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delaware water gap roadtrip

New Jersey is often overshadowed by its more famous and influential neighbor — New York. But it has its own set of unique photographic gems, from calm sandy beaches to bustling urban landscapes.  

This guide delves into the scenic, the serene, and the streets, highlighting the top places to take pictures in NJ. Whether it is the historic settings that tell tales of yesteryears or the natural escapes that provide a respite from the urban sprawl, New Jersey’s diverse landscapes serve as perfect canvases for your photographic creativity, regardless of your proficiency level. 

Nature Photo Spots

Delaware Water Gap

Delaware Water Gap

The Delaware Water Gap offers photographers a dramatic landscape that can greatly enhance photos with its sheer cliffs, flowing river, and dense forests. The perfect time for a photo shoot in this area is sunset or sunrise. Capture the enlightened sky in full-color vibrancy, reflecting in the river. Experiment with a long exposure while photographing the water surface. If you are a wildlife photographer, focus on the rich flora and fauna of the gap, but remember to treat nature with respect. 

Cape May Point

cape may lighthouse0419-

This city is known for breathtaking ocean panoramas and picturesque lighthouses. Seeking NJ photoshoot locations for portrait or landscape photos, regard Cape May Point’s serene tranquility, especially charming in the diffused morning light. If you are lucky enough to visit the city during the bird migration season, you can add more dynamics to your portfolio.

High Point State Park

High Point NJ

The state’s highest point is perfect for capturing amazing panoramas with admirable landscapes. There is no wrong time to go here. From the lush greenery of summer to the brilliant hues of fall, this location is a stunning backdrop for your creativity, regardless of the season and lighting conditions. 

Batsto Village

Batsto Village

The perfectly preserved 19th-century buildings of Batsto can serve as a great backdrop for history-themed photo sets. It is a lesson in New Jersey’s industrial past, surrounded by emerald forests. The reflections of the historic buildings in the lake make for particularly compelling compositions, especially during the golden hour, uniting natural and human-made beauty.  

Holland Ridge Farms

Holland Ridge Farms

Spanning over 300 acres and boasting a magnificent display of eight million tulips, Holland Ridge Farms beckons as an idyllic spot for springtime adventures. Admission is affordable, granting visitors the chance to hand-pick their favorite blooms and craft bespoke bouquets from the flourishing fields. Alternatively, guests can seize the opportunity to capture stunning snapshots amidst the kaleidoscope of vibrant yellow, pink, and red tulips, providing an enchanting backdrop for memorable photographs.

Locations for Portraits

Princeton University

DSC08226Princeton U

If you are a portrait photographer seeking cool places in New Jersey to take pictures, the Gothic architecture and beautiful gardens of the Princeton University campus work perfectly for a sophisticated fashion photoshoot. The natural light filtering through ancient trees during the golden hours gives your shots a warm, inviting glow, increasing their visual storytelling potential. 

Asbury Park Boardwalk

Asbury Park Grand Arcade

With its colorful murals and ocean backdrop, Asbury Park Boardwalk provides a unique opportunity to capture the essence of New Jersey’s shore culture through vibrant and energetic portraits against the lively urban atmosphere. 

Presby Memorial Iris Gardens

Presby Memorial Iris Gardens

If you visit the Garden State in spring, you will understand that it is named that way for a reason. Blooming irises provide stunning floral settings for your portraits. The gardens’ tranquil ponds and benches allow photographers to set up serene shots that make their models feel relaxed and comfortable, fully enjoying the shooting process. 

Duke Farms

Look Forward Prayerfully

Duke Farms, located in Hillsborough, is a versatile combination of natural and handmade visual elements for stunning portraits. The diverse landscape features everything from intricate sculptures and fountains to expansive gardens and serene lakes. Photographers can find countless nooks ideal for intimate portraits or larger scenes that capture the grandeur of the estate. The site’s commitment to environmental stewardship also ensures a fresh array of seasonal colors and elements.

Places for Urban Shots

Jersey City

Newport Marina

Capture the essence of the bustling metropolitan area by depicting the urban hustle in their work. The cityscape offers a mixture of old and new architecture, vibrant street art, and panoramic views of the Manhattan skyline. The diverse neighborhoods add depth and complexity to your shots. 

Hoboken Waterfront

Pier "C" Hoboken !

When we think of urban photography, Manhattan is the primary place that comes to mind. The Hoboken Waterfront gives you a chance to enrich your portfolio with unique panoramas of this district. Capture the dramatic skyline at sunset or the twinkling city lights at night. This spot is perfect for long-exposure photography, with the city lights reflected in the water.

Ellis Island

Ellis Island Immigration Museum 2

Ellis Island holds a special place in America’s history, allowing photographers to capture the blend of historic contest and striking architecture. Historic buildings against the modern skyline offer opportunities for powerful storytelling in photographs, making it an ideal location for those looking to convey a deeper narrative.

From the tranquil beaches and historical sites to the bustling urban centers and serene parks, it is possible to find photo spots in New Jersey for various photographic needs, genres, styles, and preferences. Whether you seek the natural splendor of the Delaware Water Gap, the academic aura of Princeton University, the historic pathways of Batsto Village, or the urban allure of Jersey City, the Garden State is full of possibilities to enrich your portfolio. Embrace the opportunity to capture these scenes through your lens, and let each photograph tell its own compelling tale of this vibrant state. We encourage you to venture out, explore these recommended spots, and discover even more hidden gems!

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