10 Best Burgers in North Jersey

by Peter Candia
best burgers north jersey

When discussing food in New Jersey, the usual suspects come up; pizza, bagels and Taylor ham. However, NJ has no shortage of legendary hamburgers to choose from. Whether it be places that pre-exist The Great Depression or new-school spots opening in the last decade, it is time Jersey’s service to hamburger excellence was recognized. These are some of the best versions of the American staple you can find in North Jersey. 

Where to Find the Best Burgers in North Jersey

Krug’s Tavern – Newark, NJ

Opening in March 1932, Krug’s Tavern just celebrated their 90th birthday. For nearly a century, Krug’s has been the spot in Newark, NJ for drinks, watching the game, and of course, their legendary burgers. A thick, freshly ground patty, seared on a flat-top and served on a soft, sesame laden bun, is a fair reminder that while there might be impersonators, there is only one original. 

north jersey best burgers

Krugs Tavern in Newark, New Jersey l Photo via @krugs_tavern

Burgerstrasse – Clifton, NJ

In 2018, Burgerstrasse began dishing burgers out of their quaint shop in Clifton, NJ. Four years later, and it is the place to go in Passaic County for thin, smash-style patties. Freshly ground beef is placed on a scorching hot griddle before being smashed down to create the unctuously crispy and lacy texture that has become so desired within the burger world for the last half decade. Quality ingredients, cooked perfectly every time makes the Burgerstrasse motto— where it’s real— ring true.

north jersey best burgers

Burgers from Burgerstrasse in Clifton, NJ l Photo via @burgerstrasse 

Steve’s Burgers – Garfield, NJ

This roadside stand in Garfield, NJ was put on the map by their six-ounce chuck patties, and the array of toppings guests can choose to go with it. Owner, Steve Chrisomalis Jr. is constantly reinventing the wheel with his weekly burger creations, and it’s why Steve’s has garnered a cult following since opening just over 10 years ago. With three locations, and a demand for more, it is no surprise why Steve’s was named the 15th best burger in the country in 2019. 

north jersey best burgers

Steve’s Burgers in Garfield, NJ l Photo via @stevesburgers_

Rutt’s Hut – Clifton, NJ

Rutt’s Hut is usually a place people go to for their world-famous hot dogs. And while it is true that their hot dog, colloquially known as a ripper, was named the best in the nation, there is a burger you can order if you’re in-the-know that has become a staple to the 94-year-old Clifton, NJ staple. A cheeseburger dipped is a secret menu item that separates the regulars from the first-timers. A thin, single cheese burger is dipped in glistening, brown gravy before being placed on a soft burger bun. The gravy soaks into the bread making for a messy, but unforgettably savory burger experience.

north jersey restaurant

Burgers and hotdogs from Rutt’s Hut in Clifton, NJ l Photo via @eatingwithbeebs

Montclair Diner – Montclair, NJ

Perhaps the most unassuming entry on the list, Montclair Diner serves an incredibly simple burger that is nothing short of amazing. A charbroiled patty and classic toppings makes for a burger that is equal parts nostalgic and delectable. When eating it, you are reminded why hamburgers are one of the most popular foods in the country—and this no-frills embodiment of the classic American food serves that legacy with absolute justice. 

montclair best restaurant

Bacon Jam Gouda Burger from Montclair Diner l Photo via @eatdrinkrally

White Manna – Hackensack, NJ

This slight, roadside shack has been dishing out hamburger sliders for over six decades in Hackensack, NJ. The signature slider at White Manna is a freshly ground beef patty cooked with onions and cheese before being sandwiched in between a steamed Martin’s Potato Bun. It is a classic New Jersey institution, and was highly touted by New Jersey native, the late Anthony Bourdain in his show “No Reservations. 

White Manna in Hackensack, NJ | Photo via @whitemannahamburgers

White Mana – Jersey City, NJ

No, we didn’t accidentally list the same spot twice. In fact, White Mana in Jersey City, NJ is the original Jersey slider joint, and conversations about which spot is best has been the subject of stark debate for years. The truth is, both serve a remarkably similar product, in a remarkably similar atmosphere. That’s because although independently operated today, both were founded within weeks of each other in 1946 by Louis Bridges. One less “n” in the name was not intentional, and instead the result of an error when making the sign. This error stuck, and has served as a distinction between the two ever since. 

jersey city restaurant

White Mana in Jersey City, NJ l Photo by Abby Montanez

The answer to “which is best?” can usually be answered by which site someone grew up on. So, try both, and decide for yourself who serves the best sliders in the state.

The Corner – Montclair, NJ

The corner offers a burger that is seriously good. Reminiscent of NYC’s best steakhouse burgers, The Corner sears a thick all-beef patty on a ripping hot plancha— allowing for a deeply rich, and crispy crust to form on the outside of the burger all while keeping the juices inside. Cheddar cheese, a brioche bun and shoestring french fries round out what is one of North Jersey’s most pleasant burger experiences.

The Corner Burger | Photo via @pete.candia

Diesel and Duke – Multiple Locations

What is now a small empire of New Jersey burger shops, Diesel and Duke in Caldwell, Montclair, and Jersey City has been smashing and serving crave-worthy hamburgers to North Jersey for the better part of a decade.  These thin patties are seared hot and  complete with an ornate edge of crispy beef. Toppings are meant to shine at Diesel and Duke, with burgers like their Holypeño burger which features two freshly cooked beef patties, bacon, aged cheddar, jalapeño, caramelized onions, and spicy mayo.

The Holypeño Burger | Photo by Zack Perl @zackperl

Tierney’s Tavern – Montclair, NJ

Walking into Tierney’s is like walking into a time capsule. The old school decor and cold beers have kept Montclair patrons coming back since 1934, but the hamburgers are equally a reason to travel to this Jersey relic. A thick patty is seasoned and griddled to juicy transcendence before being bestowed upon a toasted bun with cheese making for a rendition of the classic that is unforgettable. This is a burger that brings you back to a simpler time— there’s no other way to put it. For regulars and aficionados alike, there is another burger at Tierney’s worth trying. The Buddy Burger is a burger named after the late great Edward ‘Buddy’ Tierney who passed earlier this year. This off-menu staple features the same classic burger that customers have grown to love, but is griddled with a heaping mound of thinly sliced onions on top. The onions melt into the meat and char on the outside, creating a flavorful and textural masterpiece. Buddy would make this burger for himself, but shared the secret with regulars. Today, it stands as an homage to his hospitality. You won’t see it on the menu, but just ask— they’ll know.

Cheeseburger at Tierney’s Tavern in Montclair, NJ | Photo via @pete.candia

Which of these North Jersey spots do you think has the best burgers? Or did we miss your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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Tierney’s Tavern in Montclair

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White Rose Systems in Highland Park!

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So there are no decent burgers anywhere besides a fifteen mile radius of our state? Clifton, Montclair, Newark….


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