November 2023 Horoscopes: Saturn Direct in Pisces 

by Kaitlyn De Leonardis
2023 horoscopes

This month may be a mixed bag, but the goodies definitely outweigh the nuisances. There’s a lot of cosmic commotion and at least most of it is background noise. The big deal transit of your November 2023 Horoscopes is Saturn station direct at the tender 0° of Pisces. This pretty much starts off the month, along with some minor tension from the Sun and Venus. In a way, we can transcend reality as the planet of structure and commitment, starts to move forward again. This transit is whipping us into shape and getting us to take some responsibility for our spiritual hygiene. The energy lightens as Venus shifts into her home sign of Libra on November 8. We are laid-back and fair minded, and able to make some heartfelt connections. Mercury ventures into Sagittarius on November 10 and this could give us some big and bold ideas, are we brave enough to follow them though? We can likely draw upon our inner tenacity under the new moon in Scorpio. The pressure we are under is meant to unlock our core power. The Sun and Mars meet up for quite the dance in this intense water sign on November 15. There is no shortage of passion and drive and we can set some good things into motion. Sagittarius season officially starts on November 22, both the Sun and Mars move on to take up space in this exuberant and optimistic fire sign. We can boldly forge ahead. The month ends on a fun and light-hearted note with the full moon in Gemini on November 27. All’s well that ends well—end this month with some people you care about.           

November 2023 Horoscopes – Important Dates: 

Saturn Stations Direct in Pisces – November 4

Living without limits is one thing, when Saturn is retrograde we may notice less restrictions in general. While freedom is nice, an area of our lives may have gotten sloppy. Saturn direct is the clean-up crew. We can approach our tasks, responsibilities, projects, work and relationships with more structure or organization. This may feel somewhat like a spiritual purification or cleanse, being at the intensified starting degree of Pisces. The test is how we apply it to reality.  

Venus Transits Libra- November 8

The vibes are fun, flirty and light. Love makes our world that much brighter and we may have a greater appreciation for beauty in general. When amorous Venus returns home to relationship oriented Libra, and we can find solace in the arms of someone we care about, in the delightful conversation with a dear friend. The transit reminds us that the true beauty is in our connections to each other.

 2023 horoscopesMercury Transits Sagittarius – November 10

Our ideas may be big, bold and bright now that mischievous Mercury is in this adventurous and outgoing fire sign. Our communications have a particular flair. For the next couple of weeks we can explore our own thoughts, the far reaches of our minds and higher beliefs. 

New Moon in Scorpio – November 13

This lunation will bring us to the depths of our core self. The emotional slate gets wiped clean. Hidden desires may come out to play. We have the chance to connect with pure intimacy. 

Sun Transits Sagittarius- November 22 

Happy-go-lucky dispositions, grand adventures and one hell of an imagination! All the side effects of Sagittarius season. We can lean into our soul’s wisdom with greater ease. While our higher minds get some conscious attention, we become curious. The quest for knowledge is never ending, it just gets that much more exciting for the next 30 days. 

Mars Transits Sagittarius – November 24

Outgoing may be an understatement. We are willing to go to the ends of the earth for our desires. We are motivated to explore and learn. This is a time where we can truly be fearless and set off on some sort of personal journey.  

Full Moon in Gemini – November 27

This is an ideal day for social gatherings, as there is a communal overtone. Interesting conversations, laughs and a wholesome sense of belonging. It’s not the time to be alone, but to be out on the town with friends or meeting new people at a local event. We need some interaction. 


There may be some tension in an important relationship that is near and dear to your heart. Hiccups happen, but the drama is likely to blow over by the time Saturn stations direct on November 4. It might be time to step-up your game in the name of romance. You could sprout some social-butterfly wings around November 6. This is an especially auspicious time to get together with friends. You might be singing a different tune a few days later on November 8, Venus voyages into Libra and your Twelth House of Rest and Relaxation. You might not feel like doing much, this is your lazy era. Life still persists though, while you’re doing the bare minimum your finances could use some of your time and attention as Mercury hops into Sagittarius on November 10. Reserve some rejuvenating and restorative activities for the new moon in your sign on November 13. This is a personal renewal, so treat it as such. You’ll definitely feel renewed by the time the Sun catches up with fireball Mars on November 15. There is a fresh pep in your step and a whimsical element to the next couple of days. Life feels like an amusement park, so have some fun to end your season. The Sun ventures onto Sagittarius on November 22. It could be time to make a radical but calculated move. You might be feeling more courageous once Mars takes up residence here a few days later on November 24. There is a lot happening around you, but set aside some private time for an intimate affair under the full moon in Gemini on November 27. The month ends on a sweet and spicy note.


You might have a lot going on, when all you want to do is mellow out and lounge around. Your schedule might get a little easier to handle as Saturn stations direct on November 4. You can work and focus that much more efficiently. Just in time to start a brand new project around November 6. You may be busy with work, but you’ll have to make time for your social life as Venus dances into Libra on November 8. You may have a lot of events to attend or just might be hanging out with your friends more. Good thing Mercury moves into your sign a few days later on November 10—you’ll have the mental stamina to keep up with an active personal and professional life. Do take some time to chill out under the new moon in Scorpio on November 13. You deserve a rest from the chaos of day to day life. Taking some much needed zen time could be the ultimate reset. As The Sun catches up to feisty Mars on November 15 you might be met with a big burst of energy. The next couple of days are ideal for getting things done, especially around the house. You can take care of business like a pro. Afterall, you’ll want to get things in order so you can fully enjoy your season, which kicks off on November 22. With the Sun in your sign you shine bright, with Mars in your sign nothing can stop you. The planet of drive and ambition takes up residence in your first house of self on November 24. Now it’s really a party! Make sure you spend the full moon in Gemini on November 27 with someone special. This day is great for romance, friendship and everything in between. End the month on a high note.  2023 horoscopes


You don’t like to be on bad terms with anybody, but the reality is that you can’t please everybody. You can be realistic, but it might be a nuance until your ruler Saturn stations direct on November 4. You’ll take a more laid approach and be able to focus on the things that really matter. Carve out some time to hang with friends on November 6, you don’t want to miss out on an epic experience. Venus glides into Libra on November 8 and you might suddenly become concerned about your image or reputation. You may start to get noticed and, of course, you’re not one to turn away praise and attention. Your mind still needs time to rest and play, don’t neglect this part of yourself as Mercury moves into Sagittarius on November 10. The new moon in Scorpio on November 13 could connect you with a new circle of people through work or hobbies. You might feel a bit shy at first but it may just take some time to warm up. Around November 15, the brilliant Sun meets impulsive Mars, and you could make a friend out of the blue. You’ll likely hit off right away, it may feel easy and natural to talk to them. The Sun moves into Sagittarius and the chill-out zone of the chart on November 22. It’s time to start winding down, but you might need more than a good book to curl up with as Mars enters this sector on November 24. Only you can relax by taking action—any sort of physical movement (think: yoga, exercise, etc.)) could be good for you right now. The month draws to a close with the full moon in Gemini on November 27, and you might make a greater commitment to your overall well being. Health is wealth, as they say.  


You might be feeling the pressure to both earn and perform as the month gets underway. It’s likely that you’re putting it on yourself, as you can be a little impatient when it comes to achieving your goals. It might just be a matter of recognizing your worth. Saturn stations direct on November 4 and your confidence starts to build. This is also a great time to get organized and put your resources into order. You could use some quiet time around November 6, clear up your schedule and get some R&R. You might discover a new topic of interest to research or subject to study as Venus takes a leap into Libra on November 8. Anything that feeds you knowledge or sharpens your skills could be ultra beneficial. Two days later on November 10, Mercury burst into Sagittarius and you’ll probably be hearing from your friends. Over the next couple of weeks give some attention to fostering these connections. The new moon in Scorpio on November 13 could have you truly feeling like the best is yet to come. You may set a new goal for yourself, and hit the ground running as the Sun conjoins Mars a few days later. You don’t waste any time, if you have a vision, get to making it happen. The Sun journeys into Sagittarius on November 22 and kicks off your social season. This could be a particularly grand time to network or talk up your next venture. There is a lot of fire and passion behind your aspirations as Mars takes a trip into this sector of your chart on November 24. With your drive and charisma, nothing will get in your way right now. While this may have been more of a serious month, the full moon in whimsical Gemini on November 27 is the perfect excuse to let loose and have some fun. What’s success if you can’t enjoy it?


You might be taken back, as someone could directly challenge you. There is no need to get overly defensive, as stoic Saturn stations direct in your sign on November 4, you might have a stronger sense of inner authority. You could start to notice greater control over your reactions and emotions. November 6 is a great day to spend with the people you love. The vibe is immaculate. Venus moves into loveable Libra on November 8 and an intimate connection becomes that much more passionate. You might find yourself falling hard for someone, and there may be an ample amount of romance in your near future. Two days later, Mercury swiftly enters Sagittarius and you could start thinking about the bigger picture. You might have some lofty goals on your roster, and this month is particularly good for mapping out your trajectory. The new moon in Scorpio on November 13 could bring about an exciting development in your romantic life. You might have the first date of life or say those three big words. The Sun joins forces with Mars on November 15 and you might become rather adventurous and daring. Try something that gets your adrenaline pumping mid-month—you’ll come out of it a whole new person. The brave Sun enters Sagittarius on November 22 and you might be ready to make some moves. You can become fearless in your hunt for success, especially as Mars enters this sector of your chart. You may feel like you have more drive and determination than ever! White you are so focused on outward achievement, the full moon in Gemini on November 27 asks what about home and family? Spend some quality time, and give and receive a little TLC. 


As November gets underway you might be dealing with some tension over an unpaid bill or money owed. The stress can build quickly, but as Saturn stations direct in mellowed out Pisces on November 4, you can begin to implement some coping mechanisms. Focus on finding your zen. Work could be going well the week of November 6, but when lover girl Venus moves into lustful Libra and your 7th House of Relationships on November 8, you might get a bit distracted by romance. If things aren’t heating up in your love life, you could be making some big professional deals right now. It’s time to learn a thing or two as Mercury enters wonder-filled Sagittarius. You can sharpen your mind and skillset in the coming weeks. The new moon in Scorpio on November 13 may require some vulnerability on your part. Though it feels like a shock at first, it’s worth it to let your walls down. You end up feeling closer to someone special by the end of the day. The Sun and Mars have a party with Neptune for the rest of the week. You could feel like you’re on cloud nine. Revel in a good time for the next couple of days. By November 20, it’s back to business. Oh, the places you’ll go! Sagittarius season kicks off on November 22 and you could be embarking on an adventure. Mars follows just a few days later on November 24, but is met with the limitation of Saturn. You can’t just jet away right now. Feed your craving to explore by looking for fun activities in your area. The full moon in Gemini on November 27 is the perfect time to start, as you’ll feel generally more connected with your surroundings.

2023 horoscopes


You are not exactly seeing eye to eye with someone near and dear. This discord could be more trouble than it’s worth at the moment. As Saturn stations direct on November 4 and you might be getting serious about achieving some of your long-standing goals. You can make a commitment to your future security and be able to enjoy yourself in the present. You’ll find you’ve got the balancing act just right, especially when Venus moves into harmonized Libra on November 8. Easily able to find your flow, you’ll handle life with grace and ease. Just a few days later, Mercury moves into philosophical Sagittarius and your intimate Eighth House on November 10. You could find yourself having deeper talks or discussions with loved ones. You might have little patience for surface level conversations. The new moon in Scorpio on November 13 could bring on an unexpected “do over” in a special relationship. This is a chance to really wipe the slate clean and start anew—whether it’s platonic or romantic. However, this is particularly an auspicious week for love. The hot Sun collides with excitable Mars around November 15 and far-out Neptune joins in on the action. Things could get steamy as there is no shortage of passion, along with a magic to the air—a recipe for romance and intimacy. Taking yourself to the brink of pleasure might open your mind too. Just in time for Sagittarius season, which kicks off on November 22. A relationship can be taken to a new level. As passionate Mars moves into this sector of your chart on November 24, you might find you take a direct approach and openly share your heart’s desires. The full moon in Gemini on November 27 is the perfect way to end the month. Celebrate all that you have earned and express some gratitude. 


It could feel like it’s all too much as November gets underway. The stress is mounting and the holiday season hasn’t even arrived yet! Saturn stations direct on November 4 and reminds you to keep your eye on the bigger picture. You still have some gas left in the tank. You might have an important talk surrounding your deep feelings and expectations in a particular relationship around November 6. This could get you thinking about the future together. But it’s time to have some fun as Venus moves into flirty Libra and your pleasure-filled Fifth House on November 8. Romance just got a bit hotter. Dating and relationships should go smoothly at the moment. Just a few days later Mercury moves into bold and flamboyant Sagittarius, and sparks could really be flying. If single, you might be hitting it off with someone extra intriguing. There is more magic in existing love affairs for the coupled up Gems. The new moon in Scorpio on November 13 could inspire you to take a healthier approach to your lifestyle. Just don’t go overboard. You might be especially motivated and driven to achieve a goal around November 15. The vital Sun mends energies with no-holding-back Mars and it might feel like you have an endless supply. As Neptune gets involved, you have a crystal clear vision to motivate you. By the time Sagittarius season rolls around you may need to dial back your drive. Relationships require your attention and affections. A romantic relationship could drastically intensify as Mars enters Sagittarius on November 24. Passion and romance will likely be off the charts. Take a moment to recognize how whole and complete your life is under the full moon in your sign on November 27. It’s good to have these personal check-ins with yourself.


What’s blocking you from fully enjoying yourself? Could it be your own viewpoints and beliefs? As Saturn stations direct in ethereal Pisces on November 4, it might be time to clear out your higher consciousness and adopt a positive mindset. Your relationship or romantic situation could provide some solace from everyday life around November 6. If you can take some time off and spend it with your boo thing. As Venus saunters into love-oriented Libra on November 8, you’ll certainly be feeling it. There may be a greater focus on your personal relationships, not just the romantic ones. Mercury ventures into Sagiatrius just a few days later on November 10 and you might take a brand new approach to your daily tasks. You’ll have both the stamina and focus to cover a lot of ground right now. The new moon in Scorpio on November 13 might inspire us to let loose and have a little fun. Set this date aside for any romantic dates! Relationships and flings will heat up as the brilliant Sun joins passionate Mars around November 15. You could experience several days of bliss with some special thanks to the influence of Neptune. The Sun moves into Sagittarius on November 22, and you can come back down to earth. You may have laser sharp focus and the ability to plow through tasks as Mars enters this sector on November 24. With an abundance of energy it could be helpful to add a physical activity to your routine. The month ends with the new moon in Gemini on November 27. Take some time to just chill out. When was the last time you got lost in your own imagination?


You might be a bit disoriented when it comes to your overall direction as the month gets started. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t know what path to take. Saturn stations direct on November 4 and it could be helpful to lean on someone you trust. You must learn to use this as a resource for when you’re feeling overwhelmed. You could spill all your feelings around November 6 and it might feel good to unpack them. Venus moves into lyrical Libra on November 8 and there is an added grace and charm to your communications. This period is ideal for schmoozing or dating—as you are sure to impress. Just a few days later, Mercury grooves into free-hearted Sagittarius, and the only thing that’s on your mind is having a good time. The new moon in Scorpio on November 13 could be an emotionally turbulent time. It might seem like your emotions are on display but this is just an illusion. Things get easier in the coming days as the Sun greets courageous Mars on November 15. Your feelings are nothing to fear and you can easily conquer them now. It can become a fun game as Neptune gets involved. The Sun moves into fellow fire sign Sagittarius on November 22 and you could start to focus on bringing more joy into your daily life. You’ll certainly be an adventurous soul once Mars jumps in on November 24. No one can stop your fire, and by the full moon in Gemini on November 27, it’s time to take your seat in the spotlight. You could be rewarded or recognized for something. You deserve all the praise. 


You don’t know what to believe! As November rolls in, a confusing fog may settle over your brain. It can be hard to tell which way is up—let alone if someone’s intentions are pure. At least you don’t have to worry about that in your personal life. As Saturn stations direct, a special relationship could be getting more serious. Romance may be particularly fun and flirty around November 6. You’ll be all about your business starting November 8, when Venus moves into level-headed Libra and your house of finances. It’s all about balancing your budget. If you own a business, the sales could start flooding in. It becomes much easier to get in touch with your own emotions around November 10, but facing them could be another story. Mercury moves into bold and brave Sagittarius. You may need to do some adjusting, as the new moon in Scorpio on November 13 points to a surprising change in your immediate environment. You should have no problem coping as the Sun teams up with Mars just a few days later. You can certainly put on a brave face, and you won’t be going through this rearrangement alone. Sagittarius season kicks off on November 22, and you might sense a greater need for community. This is an excellent period for connecting with or getting more involved in yours. Action oriented Mars moves into this bold and outgoing fire sign on November 24. This inspires you to get active. You might feel like you really found a place you belong as the full moon in Gemini peaks on November 27. Commordery and a sense of belonging is all you really need to feel whole right now.


Never a dull moment! The month starts with some heated drama. These are just small problems, as Saturn stations direct on November 4, you’re currently cultivating a sense of peace and ease in your daily life. You don’t have time for petty arguments. You should take a well-deserved break around November 6. Doing some restorative activities might prove to be extremely helpful. You’ll certainly be feeling all wide-eyed and bushy-tailed as Venus comes home to your sign on November 8. Finally, you feel like your fabulous self again. Just a few days later on November 10, Mercury journeys into Sagittarius and the pace of your life could start to pick-up. Expect to keep busy with everything from errands to outings with friends. Take a moment to chill out and enjoy yourself under the new moon in Scorpio on November 13. If your budget allows, it could be time for a treat-yourself splurge. The Sun joins Mars at the hip around November 15 and provides you with a major confidence boost. You might just accomplish the impossible this week. Sagittarius season arrives on November 22 and you’ll notice a greater urge to express yourself. Yes, you can do this through your everyday communications, but have you considered taking up an art form? This is further backed as enthusiastic Mars marches into this flashy fire sign on November 24. You need to stimulate your mind and imagination. The full moon in Gemini on November 27 and you could have a mind-opening experience in store for you. Say yes to anything new at this time. Life is an adventure and you’re just along for the ride.

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