Will Red Bank Become NJ’s Next Big City?

by Bridget Mulroy
Red Bank, NJ

Red Bank, New Jersey has been considered NJ’s greatest city outside of New York City, but why? The region mysteriously draws so many people from NYC, but plot twist: it isn’t a mystery at all. 

People are leaving NYC to fulfill and establish themselves. Whether it’s for their commute, their desire to leave the city for a better life, they are retired, or they simply want to breathe cleaner air. Whatever the reason, it’s no surprise they’re flocking to Red Bank, New Jersey since the region has become a hotspot for people looking for a better life. 

Being a suburb of NYC, Red Bank is a one-hour commute in and out of the City by car. It’s under an hour and a half by train. For people not working in or around the City, it’s safe to say they’re gravitating towards Red Bank for the culture.

This mini City is quite different from New York City when considering buildings, homelessness, square mileage, diversity, and eclecticism. Regardless, Red Bank has become a suburban epicenter for all of the good qualities of NYC. So, when we wonder why Red Bank is pedestaled as New Jersey’s next major city, and juxtaposed to New York City (over cities like Jersey City, Hoboken, Newark, and other populated regions in the state), we can presume the main appeal to Red Bank is that it’s a more respectful, and residential version of New York City.


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The median age of people living in Red Bank is 39 years old. It’s fair to assess that the majority of former New Yorkers currently living in Red Bank had established themselves in New York City before looking for more permanence. When realizing that NYC isn’t as family-oriented as it once may have been considered to be, the sense of community that Red Bank offers has become a sort of Mecca for these people and subsequently incentivized these families to flourish.

It’s no mystery that New York City is not the ideal place to raise children, and many people who grew up in the City now recognize this. Red Bank has proven to be a more prosperous alternative to NYC since it offers the same City charm in its restaurants, coffee shops, shopping and boutiques, celebrities, businesses, parks, and variety. Considering that Red Bank consists of individuals who identify this charm, it drives the community to contribute to the upkeep and reputation of the region.

Interestingly, Red Bank has a history dating back to the Revolutionary War. Much later, after the 1980s, Red Bank rose like a phoenix from an adverse period that would contradict the esteemed notoriety it has today. Red Bank was nicknamed Dead Bank when businesses were forced to shut down due to the overpowering influence of local shopping malls. As time passed, these businesses were driven away. 

With a call to action, the community was revitalized by some of the same families and businesses that held their ground in the 1980s and 1990s. Considering the current respectability of the region, their determination paid off. The efforts that brought Red Bank back to life have set an exemplary standard for communities everywhere who want to stand out.

Red Bank’s rich history is enough to drive anyone to want to check it out. Info about the region, its history, and other info will be linked below.

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