ScatterBrainz: NJ Couple Creates App to Organize Family Dinners, To-Do’s, and More

by Bridget Mulroy

If you or someone you love is juggling work, life, and the pursuit of happiness, then the following information may be the missing puzzle piece you’ve been looking for.

In 2020, the app now known as the ScatterBrainz App, was started by a couple from New Jersey who identified and isolated a modern elephant in the room: life is hard, and it’s even harder to make time and plan for meal times. In 2024, loved ones struggle to afford the time to enjoy a meal together. 

Al and Noelle Battle were fed up with the daily What’s for dinner call. If you know, you know. Whether you’re a college student, a home health aid, a Wall Street banker, or a stay-at-home mom, the daily question of What’s for dinner is daunting.

Al works in the construction industry, and his wife Noelle is a paralegal; two full-time careers juggled alongside family life. Every day, like clockwork, Noelle would check in and ask the ritualistic question in so many households: “What’s for dinner?” Al is the solutionist dad who has mastered the dinner dilemma by challenging the unnerving question. Noelle says, “Al cracked the nut,” of the daily dinner issue, and “he brought a full buffet of solutions to the table with this app.”

Today, the app is available on both the Apple and Android app markets. ScatterBrainz mitigates and alleviates the daily daunt of meal planning in a way that connects with loved ones in a modernized language everyone understands – even a 5-year-old will get it!

Unlike other meal-planning apps, ScatterBrainz offers a unique and inclusive method of Dinner-Voting for people who want to create an easy and delicious meal but don’t know where to begin. The app is perfect for indecisive couples and families struggling every day between ordering out and preparing a meal.

ScatterBrainz is the only app on the market that unilaterally consolidates time by prioritizing the variables of everyday life – and it’s kid-friendly! With ScatterBrainz, everyone in the home is incentivized to willingly partake in the meal-planning process. In turn, the app crushes the stress that would typically go into thinking about what’s for dinner and has revitalized the age-old tradition of loved ones enjoying a meal together.

The ScatterBrainz App is like a virtual housekeeper. Think of it as the domestic sidekick that works to help you stay on top of groceries, chores, calendars, and more. It’s the game-changer you’ve been waiting for since it prioritizes dinnertime and reduces the frequency of ordering out.

“Think of our app like a Swiss army knife for modern life. It’s our secret sauce for keeping things on track when it feels like we’re all running in different directions. Whether you’ve got kids or not, it’s the glue that keeps us connected and collaborating, because let’s face it, who isn’t busy these days?” – Noelle Battle, Co-Creator of the ScatterBrainz App.

The app is free but offers a subscription option for up to seven people on the same account for $3.99/month. Unlike other family-planner apps, ScatterBrainz focuses on nuanced but crucial tasks of daily life. Since the app’s inception, ScatterBrainz has alleviated the stress of grocery shopping, medication reminders, feeding the dog, and everything in between.

More information on the game-changing ScatterBrainz App and where to find it on the app markets will be detailed below! Website

Apple App Market

Android/Google Play


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