About The Digest

First things first: Print ain’t dead.

The Digest, in inches, is 8.5 x 5.4375, but we try not to think that small. Our first business is telling the stories of other businesses, which can take as few as five words or as many as two hundred — one powerful image or a series of three.

Our second business is producing editorial that raises the stakes and pushes us forward creatively, whether the issue is holiday themed or all about food. The goal is to engage you, make you laugh, and have you disagree with us sometimes. We try to write what you’d like to read right now, not what you’ve read before.

In short, we want to mail you a free magazine that doesn’t feel free.

The Digest staff understands the distance between the printing press and the Internet, how they are worlds apart and still so closely linked. Our company develops and designs websites in addition to publishing magazines. We encourage each of our clients to build a strong online presence as a perfect partner to the printed advertorials we create for them. Though it’s popular to portray the two as enemies, print and web are in this together.

We do all of this creative work in house, and “house” couldn’t be a more apt term for it. There are a dozen people in here, each with a different way of dressing, talking, thinking and living. We bring a small piece of our little world to you every two months with one question in mind: Is this good enough for our readers?

Because we want you to find a bit of yourself in our Digest.

The Digest offers readers a wide variety of content that is local, informative, and engaging. As a staple in the community, each and every issue features our five most requested topics including Food & Dining, Health & Wellness, Lifestyle, Parenting, and Real Estate & Design. Ranging from local culture to fashion, our lifestyle section is the full of that latest brands as well as interviews with local persons of interest. Never miss a beat with the Digest Food and Dining section which includes everything from interviews with local chefs to original recipes. Discover some of the greatest health and wellness programs in the area including fitness studios, gyms, and organic food markets. Hudson County is full of new and expecting parents. Learn about the best schools, daycares, and programs for you and your family. Uncover the area’s best designed homes, and learn about the designers and realtors that make it all possible.

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