July 2023 Horoscopes: Venus Retrograde in Leo

by Kaitlyn De Leonardis

According to July’s Astrology, this should be dubbed the summer of fated love. We have several precarious movements that are bound to tug at the heartstrings. First, we’ll all have our eye on the prize as the full moon in Capricorn peaks on July 3. About a week later, valiant Mars barges into practical Virgo and we could become preoccupied with work and service. Expressing fervent passions is not at the top of the to-do list— until the new moon in emotionally charged Cancer arrives on July 17.

Your July 2023 Horoscopes feature a transit far more auspicious, as the Lunar Nodes of Fate glide into the Aries-Libra axis too. This day may ignite a spark, but there is still more work to do if we want to obtain true love. Venus stations retrograde in Leo on July 22. This isn’t like any other Venus Retrograde we’ve ever experienced. For the first time in our lives, her backwards trek fully occurs in Leo. The area of our lives that is ruled by this bold and brave fire sign is up for review. Good thing the Sun moves into its home sign on the same day. Just a few days later, Mercury moves into its domicile of meticulous Virgo, and our thinking caps are on. Now we just need to get our hearts in order, and Venus is here to do just that! 

Important Dates: July 2023 Horoscopes

Full Moon in Capricorn – July 3 

A step up into confidence and boss energy. It’s time to take control and move towards our goals, or to a new level. We may be achieving an aspiration or making a great feat. This is a moment to celebrate alongside contemplating what is next.  

Mars Transits Virgo – July 10 

We all must keep busy, as reliability, efficiency and productivity become a major concern. We’ll feel the nagging motivation of Mars in Virgo, making good use of time and honing in on our ambitions. They say “lazy days of summer” but these will prove to be anything but!

Mercury Transits Leo – July 11

If you’re going to say something, do it with a dramatic flair. The messenger planet moves into playful and extravagant Leo. We can have fun in the way we communicate, we easily take cues from the script in our heads.However speaking from the heart always gets the audience’s undivided attention.

New Moon in Cancer & the Nodes of Fate Transit – July 17

The new moon in heart-warming Cancer brings an overwhelming but emotional new beginning to an area of our lives. Events around this date are met with a twist of fate. Endings blend into beginning and vice versa, the North Node of Destiny moves into independent Aries and the South Node switches to people-pleaser Libra. We are starting to release outdated roles or burdens that others have placed on us. All while we are embracing a new identity and working towards the person we want to be. This is more than just a new moon, but an ultimate fresh start. 

Venus Stations Retrograde & the Sun Transits Leo – July 22

Venus comes to a halt at 28 degrees of Leo, where normally she would start her retrograde in Virgo, the sign of her “fall.” This indeed starts a new cycle for us all, but as always presents 40 days and 40 nights to reflect on how we love. Do our expressions match our intentions? What are our intentions really? Leo rules the Fifth House of Dating, Romance and Pleasure. All these topics will be heavy on our mind. However, there is no shortage of courage as the Sun comes home on the same day. We can approach any relationship or romantic woe with a sense of optimism. Exploration is half the excitement in love, and we are all discovering something new about ourselves in this process. 

Mercury Transits Virgo –  July 28

Mercury ingresses into Virgo and we can finally think a little more clearly. We may all have an eye for detail or find our minds working that much more efficiently. This can be a great time to study or pick-up a skill. With a clean and keen mind there is nothing we can’t do.  July 2023 Horoscopes


As July starts and it’s the heart of your season, the heat isn’t the only thing that’s sweltering. You may be feeling like Cancer 2.0 as Mercury joins the Sun. Let your tenacious and bold ways take over. Yes, you may end up taking the lead, especially when it comes to a partnership under the full moon in Capricorn on July 3. Honest and open conversations could lead to radical changes by the end of the week. Ambitious Mars moves into Virgo on July 10, and you might want to do more. This can be a great time to handle tedious tasks or looming chores. You might have more energy than usual. Mental Mercury moves into honorable Leo on the following day, and you may feel called to set things right. If you need to pay off a debt, remember not to deprive yourself of some joy and luxury. The middle of the month can also be a great time to put some effort into a creative project. The new moon in your sign on July 17 offers you self-rejuvenation at the highest levels. The Lunar Nodes will also be making a major transit into Aries and Libra. It’s time to claim who you truly want to be in this world. Don’t let your past define you; there may be a need to release any emotional baggage that has been holding you back. By the time Venus goes retrograde on July 22, you’ll begin to repair any holes in your self-worth. This is no pity party as the Sun gracefully steps into Leo. This is an exploration of connecting with your true power, so have some fun along the way. You’ll become a more effective communicator as Mercury flies into Virgo on July 28. This would be a good time to talk about what you’re experiencing with friends. Sharing creates the strong bonds you need to back you up if times get tough.


You may be in an imaginative and fantasy-driven state as Mercury meets your mighty ruler, the Sun, and gets lost in your daydreams. The start of the month could bring you some stellar inspiration. The full moon in Capricorn snaps you back to reality on July 3. You could feel the fire to tackle whatever you’ve recently been putting off. Getting through the trivial task allows you to focus on more important matters. If you stick to your grind, you’ll feel a great sense of accomplishment by the end of the week—along with the right to celebrate! Mars speeds into Virgo on July 10, and you could feel the push to make more money. Whether you’re looking for a raise or some cash on the side, it’s time to formulate a plan. Tactful Mercury moves into your sign, making you an excellent problem solver. A natural-born leader, you might be put in charge of an important campaign or project. The new moon in Cancer may call for deep reflection and a brief period away from the limelight. In your Twelfth House of Self-Undoing, it could be time to let go of behaviors or mindsets that don’t serve you. The North Node moves into brave and independent Aries on the same day, so this is about redefining your core beliefs. You get another two-for-one special on July 22, as the Sun comes home to your sign and Venus stations retrograde. How can you love yourself on a deeper level? It’s time to look at how you express your affection, not only to others but also to yourself. Mercury moves into Virgo on July 28, and you’ll know exactly what you want. While you still have a whole inner journey ahead of you, this helps clear a direction.


Prepare to make an intense connection as the summer heats up, so does your love life! Your ruler, Mercury, meets up with the Sun in your social sector, and a chance meeting is likely. Don’t try so hard when it comes to making new friends, business connections, or romantic interests. The one who has the most fun wins under the Capricorn full moon on July 3. And that’s you, Virgo! Attract the right people by being in the vibe. Don’t be surprised if you break one of your own rules by the end of the week. Mercury exchanges energy with rebellious Uranus, and you could use a shake-up. Passion and ambition may overcome you as Mars enters your sign on July 10. You can put a lot of mileage into a project or work venture—or win the affections of another if that’s your main goal right now. With so much to do, don’t forget to relax. Mercury moves into Leo and your Twelfth House of Rest on the following day. Focus on pure enjoyment, and it might lead to some major breakthroughs. The new moon in Cancer on July 17 may bring a new crew into your life. Whether you’re switching jobs or joining a new organization, this is a fated coming together as the Lunar Nodes make their transition to the Aries-Libra axis. Focus on building relationships as your authentic self. Venus stations retrograde on July 22, and how you go about relaxing needs a major revamp. This can be a great time to experiment with activities or hobbies you’ve been yearning to try. Redefine what chilling out means to you. The Sun also moves into this realm, and taking time and space for yourself helps you grow creatively. You may feel like a million bucks towards the end of the month. Mercury comes home to your sign on July 28, and you’re ready to kick ass. No retrograde can stop you, but remember to take a breather!horoscopes for july


It’s go time! An opportunity might come your way as Mercury melts into the Sun. While this is something you’ve been hustling towards, it might throw a monkey wrench into your summer plans. Good thing the full moon in Capricorn on July 3 has your back—the grind doesn’t stop when you reach a goal. It’s likely you’ll be looking at this with a sense of gratitude. When you’re passionate about what you do, every day is amazing. Mars barges into Virgo and your chill-out zone on July 10, and you could be motivated to do nothing. A break from everyday life may be needed, or if those tedious chores are piling up, take a couple of days off—one to plow through your list and the other as a reward. Mercury moves into the star-studded Leo on the following day, and your popularity is on the up and up. You may be presenting or launching something in a public way. When the Sun sextiles Uranus a few days later on July 14, you’ll learn something new about yourself. It’s your time to shine under the new moon in Cancer on July 17. You’ll likely take a fated step into the limelight. You might have to rethink your networking strategy or perfect your communication skills. Minor setbacks now will only lead to future success as Venus stations retrograde in outgoing Leo on July 22. The Sun comes home to the Lion’s den on the same day, and it’s best to approach things from an optimistic standpoint. Be sure to take plenty of mental breaks when things get overwhelming. Mercury moves into Virgo on July 28, and it will be all too easy to overanalyze all the details. Instead, take some time for yourself to get organized.


You may be shedding more than your skin with the South Node sitting on the edge of your sign to start off the month. As Mercury mossies up to the Sun, you may adopt a new belief. Listen to what other people have to say. The full moon in Capricorn might have you saying goodbye to a familiar environment, but it’s bittersweet because you’re on to bigger and better things! By July 7, you’ll be connected with the person who is meant to help you through this transition. Mars enters service-oriented Virgo on July 10, and you may want to devote yourself to a worthy cause. Mercury moves into Leo on the following day, and you can be extra mindful of your image. While charity is a noble activity, give from a place of caring, not clout chasing. Under the new moon in Cancer on July 17, you could adopt a whole new mindset. This will likely be a moment of great release as you let go of what the last year and a half has been about. It’s time to set a plan into motion or show up every day in pursuit of a goal. This profound change may call for a revamp of your image or how you present your work to the world. It could be helpful to consult a professional as Venus stations retrograde on July 22. Just don’t break the bank when all you’re looking for is a little guidance. The Sun saunters into Leo on the same day, and you know what’s best. This is just an adjusting period, but you’ll continue to push through. Things get moving once Mercury zips into down-to-earth Virgo on July 28. Stay grounded and focused on your path; it’s bound to lead to success.


You could find yourself rather intrigued by some new topics. As curious Mercury combines energies with the shining Sun, you may be knee-deep in research. As the full moon in Capricorn looms around July 3, it would serve you to connect to the “why” behind the answers you seek. You may end up having a personal epiphany by the time Mercury aligns with Uranus on July 7. Just a few days later, Mars dashes into Virgo on July 10, and you could become hyper fixated on a goal. Mercury’s move into Leo on the following day reminds you to approach everything with an open mind and have some fun with the process of learning fresh material.The new moon in Cancer on July 17 may bring about an interesting development in your love life. This moment could ask you to get vulnerable, but it opens up a new world of pleasure as the North Node of Destiny moves into your feisty Aries-ruled romantic zone. Love planet Venus starts her retrograde through magnificent Leo on July 22. It may be time to reevaluate those standards and qualities you look for in your lover or potential mates. The Sun makes his grand entrance into his luxurious home too, and you’re brave enough to explore those heavier topics. A bright disposition goes a long way! You’ll need it for when Mercury makes the final move of the month into Virgo on July 28. The proverbial spotlight is on you, and you may be taking some very public action as July comes to a close.

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You may find yourself getting closer to someone special as July gets underway. Things heat up quickly as Mercury joins the Sun, and it could feel as if you’re merging with another. All this might beg the question of who you are under the full moon in your sign on July 3. You can still maintain some independence and be a partner at the same time. By July 7, love could have you acting out of character, and you’ll strangely like it. As Mars moves into Virgo on July 10, this particular partnership may have you connecting to your passion in a different way. As Mercury moves into playful Leo a day later, there is still plenty to learn about each other. You may find a lover’s mysterious ways ultra intriguing. A change in your relationship status might be in the cards for the new moon in Cancer on July 17. It’s time to let go of hurt notions of the past and embrace a new and enhanced love, whether you’re starting over with someone or diving into something new. No matter what your title or lack thereof might be after this fated meeting of the Sun and Moon, it may be time to take a cold hard look at how you approach or define intimacy. Venus stations retrograde in playful Leo and your Eighth House of Deep Desires on July 22. You could learn some new things about yourself in the process. This jump-starts an exciting adventure as the Sun enters Leo on the same day. The month draws to a close as Mercury hightails it into Virgo. You may become more detail-oriented, but don’t let that get in the way of seeing the beauty in the bigger picture.


You’re probably feeling the spark with someone special right now. As Mercury becomes one with the Sun, your synergy is undeniable. Whether this is romance or business-related, the right words will come to you under the Capricorn full moon on July 3. As much as you may be entering a new phase of life, one is drawing to a close. It’s okay to secretly mourn as you also celebrate.Revealing how you truly feel around July 7 should gain you some peaceful understanding as Mercury caters to Uranus. On July 10, Mars bursts into Virgo and your ambitions could turn towards intimate matters. Just remember that slow and steady wins the race. As Mercury enters Leo and your Seventh House of Relationships, it’s clear you both still have to get to know each other before taking this connection to a deeper level. The new moon in Cancer brings a refreshing change to your schedule. It might be seeing a romantic partner more frequently or getting to spend more time working on your own venture. Chances are you could use a change of pace as the excitement picks up in your personal life. With some recent action in your romantic world, this could become a major topic as Venus stations retrograde in heartfelt Leo on July 22. It might be time to truly define what you want out of a relationship. It isn’t all serious as the Sun enters his realm on the same day. You can find happiness in exploring what love means to you. Mercury moves into practical Virgo on July 28, and you might find yourself having some deep but necessary conversations as the month comes to a close.


Talk about being blinded by the light! As the Sun blends together with Mercury, you may be in store for a romantic or creative surprise. You can feel the spark again, and hope comes alive under the full moon in Capricorn on July 3. However, July 7 is an ideal day for a date or meeting, as your charisma and flair are likely to work in your favor. The passion or heat could turn up in a romantic affair as Mars moves into your Virgo-ruled relationship sector. If you’re serious about someone, it may be time to act like it. Mercury moves into Leo on the following day, and you could be seeing someone on a regular basis. While this is exciting, it is also a switch-up from your usual routine, so be prepared. The new moon in Cancer has the spoils of love written all over it, and this could be the night where things become official. If you’ve been pouring your all into a project, this is the day to launch. You’re starting a new chapter, and while it’s wonderful to be the writer of your own story, you must always let fate do the editing. Something needs an upgrade in your daily life as Venus stations retrograde in Leo on July 22. You might struggle to find the right balance between personal time, dating, and work. Easier said than done, look at this like trial and error. Don’t feel the pressure to give up alone time because you have feelings for someone. Boundaries are your friend, and the Sun moves into Leo on the same day. If you’re going to shine for everyone else, you need time to revitalize yourself. This will help you foster healthier relationships as Mercury moves into Virgo on July 28. Your heart may be all in, but let your mind need more convincing.


You might feel the pressure to express your feelings as July gets underway. Mercury melts into the Sun and you’ll be gaining some undivided attention. Don’t let it all get to you as the full moon in Capricorn builds anticipation on July 3. Expecting too much could land you in some hot water as Venus disagrees with Uranus. You can’t have fun if you feel let down. By July 7, you’re ready to pick-up and move on. Your fierce ruler Mars hightails it into Virgo and you’re bound to be busy at work. Benefiting from greater attention to detail, you can produce some solid results— just don’t forget about your personal life. Mental Mercury grooves into vibrant Leo and you’ll need to balance productivity with fun to do your best work. The new moon in Cancer on July 17 brings an exciting new beginning in your home life—you could even be moving out on your own, or in with a lover as the North Node of Destiny moves into your sign on the same day. A few days later, you might have to enter a readjustment period. Venus begins her backwards trek through Leo and your Fifth House of Dating: Pleasure and Romance. You may be adopting a new way of connecting to these topics for the next 40 days.The Sun comes home to Leo on the same day and a blessing can be seen on the horizon. Open your heart and you can have a deeply healing experience. July may end up bringing you a copious amount of wisdom that you can readily put to use once Mercury hops into Virgo on July 28. All’s well that ends well.   

2023 horoscopes


You have an important message to deliver. As the Sun blends with Mercury and connects with Jupiter in your sign, you have the chance to make a profound impact. You can rightfully step into guru status under the full moon in your all-knowing Ninth House of serious and dependable Capricorn. You may be pleasantly surprised by the time the weekend rolls around on July 7. Fireball Mars falls into regimented Virgo, and this might inspire you to experiment with your routine. Taking a different approach could even lead to greater productivity. Talkative Mercury moves into boisterous Leo and your inner roar could get louder. It might be especially hard to ignore your deepest desires at this time. July 17 and the new moon in Cancer is a date to mark. You get some sort of clean slate in your immediate environment. Say yes to invitations or speaking for a group of people at this time. The Nodes of Fate also make their transit on this auspicious date, and you begin a journey of finding a greater purpose. You might be working hard as Mars deflects—restricting Saturn on July 19, only to feel like you’re getting nowhere. You have to connect with your heart center. Your inner drive and passionate spirit may get louder as Venus stations Retrograde in dramatic Leo. This happens on July 22, the day the Sun comes home to Leo and shines a light on the deepest parts of yourself. Hiding who you truly are will become impossible as Mercury dances into Virgo on July 28. Let loose and be the vibe, this is how you become intune with the universal flow.


You might have tunnel vision when it comes to getting what you want. Whether you’re chasing a crush or your dream job, you might be deeply enthralled as your zany ruler Mercury meets the flamboyant Sun in Cancer. You may have obtained a desire, but you must be willing to open up and let people in. You don’t have to put on a cheery facade all the time. In fact, some people may appreciate your brutal honesty under the full moon in Capricorn on July 3. Next up, Mercury enters a quick exchange with the Great Awakener Uranus on July 7 and you might be in store for an enlightening weekend. Mars shoots into Virgo and your Fourth House of Deep Feelings on July 10. This can bring a greater passion when it comes to internal desire. Use this core ambition as your driving force. Mercury enters Leo, and while you always have the gift of gab— you have heighted charm and powers of persuasion. Use this to your advantage, and you could make some profound advancements by the new moon in Cancer on July 17. This moment is about defining your terms and conditions and setting them in stone. Your decision now will follow you for a year as the Nodes of Fate make their grand entrance to the Aire-Libra, self-vs-other axis. It may be time to review your image and how you present yourself as Venus stations retrograde in noticeable Leo. This is about truly stepping up your star-quality as the Sun enters the spotlight of Leo on the same day. The secret to success lies in being your authentic self. The month comes to an end as Mercury takes up residence in Virgo. Now it’s time to focus on your personal peace and inner calm.  

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