring up a serious chat, whether that’s with a significant other or a higher up, something needs to change going forward. Mercury grooves into Scorpio on October 22, and the Sun follows suit. Nurturing and giving attention to close relationships becomes your main focus. A full moon lunar eclipse in your sign on October 28 may challenge you to align your words, thoughts and actions. This will likely bring about a self-discovery that may lead to greater fulfillment in love and romance, but the self always comes first.


This October, no one can stop you from living it up! Your ruler Mercury slides into Libra on October 4 and your house of romance, joy and pleasure. If single, a fling could really heat up. As Venus dances into nurturing Virgo on October 8, you could be seeking more of an emotional connection, but this may also be an ideal time to center yourself. Escaping reality is not your friend right now. Pluto dials up the intensity of your subconscious patterns as this power player stations direct on October 10. You might take a good look at what blocks you from truly connecting to another. Mars forcefully enters Scorpio just two days later, making you a taskmaster. You’ll have the right amount of energy to accomplish that daunting to-do list and then some! The new moon solar eclipse in Libra on October 14 could have you exchange one hobby for the next. It’s time to move on, learn new things and pursue new skills. Your ruler Mercury reaches the brilliant Sun on October 19, and you might have a profound personal moment. Mercury moves on to Scorpio on October 22, and the Sun follows the next day. You could become more health-conscious and find a sense of commitment when it comes to reaching a personal goal. The full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus on October 28 ends the month with a bang. Whether you’re suddenly laid-off or receive an enticing job offer, your work-life is progressing in some way. Embrace the unknown and go after what you truly desire.  

October horoscopesCancer 

You are always aware of your feelings as they tend to be your guiding force. There is such a thing as being too aware, and you might be over-analyzing your emotions as Mercury moves into Libra on October 4. Overall, it’s a good time to find the balance between nurturing others vs. yourself. Venus leaps into Virgo on October 8 and you can expect your social life to get active. If single, you might even meet someone intriguing at a local event. Just two days later, on October 10, there could be a profound shift in power within a close relationship. Pluto emerges from retrograde, and you could take on more of a leadership role in romance and business. Just when you need it, assertive Mars barges into Scorpio on October 12. This will kick your creativity and passion into overdrive, and you can seamlessly work toward your vision. The new moon solar eclipse might bring an end and beginning to your home life around October 14. This could be a bittersweet good-bye—you might be moving or adopting a new pet after a period of mourning. As Mercury and the Sun huddle up together on October 19, you can see your new frontier in this area. Just like that, Mercury zips into Scorpio on October 22, followed by the Sun the very next day. Finally, you can put your all into a creative endeavor, or a budding romance. Under the full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus on October 28 you may see a development in your reputation as you’ll likely be recognized within your industry or community. Be prepared to be in the public eye as the month draws to a close.


People flock to you for a reason, Leo. As the month gets started, expect to put out small fires as Mercury dashes into Libra. Yes, your immediate environment can get quite busy, but as an active fire sign this is what you prefer. The buzz around you gets louder as Venus enters diligent Virgo on October 8. There is an opportunity to make some extra money, but it might require a good amount of time and commitment to get it off the ground. Pluto stations direct on October 10 and you may have to tighten your schedule. It feels like a drastic change, but it will likely pay off. Try connecting to your inner determination as Mars comes home to Scorpio. Your drive is second to none, and can see you through when all else fails. There may be an abrupt change in your immediate environment as the new moon solar eclipse in Libra peaks on October 14. The structure at work might undergo a transformation, as it’ll likely affect your day to day.  This could leave you with a choice that you’ll probably have to make by the time Mercury meets the Sun on October 19. You’ll know the right move in the moment, but it doesn’t hurt to weigh the pros and cons. You’ll have to live with your decision as Mercury glides into all-encompassing Scorpio on October 22, followed by the Sun the next day. These transits are ideal for getting in touch with your inner realm and familiarizing yourself with your intuition. You may be thinking about who you are in the world as the full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus reaches its peak on October 28 and you might need some new approaches to reach some long-standing goals. Let this be a time of exploration and experimentation. 


Slow down and enjoy that seasonal latte! As of October 4, your ruler Mercury moves into lavish Libra and your house of value. This is a great reminder to appreciate the small stuff. Venus is the next to make her mark as she moves into your sign on October 8. This could bring your focus within. Transformative Pluto stations direct just two days later on October 10 and you can have a ton of fun in your personal make-over process. Embrace change, even if those around you protest it. Your courage and self confidence could pick up as Mars rushes into Scorpio—suddenly you’re not afraid to say what you want to. You may be parting with a cherished item under the solar eclipse in Libra on October 14. Whether it’s time to pass it on, or the pay-off is just too good to pass up, this release will open a new horizon. You might not see it clearly until Mercury catches up with the Sun on October 19. As your mental ruler enters Scorpio on October 22, you might become more expressive with your feelings. The brave Sun promptly follows suit, and you’ll find that it’s much better to move through an uncomfortable moment rather than to bottle it up inside. The full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus on October 28 could inspire you to connect with your spiritual side. There are larger forces at play, and you have all the equipment to tune into the universal energies.

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