December 2023 Horoscopes: Mercury Retrograde & Jupiter Direct

by Kaitlyn De Leonardis

We need to get out there in the hustle and bustle while we still can! What appears to be a swift and easy-going holiday season could go off the rails in just a couple weeks’ time. Of course, Mercury retrograde is to blame but that’s not all your December 2023 horoscopes have in store. 

Before the mischievous messenger planet goes offline, lovey-dovey Venus moves into moody Scorpio on December 4, heightening our emotional sensitivity. Far-out Neptune stations direct in boundless Pisces on December 6, causing a mix of both confusion and clarity. Last but not least, there is a bold new beginning waiting for us around December 12 with the new moon in Sagittarius. Finally, Mercury stations retrograde on December 13 in determined Capricorn, and its journey will find the planet back in adventurous Sagittarius on December 23. 

There is an important piece of the puzzle we are missing. It requires our attention and to work at a slower pace to reach a resolve. The full moon in Cancer on December 26 is an ideal time to relax and gather with the people we love. There is a sense of being at home before we venture out into the cold world once more. Just when it seems like it is all too much, a blessing comes through as bright and abundant Jupiter stations direct on December 30. There is so much to be thankful for—the year may be ending, but we are just getting started. 

December 2023 Horoscopes Important Dates:     

Mercury Transits Capricorn – December 1

The planet of communication and mental processes may be in its pre-retrograde shadow but we can still rely on our wisdom. It’s also smart to have a plan, along with the flexibility to alter course if needed. It may help to have multiple avenues or strategies, as we are likely to encounter some roadblocks on the route to success with the upcoming retrograde.

Venus Transits Scorpio – December 4

As Venus enters the emotional waters of Scorpio our feelings may be at a peak. Venus is at fall here because our passions and desires can easily overtake us. We must remain mindful to not become obsessive, as this can be a drawback of this transit. On the flipside, we have a stronger connection to the core of our hearts and the root of our emotional needs. Intuition around love and romance could also be scarily accurate. We are making long-lasting bonds and that is not an easy process.

Neptune Stations Direct in Pisces – December 6

Neptune transits can make things a little nebulous or heady. While we will ultimately find clarity in the coming days, we are better equipped to navigate through the fog and uncertainty. We are learning to trust our guts, the part of us that already knows. 

2023 horoscopes

New Moon in Sagittarius – December 12

We are all embarking on a brand new adventure in our personal lives. For some it’s professional, others romantic or even some sort of profound internal shift. Whatever it is, it’s new territory, and we all could use a dose of that infamous “Sagittarius courage” to take the leap.

Mercury Stations Retrograde in Capricorn – December 13 

There is a need to stop and regroup. If we don’t, we’ll just continue on a path to nowhere. This period is about recognizing and repairing the holes in our grand scheme. Of course our plans aren’t perfect, but there is still something we need to understand. We must take the time to ensure we’ve got the bigger picture just right. Typically Mercury Retrograde annoyances and frustrations can be expected. An undelivered email, a missed train—we will still get to where we are going. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Sun Transits Capricorn – December 21

The time of the Goat has arrived. We may all be feeling motivated to end the year with a bang and start things off on the right foot. This can be an especially good time to review and reconnect with our goals. 

Retrograde Mercury Transits Sagittarius – December 23 

As Mercury moves back into Sagittarius, we are all correcting our courses. Perhaps a belief doesn’t align with what we are trying to accomplish. Maybe we are taking the wrong route to achieve our aspirations. A new or different perspective could make a world of difference! We just have to take a look.  

Full Moon in Cancer – December 26

Home really is where the heart is. This is prime time to cherish our gatherings with family, friends and loved ones. The lunation adds some extra cozy vibes to the holiday season—be sure to get your fill. 

Venus Transits Sagittarius – December 29 

The Goddess of Love and Beauty in the sign of the nomad-wanderer means we are ready for just about anything as the year draws to a close. We can look at life as one big adventure as we set off on a new journey. The unexplored, different and exotic could become extremely attractive. We are yearning for new experiences and new wisdom to unfold. 

Jupiter Stations Retrograde in Taurus – December 30 

The year will definitely end on a high note, as expansive and jovial Jupiter emerges from retrograde in resourceful and deserving Taurus. With the planet of good luck and fortune moving forward, things may be looking up. If we are able to center ourselves in gratitude, opportunities will keep coming our way. If we show the Universe we are content and can make use of what we have, we prove that we can handle more.


Feeling both the hype and renewal of your own season, you’ll probably be ready to get to business as imaginative Mercury enters the material realm of Capricorn. Money is your motivation, and you might even pick up some odd jobs to help you through the holiday season. You’ll have no problem finding people in need of your services as Venus descends into the depths of Scorpio. While you feel connected to your community, you also really want to help. Even if you aren’t looking to make a buck, you should consider volunteering. Giving a little more than you get could be good for you as Neptune stations direct on December 6. It is emotionally fulfilling to be selfless and you may want to stay involved in a specific cause or charity. In the following days, your attention could shift to your health. It’s a good idea to hit the gym and get those endorphins pumping. Take some time to focus on yourself under the new moon in your sign on December 12, this is your very own personal renewal— you get to decide who you want to be in the world. On the following day Mercury stations retrograde and your budget isn’t stretching as far as you’d like. You might need to cut back on spending. Take the pressure off and do something for your personal wellness around December 18. Capricorn season starts on December 21, and this time of year is always about celebrating what you value the most. Not everything will be perfect, especially when Mercury retrogrades back into your sign on December 23. Look at the imperfections as an opportunity for growth, and focus on what really matters: Love. You may have a touching encounter with someone under the full moon in Cancer on December 26. This could be a significant other or close relative, but allow yourself to fully enter your heart space. Let the trivial worries and tasks fall to the wayside—put your energy into relaxing and gathering with loved ones. You may want to spice up your look when Venus enters your sign on December 29. Do anything that will boost your confidence and make you feel like a million bucks! As Jupiter stations direct on December 30 to end the month and year, you must think long haul. Make your own vitality a priority and everything else falls into place. 

december horoscopes


They might as well call you the master of accomplishments! As quick-thinking Mercury enters your sign on December 1, your brilliant mind could go into overdrive. There is no to-do list that you can’t handle. While you are all business, your social life could use some attention as Venus sneaks into Scorpio on December 4. This time of year is all about the joy of connection. As Neptune emerges from retrograde on December 6, you might be in search for a sense of community. Get involved in a local cause or volunteer to help out with your neighborhood’s holiday events—it could be more fun than you think!  The new moon in Sagittarius on December 12 might prompt you to take a step back. You need to relax and this is particularly a good time to explore new methods of rejuvenation. You must beware of burnout as Mercury stations retrograde on the following day. Taking on too much is the fastest way to run yourself into the ground. Take some time off of work around December 18, it might do you some good. You’ll want to feel refreshed for your season, which starts on December 21. While your energy levels rise, it’s still smart to move at a slower pace. Retrograde Mercury hastily runs back into Sagittarius on December 23, and you could easily overlook some important details. Spend the full moon in Cancer on December 26 with someone extra special. The magic of the holidays is sharing the love in your heart. Venus takes a great leap into Sagittarius on December 29, and you should use the end of the year to relish in what you have accomplished. As Jupiter goes direct the following day, it is indeed time to celebrate. This calls for a blow-out New Year’s Eve bash! Afterall, no one deserves it like you do.


Daydreaming a little more than usual is that much more enticing than reality nowadays. This is likely the result of imaginative Mercury in your mystical realm ruled by Capricorn. It’s okay if you want to spend some time in your mind’s eye, curating your perfect life. Venus twirls into dynamic Scorpio on December 4 and reminds you that success is for the dreamers. You’ll probably have to snap back to reality as nebulous Neptune stations direct on December 6. There may be something you overlooked in your finances, and it requires greater attention or investigation. If this seems too insurmountable to do on your own, ask a family member for help. You may be introducing yourself to a new group of people around the new moon in Sagittarius on December 12. Whether you are starting a job or joining a club, new peers and an unfamiliar environment is always a shock to the system. As Mercury stations retrograde on the following day, navigate this situation with some caution. You don’t have to walk on eggshells, just tune into your inner knowing and wisdom. Capricorn season begins on December 21 and it is time to take a step back. Focus on your home and family for the holidays—nothing else really matters at the moment. When Mercury backtracks into Sagittarius on December 23, you could hear from some old friends. ‘Tis the season for reconnecting! Under the full moon in Cancer on December 26 you may become more health conscious—don’t be afraid to try a home detox to replenish, a spa could also be in the cards. As Venus enters brave and bold Sagittarius on December 29, you might begin to feel at home in a new environment. The whimsical cheer of celebration is infectious at the end of the month. As Jupiter stations direct on December 30, you can move forward with rock solid inner confidence, and that is the best gift of all. 


It’s the time of year to gather with friends and they might come calling! Messenger planet Mercury makes a beeline for Capricorn and your social Eleventh House on December 1. You can expect your inbox to be flooded with holiday party invitations. Someone you encounter could turn you on to a new topic of interest, and you may have a lot of fun exploring as Venus drifts into know-it-all Scorpio on December 4. You could notice an increase in your certainty and overall intuition as your ruler Neptune stations direct on December 6. How will you use your newfound superpower? You might recieve the opportunity to get ahead in your chosen career path under the new moon in Sagittarius on December 12. Whether it’s a new occupation or promotion, you are going places! Be careful about what you say and to whom, Mercury stations retrograde on the following day and your statements can easily be taken out of context. Being extra cautious saves you some unnecessary drama later on. Capricorn season dawns on December 21 and your kinship becomes uber important. Let go of all other matters and focus on the people you love the most. As Retrograde Mercury regresses back into Sagittarius on December 23, you should stay silent about your upcoming plans. Getting other people involved might end up disrupting your process. Do something that you fully enjoy under the full moon in Cancer on December 26. This lunation is beckoning you to play and experience the joy of the moment. You find the magic of the season by connecting to your inner child. You may have a packed and busy schedule as the month draws to a close. Venus takes a bold step into Sagittarius on December 29, so start organizing your goals for the up-coming year. Jupiter stations direct on the following day and it’s okay to take action toward them, even if the plan isn’t all mapped out. Everyone is still caught-up in the merry measure, and that just means you’re one step ahead of the game.      


Whatever it takes!  You are going all in on the climb to the top when energetic Mercury dances into go-getter Capricorn on December 1. Especially concerned with your goals, as Venus ventures into magnetic Scorpio on December 4 you are running on a dream and desire! This can be a good week to network and connect with power players in your industry. Just be mindful of your substance intake as Neptune gets going around December 6. You don’t want to be the fool or that person; after all, you’re on a mission. You could come across a big opportunity with a lucrative payout by the week’s end. The new moon in adventurous Sagittarius on December 12 opens your mind to what’s possible. Start an affirmation routine or adopt a fresh personal belief. Mercury stations retrograde on the following day and whatever you are working on or toward may require patience and review. It could feel like you’re in the weeds until Capricorn season kicks off on December 21. You gain a moment of clarity as Mercury interacts with the brilliant Sun, before jumping back into Sagittarius on December 23. There appears to be more material to learn. Take a break and gather with family for the holidays. The full moon in Cancer on December 26 may be an especially heart-warming time. A daring bold nature takes over as Venus runs into fearless Sagittarius on December 29—now you’re really unstoppable! Jupiter stations direct on December 30 and you might receive a large pay-day or holiday bonus to close out the year. The only thing to concern yourself with is how and with whom will you celebrate?

December 2023 horoscopes


Things are about to get interesting! The month begins on curious note as Mercury enters big-picture Capricorn and your realm of wisdom on December 1. A particular topic could have you captivated, and you might even find yourself connecting with people all across the world in your research. By December 4, Venus enters the emotional depths of Scorpio and your sector of close relationships. Focus on the relationships closest to you. You may walk the fine line between idealism and realism as Neptune stations direct on December 6. When it comes to achieving your ultimate dreams, there has to be the right balance. The new moon in Sagittarius on December 12 has a different vibe. This night was made for one-on-one and intimate interactions. Stimulating conversations can lead to other things, and you may have quite the adventurous spirit. Mercury goes retrograde in Capricorn on the following day—you’ll probably find yourself looking at your core beliefs from a different angle. The week of December 17 was made for socializing, as your network could have some important insight. You can really open your mind to new possibilities as the Sun parades into Capricorn on December 21. You gain a moment of clarity as the Sun and Mercury meet for a Cazimi the next day, before the mischievous messenger backtracks into Sagittarius on December 23. If you need to say something important, the full moon in Cancer on December 26 may be the time to do it. You’ll find yourself craving more privacy as the month draws to a close. Venus enters fiery Sagittarius and your intimate Eighth House on December 29—you can take a romantic affair to a deeper level.  Jupiter stations direct in your sign to close out the year, reminding you that you are abundant. You’ll achieve anything you put your mind to, the first step is believing in yourself.


You might become obsessed with getting to the core truth of things! Mercury takes up space in determined Capricorn on December 1. This is the weekend you might dive deep into your research. On December 4, Venus moves into sugar-and-spice Scorpio and livens up your typical routine. You could use a little fun and enjoyment in your day-to-day. If you take some time out for leisure, you might have a major breakthrough by the time Neptune stations direct in intuitive Pisces on December 6. Around this time, you could also gain clarity on your direction in life. While you may be gung-ho to reach a goal, the following days are actually ideal for relaxing and taking it easy. Sparks could fly under the new moon in bold Sagittarius on December 12. A fresh start in your relationship realm, you could be entering a partnership or feeling a renewed sense of romance. This is an ideal period to review how you approach and treat intimacy, as Mercury stations retrograde in idealistic Capricorn on the following day The next few days are great for forging a deeper connection through the art of conversation. You’ll be ready to go all in as the Sun enters committed Capricorn on December 21, but the stars say hold your horses. Whether this is business or romance, there is still something you need to understand about your prospective partner as Mercury jumps back into Sagittarius on December 23. Take a moment to express your gratitude for how well things are turning out. The full moon in Cancer on December 26 is a time to humble yourself. Things might also heat up in a sexy affair, a greater commitment might be made as Venus ventures into brave-hearted Sagittarius on December 29. While you sit on top of the world, you might still feel small. Jupiter stations direct on December 30 and there is quite a magnificent journey ahead. 


You are in hot demand this season! Mercury nestles into serious Capricorn and your Seventh House of Close Relationships—everyone wants a piece of you! Expect to be hearing from friends and family. On December 4, Venus dives into Scorpio and this is especially delicious for your romantic life. You could be feeling extra fun and flirty, which fairs well if you’re actively dating or in a relationship. Neptune stations direct on December 6, and your higher mind is activated. Immerse yourself in a daily spiritual routine. Spend the upcoming weekend with someone you admire for their wisdom, you can pick up a lot. Your day to day may be in for a drastic make-over under the new moon in Sagittarius—peaking on December 12. You could get some more freedom in your schedule or begin a new wellness regime. Mercury stations retrograde on the following day, and there may be some communication issues to work through in your relationships. Ask yourself this: How can you make improvements? As the revitalizing Sun enters ambitious Capricorn on December 21, you’ll have the stamina to socialize and strengthen your closest bonds. A few days later, Mercury backtracks into Sagittarius, so scheduling could get a bit tricky. Be sure to double check and confirm your holiday plans. The full moon in your sign on December 26 is beckoning you to treat yourself. Take the day off and have a “me day.” You can accomplish a colossal amount of work over the coming days if you don’t get too lost in your own head. Venus moves into Sagittarius on December 29, inspiring you to add some joy and creativity to your everyday life. You might pick-up a new hobby or revisit an old one. As Jupiter stations direct on December 30, it’s time to think about networking. How can the people you know help you get ahead? Come out of that shell, 2024 looks like an interactive!


You’re typically the star of the show, but as of December 1, you officially become the taskmaster. Mental Mercury zips into hard-working Capricorn on your Sixth House of Chores and Responsibilities. You can handle all the fine details and nuances like a pro. On December 4, Venus leaps into Scorpio, and you might be in the mood to get cozy at home. You could also find yourself connecting more with family. As Neptune stations direct on December 6, you should reach out to an elder you respect. Their wisdom may be an asset in the near future. If you are tired of doing the same old things for fun, you’ll probably feel called to explore some new hobbies under the new moon in Sagittarius on December 12. You don’t have to go at it alone. Instead, ask someone you adore to join in on an adventurous activity. The hustle and bustle of the holiday season might start to get to you as Mercury stations retrograde on December 13. Don’t panic, just move at a slower pace or double check you work. Beware of simple mistakes. You might be disheartened or even shocked to find out you don’t have the support of someone close around December 20, but as the Sun bursts into strong-willed Capricorn on the following day, you can use that as motivation. You love proving people wrong. Just a few days later on December 23, neurotic Mercury back-tracks into bold and fearless Sagittarius. A leisure activity could be using up more of your energy and resources than planned—you may have to make a lifestyle adjustment if you wish to continue pursuing something. Do take some time to chill out and do nothing under the full moon in Cancer on December 26. After all the festivities and socializing you deserve a moment to decompress. As the year and month draw to close, you can focus on what you love doing most, creating and celebrating!  Venus takes a trip into Sagittarius on December 29, you’ll likely be overcome with joy, let your inner child is free to play. When you are in this space, you become an unstoppable force. Set some goals as Jupiter stations direct on December 30, you’ll be surprised by what you’re truly after. 

 2023 horoscopes


Loosen and liven up a bit, Virgo! It’s the end of the year and work can wait for 2024. Your ruler Mercury dances into Capricorn on December 1 and you need to put some fun and festivities on your calendar. You might find you’ve become the life of the party as Venus dips into Scorpio on December 4. There is magnetism to your aurora, and you’ll probably have some warm words of encouragement for those who cross your path. There may be some confusion in a close relationship as Neptune comes back online December 6. As you try to navigate your way through the fog you’ll eventually find some clarity with them. It might just be a matter of reviewing your boundaries. There’s an exciting fresh start at home by the time the new moon in Sagittarius arrives on December 12. Embrace this beginning, whether you are moving, renovating or adopting a pet. You could find that one of your favorite pastimes has lost its appeal as Mercury stations retrograde on December 13. It may be time to explore some new ways to destress. As Capricorn season arrives on December 21, there is more importance placed on leisure. If you don’t take the time to wined down, you are going to run yourself into the ground. As Retrograde Mercury takes a step back into Sagittarius on December 23, you may have to revisit a family issue. Working through the problems once and for all helps make the season that much brighter. The full moon in Cancer on December 26 is an excellent time to get the gang together. Show some love to your non-blood related family. Sharing time with people closest to you hits on a different level as Venus rushes into happy-go-lucky Sagittarius on December 29. Take a moment to commemorate just how much you’ve learned and gained this year as Jupiter goes direct. The journey has not been easy, but there has been a lot of personal growth, and that is priceless. 


You might feel like talking through your feelings as the month gets underway. Mercury takes up space in wise Capricorn, and you’ve got to let it out. Whether it’s tied to your emotions or how you’d like to decorate the house, it’s impossible to hold back as fancy-free Venus grooves into Scorpio and your Second House of Value on December 4. You could become obsessive about achieving your desires. Then Neptune stations direct on December 6 reminding you to take a chill pill. When you move in a relaxed state you can accomplish more and pick-up on the finer details. Spend the next couple of days with some close companions, they’ll help you feel secure and confident. The new moon in Sagittarius on December 12 brings a bold change to your local environment. Whether you’re moving homes, or the neighborhood is simply changing— embrace the fresh start. You must learn to find stability within, especially when mental Mercury stations retrograde on December 13. You’ll never accomplish anything if you keep letting the external factors get in your way. You may experience an uptick in your overall confidence as the center-stage Sun progresses into goal-oriented Capricorn on December 21. There is a fire in your heart and newfound certainty in your soul. As backtracking Mercury transitions into Sagittarius on December 23 you can create a success plan for the coming year. The full moon in Cancer on December 26 is prime time to refine and define your goals. Venus gifts you with the charisma and passion to go out there and make it happen, as she enters restless Sagittarius on December 29. Look at the pursuit of your aspirations as the ultimate adventure. The final days of the year are meant to be spent with someone you love. A one-on-one New Year’s Eve celebrations may be best. As Jupiter stations direct on December 30, save your money and resources, but grow in your love and strong connection. That is truly ending the year on an abundant note. 


You may find that you’ve suddenly morphed into a chatterbox. The planet of communication, Mercury, dips into Capricorn and your expressive zone on December 1. You won’t be spewing nonsense, as you have a great wisdom to unload, but you won’t fully lay down your walls until Venus enters your sign on December 4. You are now officially a power player. As Neptune stations direct in sensitive Pisces on December 6 you could feel the need to explore some new leisure activities. The same old thing may have lost its luster and shine. The next couple of days fare well for a close relationship and you’ll probably find yourself spending more time with that one special person. The new moon in Sagittarius on December 12 is an excellent evening to review your budget and set some financial goals. As Mercury stations retrograde on December 13, you may have to cut back on spending when it comes to those final gifts. Capricorn season kicks off on December 21 and you can expect to be attending a good amount of holiday functions. As Retrograde Mercury does a tailspin into Sagittarius on December 23, don’t go crazy with your contributions—a small but thoughtful offering to the hosts will do! You may find yourself connecting with an elder under the full moon in Cancer on December 26. The advice they offer could come handy in the near future. As Venus hightails it into Sagittarius on December 29, you are all about securing the bag. You may even be cooking up some side-hustle ventures for 2024. One thing is for sure, and that is you can’t do it alone. Jupiter stations direct on the following day, and if you aren’t in a business partnership—or in the middle of starting one, you’ll still need an ally by your side. Success is always sweeter when it is shared. 

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