Five Must-See Places When Visiting Virginia

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Somewhat overshadowed by other Southern states, the Old Dominion State is a state with all four seasons and with some hidden gems. For nature lovers, Virginia has it all. From unbelievable views of the Appalachian Mountains in the Chesapeake Bay. Speaking of Chesapeake Bay, you won’t believe the unbelievable sightseeing and other attractions you can do. Chesapeake Bay alone is worth visiting at Old Dominion State.

An underrated cultural scene, when you visit Virginia, you’ll experience genuine Southern hospitality and the unique cuisine of that region, where you get to meet and chat about politics and more.

  • Chesapeake Bay

When speaking about Virginia, you have to begin with Chesapeake Bay. Situated between Maryland and Washington D.C., Chesapeake Bay is a natural world wonder that has been a result of naturally rising oceans for more than 10,000 years. As a result, as you go hiking, sailing, or fishing on the pier, you’ll see some truly exotic birds and marine life from different parts of the world.

Because Chesapeake Bay is the heart of Virginia’s tourism and seafood industry, many efforts are being made to restore and preserve it so that wildlife can continue flourishing and remain an integral part of the tourist scene.

  • Colonial Williamsburg

Because Virginia played a significant role in the American Revolution and the Civil War, you’ll find numerous war monuments throughout the state, but none bigger than Colonial Williamsburg. This massive museum features paintings and exhibits that show what life was like during Virginia’s colonial period. The staff at the Colonial Williamsburg Museum even dressed up in attire from that period to give you an up-close look and feel of what it was like for the commoners.

Colonial Williamsburg also has hundreds of building designs from that period, including a mini replica of the Governor’s Mansion, the Peyton Randolph House, and various taverns. There is even a section where you can watch blacksmithing from that period up close. Depending on the time of year you visit Virginia, you might see certain festivals and more people dressed up from that period.

  • Arlington National Cemetery 

Every year, Presidents visit and pay respects to American soldiers who bravely gave their lives for the freedom to visit places like Virginia in luxury. Arlington National Cemetery dates back to 1864, just before the end of the American Civil War. But before being transformed into a military cemetery, its original purpose was to be the home of Confederate General Lee.

Once the Yankees defeated Lee and seized his property, they turned the former mansion grounds into a place to bury their dead in 1864. Today, Arlington National Cemetery’s 600 acres are dedicated to military burials open to the public.

As you travel past the rows of tombstones, be on the lookout for the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, where even those who were nameless and made the ultimate sacrifice are honored. The Tomb is guarded by Marines and the 3rd Infantry Regiment, which is celebrated as The Old Guard.

Beyond honoring the dead from the Civil War, Arlington National Cemetery also has public landmarks for those who perished during World War 2. There is also a center full of Arlington National Cemetery’s exhibits and monuments. 

  • Mount Vernon 

If you want to experience and see firsthand how America’s first president, George Washington, lived, Mount Vernon should be on your visit list. Mount Vernon is along the naturally beautiful Potomac River, the same river that the Washington family sailed during a critical moment in the American Revolution.

The public can visit the interior to admire the breathtaking craftsmanship of Palladian architecture. You can also see the restored antique furniture from that period up close. Outside, you can stroll past the well-manicured gardens and even the wooded paths and gardens. At the Donald W. Reynolds Museum and Educational Center, you can watch exhibits that show how George Washington lived and an insight into his personal life.

  • Bristol Resort and Casino

Even though The Old Dominion is not a big state and online casinos in Virginia aren’t legal, Virginians love to get together at the Bristol Resort and Casino to get together with friends at the bar or over a good meal. Besides the chance of rolling the dice or spinning the roulette wheel, you can get together with friends or by yourself to catch concerts and other live venues.

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