January 2024 Horoscopes: Pluto Enters Aquarius 

by Kaitlyn De Leonardis

On New Year’s Day we wake up feeling surprisingly refreshed, ready to commit to something we wholeheartedly believe in. Mercury stations direct on January 1, and we can start 2024 with a clear mental space. Hopefully we’ve learned to look before we leap, but nonetheless, we are ready to jump into whatever aspirations we are hoping to achieve as hasty Mars enters strategic Capricorn on January 4. We can make great strides indeed, ones that lead to something fresh and shiny under the new moon in Capricorn on January 11. A few days later, Mercury re-enters this abundant-minded earth sign, and we get a second chance at a missed or flopped opportunity. 

The big headline of your January 2024 Horoscopes doesn’t occur until January 20. Aquarius season will be evolutionary, even more so than usual. As the Sun lingers into the sign of the waterbearer, Pluto will follow in its foot-steps. This transit may bring a multitude of changes and advancements in the way of our soul purpose, technology and the way we relate to each other. However, we must not forget our values when starry-eyed Venus twirls into Capricorn on January 23. While we are entering a new era, it’s okay to take some old and cherished things on our new journeys. Our consciousness awakens once again when Uranus comes back online on January 27. The month ends with a solid Jupiter-Saturn aspect, beckoning us to turn our dreams into tangible reality. All and all, 2024 is off to a productive start. 

January 2024 Horoscopes Important Dates:   

Mercury Stations Direct in Sagittarius – January 1

At least we won’t start the year with Mercury in retrograde. The planet that oversees our mental space and processes comes direct in the wise and adventurous sign on Sagittarius. The path ahead seems clear, and our greatest asset is the knowledge we’ve acquired from experience. 

Mars Transits Capricorn – January 4  

The spark that really gets us going. With a go-getter like Mars in its exalted sign of goal-oriented Capricorn we can take a stop-at-nothing approach. Under this transit, we will make some headway when it comes to achieving our dreams. Putting in the leg work now sets the stage for future success.

New Moon in Capricorn – January 11

There is a renewed sense of our aspirations and we may even find a fresh, uncharted path. As the first new moon of the year, this is an ideal time to make an even greater commitment to our personal goals, accolades, or service to humanity. We may be in for a radical surprise as this new moon is in a harmonious and helpful trine to Uranus. 

Mercury Transits Capricorn – January 13 

At this time, we may be revisiting an old goal, project or previously missed opportunity. This is the second time Mercury crosses the threshold of Capricorn and this go-around we are a little smarter, and can repurpose our skills and ideas to fit our current needs. The rest of the month is ideal for formulating strategies for success. 

The Sun and Pluto Transit Aquarius – January 20 

This is a day of renewal, a collective soul cleanse. As the giver of life (the Sun) meets the Lord of the Underworld (Pluto) we are all on the brink of a major transformation. The cycle of death and rebirth may become apparent, but it will take time to understand, unearth and go through a metamorphosis. The next 20 years will have Aquarius undertones. Not only will we reconstruct our power as individual souls, but recognize our strength as a collective and as a society. The duality of uniqueness and unity will emanate from all that we do. This transit will also bring technological advancement and new ways of connecting with each other.

Venus Enters Capricorn – January 23

We may be on the brink of a new era, but we can’t leave our values in the dust. Bright and shiny Venus enters relentless Capricorn, reminding us to set our sights high. It is our commitment to what we believe in and what we stand for that truly sets us apart. 

Full Moon in Leo – January 25 

Big egos need not apply. This may be a personal check-in, but it’s important that we curb any sort of selfish tendencies right now. Our goal should be to encourage and uplift others. If we are only out for ourselves, it could backfire, as this full moon challenges blown-out Jupiter.

Uranus Stations Direct in Taurus – January 27

After all that we’ve been through, the month is likely to end with some sort of awakening or epiphany. The planet of the unexpected, Uranus, is the last to emerge from retrograde leading to an eye-opening experience. This can be rude or profound depending on the situation, but the realizations we come to are likely to have a lasting effect. 


Your imagination is your secret weapon as the new year unfolds. Mercury stations direct on January 1, and your dreams could spark some inspiration. The route you need to take seems clear, and you’re ready to get going when speedy and thorough Mars enters your sign on January 4. What will you do with this energetic boost? Even if you don’t exactly know what you’re doing, take the first step in the week of January 8. Through trial and error, you’ll find some creative solutions or strategies. Don’t be afraid to get innovative. It may be time for a new mindset with the new moon in your go-getter and goal-setter sign on January 11. Your inner dialogue should serve you, not make your head spin. Rewire your brain as Mercury enters your sign on January 13; speak to yourself with kinder language and tones. The power of positive thought could yield some results as Mercury links to Saturn on January 17. Start small and work your way up. The way you handle finances and possessions could undergo a drastic change as the shining Sun kisses transformative Pluto; they both move into boundary-breaking Aquarius on January 20. This may challenge you to get resourceful. You could adopt a minimalist lifestyle, enter entrepreneurship, or even retire from a given profession. Your relationship to and the way you acquire money are about to shift, but don’t forget to dote on yourself as sweetheart Venus enters your sign on January 23. You deserve a little luxury! Watch out for your ego under the full moon in Leo on January 25. Your controlling ways could cause some tension where it’s not wanted; in a romantic relationship or business partnership. As Uranus stations direct a few days later on January 27, you could be hit with a crazy idea or receive some sort of wild invitation. Just go with it! Jupiter and Saturn work in tandem as the month ends, and getting to know the people you interact with on a regular basis will make your interactions more joyful—and the opportunities will come pouring in.


Time might feel a little entangled at present. As Mercury stations direct on January 1, you might reconnect with a group of old friends or colleagues. Forward-moving Mars swiftly moves into wise Capricorn on January 4, minimizing dwelling on nostalgia. While a bit of reflection is acceptable, your focus is primarily on the future. Around January 8, you might feel misunderstood, yet finding the inner drive to persist will be easier than it initially appears. It’s crucial not to give up. The new moon in Capricorn on January 11 brings an ethereal boost; pay heed to any divine messages that might emerge. When Mercury re-enters Capricorn on January 13, trust your gut intuition, that innate sense within you. An opportunity to earn extra money might arise during the week of January 15. Your self-perception or self-relationship is due for a significant overhaul this year. You’ll be learning novel methods to cultivate personal empowerment. The dawn of your season on January 20 welcomes an unforgettable guest. Pluto’s conjunction with the Sun, preceding its residency in your sign, marks the start of a profound metamorphosis. You have the authority to shape who you want to become as Venus glides into steadfast Capricorn on January 23. Avoid seeking validation from others, especially during the full moon in Leo on January 25, as it might backfire and leave you feeling disheartened, even if their intentions are caring. Uranus stations direct on January 27, triggering heightened emotional awareness. You might have a stark realization about a family or home-related matter. Just when you feel thrown off, you’ll discover a path forward as abundant Jupiter showers good fortune on survival-focused Saturn. A touch of organization and luck will guide you through.


The question of who you want to be and what you want to achieve may be at the forefront of your mind as the new year rolls in. Mercury stations direct on January 1, and you might have some solid ideas. By January 4, you could be ready to commit yourself to a higher cause or purpose. Hellbent Mars reaches dedicated Capricorn, and the work you do could be so fulfilling that it actually gives you more energy, rather than depleting it. You’ll probably feel like a power player in the week of January 8, just don’t let it go to your head. They’ll have to adjust to this new side of you, and by the Capricorn new moon on January 11, you may become engaged in achieving your hopes and wishes. You’ll be talking a big game as communicative Mercury arrives at Capricorn’s door on January 13. The coming week is optimal for making opportunistic connections; accept invitations and put yourself in social settings. While you typically tend to be more in tune with the universal frequencies than most, your sixth sense gets some extra juice this Aquarius season. As the confident Sun and life-changing Pluto take the plunge into the water bearer together on January 20, this marks the dawn of a new era. You might experience heightened psychic awareness or be drawn to a new pursuit or purpose. This year will bring you in closer touch with your soul. Be the beacon of light your closest kin need as Venus frolics into Capricorn on January 23. However, you may be feeling under the weather by the full moon in Leo on January 25, so rest and your health should be the top priority. If you take some time to rejuvenate, you’ll probably be ready to get going again when energetic Uranus stations direct on January 27. The month ends with a serendipitous vibe between expansive Jupiter and constructive Saturn. You’ll be content if you can work toward a goal with some like-minded people.


Determined doesn’t even begin to cover it! You’ll start 2024 with your goals in mind. As Mercury stations direct on January 1, use some of that newfound wisdom you may have picked up during the retrograde. As Mars enters stop-at-nothing Capricorn on January 4, bold action is your middle name, but a calculated risk could potentially pay off around January 9, thanks to the influence of radical Uranus. By the new moon in Capricorn on January 11, you could be accepting a new job or promotion. Ask for a little more than you intended or what is offered, and you’ll likely get it. Meticulous Mercury enters the sign of the goat on January 13, and you’re giving boss vibes! You may be taking on more responsibility, and you’ll be ready for it! You could end up meeting a mentor or strengthening a spiritual practice the week of January 15. It will give you the encouragement you need to step up to the plate. Around January 20, the Sun enters Aquarius while in conjunction with progressive Pluto. It is time to transform as you step into a leadership role. This is the dawn of a new era for your image or professional life. You can certainly put on a good face and keep up the pace as vibrant but graceful Venus enters the spotlight of Capricorn. The full moon in Leo on January 25 is the perfect time to let loose and have a roaring good time. You’ve been all business since the year started. If you don’t get wild, you could lose some of your flair! Jovial Jupiter sweetly sextiles serious Saturn, and you might feel like you’ve found your place. There is a greater purpose behind your work, and probably a bigger payday. An influx of cash could come your way as Uranus stations direct on January 27. Don’t go too crazy! Set a celebration budget for the weekend and stick to it. You are thinking long-term so that shouldn’t be too difficult.


Your subconscious comes to light as the new year begins. It’s as if your mental space is reactivated when Mercury stations direct on January 1. You might be looking at your life in a new light, and as Mars rushes into forward-thinking Capricorn on January 4, you could be setting off on a journey or forging a new path. There is an unmistakable confidence to the moves you make, and this could propel you far in a short period of time. Your research and development stage are best started the week of January 9, thanks to an idea-sparking alignment between the Sun and the Great Awakener Uranus. By the new moon in Capricorn on January 11, you might be ready to get the ball rolling. Just remember, the first step is always a shock to the system. You got this! Your mind becomes sharp as a tack as Mercury relocates to Capricorn. Your most valuable tool is all you’ve learned from experience. Strange but fun times may come upon you the week of January 15. Trippy Neptune is sending some good vibes, and collective gatherings can be especially electrifying. A higher purpose is calling your name as Aquarius season begins with the Sun’s arrival on January 20. Several hours later, metamorphic Pluto follows and sets the stage for a year of transformation. A new era of possibility dawns, and you may be in need of a fresh image to present to the world. It is time to elevate your goals. Pay attention to the values that drive you as Venus graces Capricorn with her presence on January 23; this can help you stay motivated. A chill night at home is your best bet for the full moon in Leo on January 25. Give yourself the royal treatment. An idea may hit you out of left field as Uranus stations direct on January 27, but don’t get caught in a thought loop; just take action! The month will end with a strong connection between hyped-up Jupiter and structured Saturn. The more fun you have with work could directly correlate to achievement or success.

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You can start the year with some clear air in a close relationship. Mercury stations direct on January 1; the issues have been discussed, and now it’s time to move forward with a plan. Passion can escalate rather quickly as excitable Mars moves into Capricorn and your house of intimate affairs. Someone you adore might truly inspire you around January 9, leaving you feeling pretty confident this week. The new moon in head-strong Capricorn on January 11 asks you to be brave. You could face a fear that needs conquering. You’re much better off without it as Mercury enters this grounded earth sign on January 13; it was probably subconsciously blocking you. Keep your eyes and ears peeled around January 17; an offer or opportunity could emerge out of nowhere. There’s no doubt that you’re a smart cookie, Gemini. While your brain can hold a boatload of information, you still have much to learn.You might undergo some sort of awakening experience as Aquarius season dawns on January 20. Not only will the Sun venture into this highly conscious sign, but Pluto will also make an entrance. You are relearning how to take in and share information. A few days later, Venus stumbles into Capricorn, reminding you that love is all that matters. Put extra effort into focusing on those you care for. The full moon in Leo on January 25 is a day to be out and about; just be careful of swindlers or schemes. A few days later, on January 27, Uranus stations direct and you might feel out of sorts. Take the time to get organized. The month ends with a blessing from Jupiter and Saturn. You’re certainly going places, but this journey requires some R&R before it can begin.


You’re leaving it all behind in 2023—well, maybe not everything, just those self-sabotaging bad habits as Mercury retrograde comes to an end on January 1. Kick ’em to the curb! Chances are, there’s a special someone you want to pull a little closer. Passion is on the upswing as seductive Mars ventures into your relationship zone on January 4. “Heating up” is an understatement when this lustful planet passes through. Try to see your friends around January 9; your social life is electric, making it a good time to introduce a significant other to the gang. If you’re not on that level yet, you might be by the new moon in Capricorn on January 11. A romantic partner could have a beautiful surprise, or you may be making a stronger commitment. It’s easy to talk to this person as Mercury enters Capricorn on January 13. In a long-term relationship, communication gets smoother and gains an amorous flair. This weekend is made for a hot date! What you might find most enticing is your intellectual connection. Brace yourself for a real eye-opener the week of January 15. Let the love in your life stimulate your mind and evolve your consciousness. Learning to trust isn’t an easy feat, but you’re going to have to do it. Aquarius season tends to be a time of reflection, but this time, it gets disrupted by Pluto, who follows the Sun into this progressive air sign on January 20. It’s time to let life crack you open, come out of your shell, and face your fears; it’s the only way to achieve your heart’s desires. Speaking of which, Venus elegantly steps into Capricorn a few days later to remind you that you are never alone. You always have an ally on your side, so show them your gratitude and love. You may feel especially proud of your savings by the full moon in Leo on January 25, but an out-of-left-field cost could throw you for a loop. At least you’ve got it, and you can always make it back! Uranus stations direct on January 27, challenging you to find new ways to connect with your friends and social circles. If you’re deeply involved in a relationship, there needs to be a better balance with your personal life. The month ends with a potent and helpful Jupiter-Saturn alignment. Your friendships will bring you growth and opportunity as the month closes out, so don’t neglect them!


As the new year unfolds, you’ll likely find yourself getting in touch with your artistic side. Mercury stations direct on January 1, and the inspiration can be intoxicating—if you can get out of your own way. Create without expectation. By January 4, you might feel motivated to live a healthier lifestyle or get into better shape. As hyped-up Mars lights a fire in your Sixth House of Wellness, some clean eating and exercise will increase your overall vitality. Taking care of your body and spirit helps clear your mind. Being a little stricter with yourself puts you in a position to succeed. You may get noticed at work the week of January 8. Around the new moon in Capricorn on January 11, you could be offered a promotion, start a new project, or find the workout regime you love. Whatever it is, it improves your quality of life. You’ll have the chance to get closer to a special someone around January 17. You may be having conversations surrounding beliefs and hopes for the future—serious talks indeed! The kick-off to Aquarius season is a very special one. January 20 marks the start of a new way of relating to the people who are near and dear. As your ruler, the Sun, and evolutionary Pluto move in the sign that represents your closest relationship, important soul connections may come and go, and certain friendships, romantic or business partnerships could experience a shift in power dynamics. Ultimately, this is leading to deeper and more meaningful bonds. Venus enters all-star Capricorn on January 23, and you could use some more self-care in your day-to-day. Right now, you are curating your ideal self. Although the process of self-improvement is never really complete, by the full moon in your sign on January 25, you’ll be on the right track and might even reach a milestone. An important agreement may be part of it as Jupiter shakes hands with Saturn to end the month. When Uranus stations direct on January 27, this could awaken a new level of confidence in yourself.

2023 horoscopes


Speak from your heart! As Mercury stations direct on January 1, your feelings could come out to play, but you’ll be articulating them like the smooth operator you are. Sharing whatever you’ve been keeping under lock and key could lead to an exciting development as Mars barges into no-holding-back Capricorn on January 4. This is a good time to dive into the dating pool or take up a creative hobby. A romantic entanglement could be both spicy and enlightening the week of January 9. A flirtatious fling may turn into the real thing under the new moon in Capricorn on January 11. This is also the perfect evening for a first date. Mercury rushes into this steadfast earth sign on January 13, and you can run away with passion and inspiration for the time being. Your love life is on the upswing, but by the weekend, you might be focused on serious matters. The vital Sun reaches Aquarius and your Sixth House of Work and Wellness on January 20. Followed by bigwig Pluto, you could become obsessed with perfecting your craft or curating the most optimal daily routine. Not so fast! It’s best to take a trial and error approach. You could find you have the artist’s touch as Venus enters Capricorn on January 23. There is so much more to life than the material matters, and the full moon in Leo on January 23 could lead to a spiritual experience. Take a longer look at who you truly are, and you might even have some sort of awakening or epiphany as Uranus goes direct in grounded Taurus on January 27. The month ends with a groovy Jupiter-Saturn aspect, and you might find your interactions are taking on a philosophical nature. 2024 is the year of opening your mind.


2024 is asking you to put yourself out there in an innovative way. Connect with like-minded individuals in your area as Mercury stations direct on January 1. You may get a boost of inner confidence or the energy to tackle chores around the house when fiery Mars enters Capricorn on January 4. Put this renewed sense of drive to good use! A minor situation calls on you to embrace your true grit during the week of January 8. By the new moon in Capricorn on January 11, you get a second wind; it’s all about putting your energy toward achieving stability and comfort. There won’t be a shortage of strategies or routes as fast-thinking Mercury hustles into Capricorn on January 13. You could end up making some sort of secret commitment to yourself during the week of January 15. Sometimes it’s best to not announce what you are working towards. The way you get creative, spend leisure time, or relate to children might undergo a subtle but abrupt change as the brilliant Sun and revolutionary Pluto take the leap into quirky Aquarius on January 20. Whether you are or are becoming a parent, getting involved with youth, or taking on new creative ventures/hobbies— this shift will awaken your inner child. The joy and bewilderment of life take on a little more charm when Venus dances into your heart space on January 23. If you’ve been neglecting your social life, you’ll hear it from your circle around the Leo full moon on January 25. Let them share their compliments, but make an effort to get together and catch up. The wake-up call of Uranus direct on January 27 could help you realize just where your intimate caveats lie. Once you let them go, you might notice that your relationships take on deeper meanings as the month ends with expansive Jupiter on serious Saturn’s good side.


Plotting and scheming as usual, Scorpio? As 2024 kicks off, Mercury comes back online, and you might have more than a few ideas on how to roll in dough this year! Good thing outgoing Mars enters your communal center of Capricorn on January 4. Go forth, network, and make connections. The people you meet now could have bigger roles to play in your progress and success this year. You might become frustrated around January 8, as a lack of resources could feel like your greatest challenge, but some creative thinking will likely be your workaround. The spark of inspiration may come from another perspective, so asking for advice is your friend. By the new moon in Capricorn on January 11, you might receive a small invitation—accept it! You could meet an influential player in your grand scheme. You’ll be all about getting to the nitty-gritty and formulating a plan for success once Mercury graces Capricorn with its presence on January 13. This gives you the ability to take old skills and repurpose them for your current goals. Clear your schedule as best you can for the week of January 15; you’ll need plenty of time for creative exploration as the Sun aligns with mysterious Neptune. Home might begin to take on a new meaning as both the Sun and your ruler Pluto transgress into innovative Aquarius on January 20. Everything from your relationship to family, to the way your household functions, is in for a massive overhaul. As a fixed sign, it is often difficult to embrace change, but this transformation will teach you how. You might benefit from a short trip as Venus wanders into Capricorn on January 23; sometimes getting away from it all helps you recognize what you truly value. Don’t get down on yourself if you feel you are just shy of a milestone under the full moon in Leo on January 25. You’ve gained so much through experience; keep pushing on. An unexpected ally could come to your side as surprising Uranus stations direct in loyal Taurus on January 27. The month ends with a steady Jupiter-Saturn influence, reminding you that love and meaningful relationships are what matter the most.


With a renewed sense of focus, you can start the year off on the right foot. Mercury stations direct in your sign on January 1, bringing some surprising mental clarity. By the time Mars enters go-getter Capricorn on January 4, you’ve got enough drive to go the extra mile. What you’re after may be more than material gain; you’re probably looking for a sense of fulfillment. Around January 8, you are ready to devote yourself to a project. If you can get over the initial hump of getting started, you can accomplish a lot by the new moon in Capricorn on January 11. Taking care of your resources and atmosphere increases your productivity as Mercury enters Capricorn. The week of January 15 may have you feeling like a recluse, but spending time at home and with family will be more satisfying than any grand adventure. Speaking of which, you’re about to embark on one as both the vibrant Sun and regenerative Pluto move into Aquarius and your Third House of Immediate Environment and Community. You’ll begin to explore new ways to relate to the people around you. You could even be rediscovering your local neighborhood or researching new places to potentially move. By January 23, loving Venus travels into Capricorn and puts you in a luxurious mood. You may have a taste for the finer things. And why not? You deserve the royal treatment every now and then. However, beware of frivolous behavior under the full moon in Leo on January 25. Getting caught up in the belief that it’ll all go your way could produce a regrettable outcome. Uranus stations direct in sustainable Taurus on January 27, and you might need to pay more attention to your health. Practicing mindful eating, getting proper exercise, and prioritizing your overall well-being should have you feeling revitalized in no time. Improving your habits can become a gesture of self-love as Jupiter lends a helping hand to Saturn to end the month. This can help you solidify a routine for the long haul.

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