May 2023 Horoscopes: Jupiter Enters Taurus

by Kaitlyn De Leonardis
May 2023 Horoscopes

This is a month to make some moves and take action. As above, so below as Pluto stations retrograde on May 1, leading to a period of deep and powerful introspection. Just a few days later, this all-consuming planet’s home sign of Scorpio hosts a full moon lunar eclipse on May 5. We must release something or put it to rest. And that’s just the start of it! Your May 2023 Horoscopes also feature the end of Mercury retrograde through methodical Taurus and Jupiter’s entrance into this abundant earth sign.
Steady growth awaits and starts with the new moon in Taurus on May 19. It’s a good thing Mars moves into the dramatic and charismatic Leo the following day. We’re all feeling the fire to get out there and make our dreams a reality. Gemini Season always keeps things interesting, and this kicks off on May 21. It may be a topsy-turvy world, but at least for now, we can enjoy the ride.

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May 2023 Horoscopes: Important Dates

Pluto Retrograde in Aquarius – May 1

If we truly want to make our way in the world, we have to take a harder look at our core truths. That is what the planet of death and rebirth is trying to show us. We will soon unearth what we thought we knew about ourselves as Pluto will reverse back into Capricorn. We may redefine what success means and looks like to us, which is an integral part of our journey. Pluto will be retrograde until October 11, 2023, and finishes out this year in the realm of the wise Sea Goat. There is still much to learn in terms of achievement.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio – May 5

The truth comes out, and secrets are exposed as the full moon lunar eclipse peaks in deeply curious Scorpio on May 5. This lunation is in a tight square to Black Moon Lilith, and if we don’t fess up, we may be found out in a less controlled manner. What we wish to disclose could feel taboo, but facing the fear of judgment is liberating and leads to stronger foundations in our relationships.

Venus Transits Cancer – May 7

As the planet of love and beauty swings into soft and nurturing Cancer, we are all starting to care on deeper levels. This transit tends to bring out the motherly qualities in many, wanting to take care of something; be it a person, creative project or pet. We can harness our power to foster and grow.

Mercury Stations Direct in Taurus – May 14

Budgets are set, accounts are rectified and all resources are accounted for. It’s full steam ahead from here on out as operations are back up and running as Mercury stations direct in material-minded Taurus. Hitting snags teaches us some beneficial lessons, now we can move past it and put what we’ve learned to good use. Even mistakes have their value.

Jupiter Transit Taurus – May 16

All mighty Jupiter makes a power move into Taurus, the earth sign of security, abundance and self-worth. These themes may show up in our personal or professional lives. This can be a great time to grow a seed of your own creation, be it a business or project. Hard work and steady determination pay off with this transit.

New Moon In Taurus – May 19

A time to step into our unique values and self-worth. This can be a confidence boost or renewal for many and a time to set goals when it comes to achievement and material gain. We are indeed deserving of security and luxury in life. This can be a good time to look at our core values and ensure they align with our everyday actions.

Mars Transit Leo – May 20

Excessive Mars burst into flamboyant Leo, and it’s here to turn up the theatrics. What’s life without a little drama? We all may be craving more action and entertainment in our daily lives. It really is just our perspective that needs to change. We can approach even the most mundane task with enthusiasm and energy. This can be an ideal time to put our creative projects or side hustle out there as it is perceived well.

Sun Transits Gemini – May 21

The Sun grooves into Gemini and we all fall under a spell of mysterious wonder. Our curiosity is heighted, as we feel a greater need to gather and exchange ideas. This is the real and true zest of life, connecting to the people we share our day with, creative hits of inspiration and aha-moments. This is the bright and whimsical energy of Gemini season.

horoscopes 2023

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Are the people in your life helping or hindering your success? It may take a while to come to a conclusion as Pluto stations retrograde on May 1. Starting this month you’ll start to review your social life with a fine tooth comb. An agreement or contract may come to an end around the full moon lunar eclipse on May 5. This situation could feel a bit confusing but it can also be freeing. You’ll be able to devote more time to something that truly matters. Venus swims into sentimental Cancer on May 7, and spending more time with family is a good place to start. Financial matters should begin to improve the week of May 14, Mercury exits retrograde as Jupiter enters abundant-minded Taurus. The rest of the year may be extremely lucrative. It is a favorable time to start a new job or business venture. Look out for an offer or opportunity around the new moon in Taurus on May 19. The following day Mars grooves into fiery and fun Leo, and it’s not all about work and business. Make sure you pepper in plenty of pleasurable activities in the coming weeks. The Sun moves into Gemini on May 21 and your local environment might suddenly become a little more lively. As the Sun sextiles Mars, you could even feel inspired to get involved. At the end of the day, it’s about sharing your light with those around you.


The more you advance in your professional sphere, the more there is to learn. Pluto stations retrograde on May 1, offering you the chance for some immense growth. This nearly six-month transit will be a time when you commit to a direction and work on your skills. A friendship might fall apart under the full moon in Scorpio on May 5. You have no time or patients for wishy-washy people, and you’re probably better off in the long run. Venus moves into warmhearted Cancer on May 7 and you’re more than happy with the people by your side. The love and support you receive might be surprisingly stabilizing. Mercury stations direct in your sign on May 14, and this may feel like a second wind. Just two days later, on May 16, Jupiter makes a grand entrance into your First House of Self, making you a magnet for good fortune. Your goals still seem far out of reach, but there will be a noticeable upgrade to your confidence and personal power. You’ll feel this by the new moon in your sign on May 19. Take this chance to really define the new you. Ambitious Mars moves in flamboyant Leo the following day and your emotional realm could get spicey. Have fun while you express yourself authentically. You’ll become more impulsive and prone to acting on passion, especially when the Sun moves into Gemini on May 21. It’s all aligning for you, Taurus. Keep moving forward.


Slow your roll this month, Gemini. You’re in your Twelfth House zone of rest and relaxation. Pluto stations retrograde on May 1, This might not be felt right away, but you’ll start to explore your higher self and spiritual beliefs. The full moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio on May 5 might have you passing on invitations to chill out and do your own thing. It’s a great time to make a commitment to wellness. Venus moves into attentive Cancer on May 7, and you might be working on attaining some passive income or a new project. You’ll likely maintain a good workflow this week, but you’ll benefit from taking frequent breaks. On May 14, Mercury ends its retrograde, as Jupiter enters laidback Taurus two days later. Some peace and quiet might help you feel guided as you connect to your inner knowing. This marks the start of a broader journey in learning to trust yourself. The new moon in Taurus on May 19 could usher in a beautiful new beginning, but others are quick to project their beliefs onto you. Mars enters Leo the following day and makes you courageous enough to stand your ground— with a fiery flair. You’ll feel more like yourself again as the Sun takes up residence in your sign on May 21, revitalized and ready to tackle whatever’s on your plate. Do watch your spending habits towards the end of the month, Mars squares and Jupiter and you may be more impulsive with your money, save it for a rainy day.


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This month, you can start getting to the root of any relationship or intimacy issues. Pluto stations retrograde in your elusive Eighth House on May 1, and you’ve got some internal discoveries to make in the coming months. As the Sun catches up to Mercury, you may be particularly focused or involved in social life. There could be a big event around the full moon lunar eclipse on May 5, and you might reconnect with an old circle. Venus graces you with her charm as she enters your sign on May 7. You’ll have an alluring way about you, which could draw some interesting people your way. You’ve learned alot about networking over the last couple of weeks, as Mercury retrograde ends on May 14. It’s time to apply it. Jupiter enters your friendship sector on May 16, and gives you ample opportunities to bond with the right people. You may have a chance encounter under the new moon in Taurus on May 19. Even if you initially have some doubts, this is the right place, right place sort of deal. Seiz anything that comes your way when Mars enters Leo on May 20. Putting in the work now will begin to reap its benefits soon. While you may be particularly busy this spring, the Sun’s entrance into Gemini on May 21 asks you to hit pause. Take a moment to enjoy the journey. Some R&R might be your top priority as the month draws to a close.


This month, you’ll pay great attention to how your relationships fit into your daily life. There may be a need for adjustment as Pluto stations retrograde on May 1. At this time your thinking can take on idealistic nature, as the Sun joins Mercury at the top of your chart. There is nothing wrong with wanting it all and the lunar eclipse in Scorpio on May 5 may be the perfect moment to reset your driving force. While you may be revved up and ready to go, Venus moves into your Twelth House of Rest on May 7, a rejuvenating getaway may suit you well. Any uncertainty you faced in your career might dissipate as Mercury stations direct on May 14. Jupiter takes a step into greatness aka your Tenth House on Noteririty a few days later and you may stumble upon some sort of lucky break. The new moon in Taurus on May 19 thrust you into the spotlight this week. With all eyes on you, Mars enters your sign on the following day, and you’re more than happy to put on a show. This might amp up your ambition and fiery nature, just in time, as the Sun to enter Gemini on May 21. It’s a great time to do a little shameless self-promotion. Start a word-of-mouth campaign about what you’re trying to accomplish and things should take off. Don’t be so strict with yourself, as the Sun gets into it with Saturn around May 27. Instead of dwelling in your inhibitions, try to work through them.


You may start to wonder if you’re living right. Pluto stations retrograde on May 1 and brings your daily routine into question. Do you truly enjoy it, or do you just distract yourself with business? There is no escaping an important conversation that will likely occur under the full moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio. Whether it’s a professional partner or significant other you might need to talk about values, goals, ideals and the roles you both play. Venus moves into Cancer on May 7 and you’ll be driven by your ultimate desires. This is also a fabulous time to get out there and schmooze it up! Especially when Venus connects to Saturn on May 11— you could impress some VIPs in your industry. Mercury emerges from retrograde on May 14, and you may feel more optimistic about your overall direction after gaining some clarity. There is still much to learn as Jupiter enters Taurus on May 16, you could begin to experience some steady growth in your skill and knowledge set. An opportunity may arrive by the new moon in Taurus on May 19, whether it’s an exotic retreat overseas or something in your own backyard, it feels like a new adventure. Mars moves into Leo on May 20, helping you get in touch with your inner flame. You may come to understand the subconscious needs behind your motives. There is still more progress to make in your professional sphere, but others will look at you like a real superstar as the Sun enters Gemini on May 21. Spend time with friends as the month draws to an end, they can lead you to some radical revelations.

Mercury Retrograde & Saturn Square Uranus



How can you liven up the atmosphere at home? Pluto may pose this question as he stations retrograde on May 1. This isn’t a quick fix but something that needs time to process. Whether you’re changing the decor or chore routine, this will be a period of adjustment. The full moon in Scorpio on May 5 might bring a return on investment. Some surprise cash could come your way if you’re involved in any joint ventures. It’s best to be smart with this payday. Venus moves into Cancer on May 7 and you’re all about career advancement. While you’ll be in go-mode, it would benefit you to nurture yourself. Perhaps your daily routine could use some restructuring as Venus plays nice with Saturn around May 11. Mercury retrograde comes to an end on May 14, and you’ll be able to really let your guard down in your personal relationships. Raw honesty can open the doors to newfound love as Jupiter moves into your intimacy sector on May 16. There may be a new chapter in a special partnership under the new moon in Taurus on May 19. This can be the start of deeper and more authentic connections. Mars moves into Leo on the following day and you’ll certainly be in the mood to socialize. Large gatherings are the place to be, especially when the Sun enters Gemini on May 21. You love meeting new people and having interesting discussions— now is the time to reveal it. Mixing and mingling has its perks, as the Sun links to Mars these new people could bring some refreshed inspiration to your life.


You may be rethinking how you go about expressing yourself. Pluto stations retrograde on May 1 and call your inner drive into question. You’ll be focused on taking action and reclaiming your personal power. Speaking of that topic, the full moon lunar eclipse in your sign on May 5 asks you to step up to the plate. Whether it is in business, romance or friendship, it’s your turn to take the lead and call the shots. Venus moves into Cancer on May 7 and you might welcome some new experiences. This is an excellent month to explore new hobbies, spiritual practices or any topic of interest. Mercury retrograde comes to an end on May 14, and the communication within your relationship will start to show improvements. Excessive Jupiter takes up residence in your Seventh House of Relationships on May 16. Single Scorpions might find themselves paired off soon, and couples might experience a greater abundance of love, joy and romance. Sparks will be flying under the new moon in Taurus on May 19, as you’ll be starting a wonderful new chapter in your love story. The flames of romance can act as a great motivator as commanding Mars heads into attention-seeking Leo on May 20. You’re determined to make life great in all aspects and may be fiercely working towards a professional goal. The Sun moves into Gemini on the following day and you certainly won’t forget about your intimate affairs. You sometimes struggle with balance, but it may come easily towards the end of the month.


You’ll become a little more privy to your surroundings this month. As Pluto stations retrograde on May 1 you’ll unlock more personal awareness. You have more resources readily available than you think. The full moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio on May 5 calls for a break. Quiet the mind and feed the soul. Venus moves into Cancer on May 7 and brings a greater sense of intimacy to your close relationships. You may be given the chance to really fortify a special bond as the love goddess embraces committed Saturn on May 11. Mercury retrograde ends on May 14 and your schedule lightens up. With a little more free time you can explore some personal interest as your ruler Jupiter moves into your sector of everyday wellness. This can be an excellent time to make a commitment to your overall health. You may even be setting some new goals or embracing a fresh lifestyle under the new moon in Taurus on May 19. Mars hightails it into Leo on the following day and you’re ready to explore new possibilities and ways of living. The Sun makes a grand entrance into Gemini on May 21 and this could turn your attention towards your personal relationships. Expect lots of dates and gatherings with friends. As the month draws to an end, the atmosphere is light-hearted and social, if there is any drama, it’s entertaining at best.


This month you might have to cut back due to finances or budgets. Some minor inconveniences may start to worry you as Pluto stations retrograde on May 1. This is a test, so lean into your resourcefulness and you should do just fine. The full moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio on May 5 might call for an extravagant engagement. Try to put your woes behind you and focus on the joy of the moment. Relationships may bring you a great sense of both peace and inspiration as Venus enters Cancer on May 7. From friends to lovers to family, spend some time with them all this month. As the Goddess of Love links to your ruler Saturn around May 11 it is particularly ideal to be in the company of someone special. Mercury emerges from retrograde on May 14 and you can release any energetic blocks that are holding back creativity or your ability to enjoy the moment. Life gets a little more serendipitous as Jupiter enters your Fifth House of Fun and Romance on May 16. Whether it’s love or a new hobby that has you all jazzed up, it could feel like you’re starting a new phase or chapter by the new moon in Taurus on May 19. Passion runs deep as Mars enters fierce Leo on the following day, you can hardly contain yourself. Let that special person know how you feel. The Sun’s move into Gemini on May 21 settles your impulses, you can now integrate tangible and creative energy into your everyday routine.

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May brings a period of deep reflection as Pluto stations retrograde at a tender degree in your sign. This week you may experience an intense journey inward and really come to terms with certain feelings you’ve been having. The full moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio on May 5 might be a call to action. Put a plan in motion for achieving a long-put-off goal. On May 7 Venus moves into Cancer and you may be perfectly content tending to all the mediocre tasks in a day. This is an excellent month to breathe new life into your home or daily routine. Focus on how you can nurture yourself day in and day out. Mercury stations retrograde on May 14 and this might make it particularly hard to express your emotions. This transits adds to the reflective energy you’re currently receiving. You don’t have to speak your peace just yet, take some time to mull over it and process. A blessing arrives on the homefront as Jupiter moves into this sector on May 16. It may be a new addition or new home entirely. Things could be finalized quicker than anticipated by the new moon in Taurus on May 19. While there may be a lot of planning and scrambling this is exciting stuff! Mars moves into Leo on the following day and you must rejoice or celebrate with others. This can be a particularly social time with ample invigorating conversations. The Sun moves into Gemini on May 21 and now the real party can begin. Your mission is to focus on enjoyment and pleasure for now. Be the life of the party.


You might be in a mellow mood as May gets underway. Pluto stations retrograde in your chill-out zone and it could feel as if time is slowing down. The full moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio on May 5 calls your attention to something important. Pay attention to signs and signals you receive now, there is a deeper message to them. Venus dances into Cancer and lightens the mood. This can be a creative, fun and flirty time for you, so remember to live it up. Mercury stations retrograde on May 14, and it might be particularly hard to express yourself as this hits your Third House of Communications. But larger-than-life Jupiter makes a grand entrance into Taurus and this sector of your chart. It can be an especially good time to establish yourself within a new community. Joining a new group could be a reality by the new moon in Taurus on May 19. You’re learning to connect with your environment in new ways. You can expect to be a busy bee as Mars moves into Leo, your current schedule might keep you quite active. The Sun ingresses into Gemini on May 21 and this puts the spotlight on your own emotions. The end of the month might find you in the presence of family or those you know you can fully trust. At the end of the day life would be pretty bland without those you care for. They may be characters, but you love them for it. Be sure to let them know.


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