June 2023 Horoscopes: Retrograde Pluto Re-Enters Capricorn 

by Kaitlyn De Leonardis
june 2023 horoscopes

This month offers us the chance to go deeper inward, shift our perspectives and adopt new ideas, concepts and methods of expression. The surface looks calm and confident, but the psyche is working in overdrive, churning out thoughts a mile a minute. Such is the nature of Gemini Season and Mercury enters its whimsical and free-minded home sign on June 11, while retrograde Plutro re-enters Capricorn— Something major has been overlooked and needs a good review. Underneath all the heady air sign influence we have there is a sensitive water sign influence. Saturn and Neptune will station retrograde in Pisces, and we can get a good look into the void that is ourselves. Cancer season allows us to get in touch with our emotional trenches. Self-discovery is the overarching theme of your June 2023 Horoscopes. Once we understand ourselves at our deepest levels, we unlock our true power. 

June 2023 Horoscopes Important Dates:

Full Moon in Sagittarius – June 3

On this day, a journey is likely to come to an end as we finally reach a desired destination. In turn this leads us to further explore a new world, learn a new skill or connect with our higher self. When a dream materializes, we must figure out the next move.

june 2023 horoscopes


Venus Transits Leo – June 5

We’re all enamored by the glitz and glam with vibrant Venus in flashy Leo. There is no shortage of entertainment, romance and pleasure when the Goddess of Love hangs out in the Lion’s den. Watch out for overindulgence, as you could pay a heavy price in the coming weeks. Venus is here all summer, because she’ll retrograde in this fierce fire sign late next month.

Mercury Transits Gemini and Pluto Re-Enters Capricorn – June 11

A day of extremes. Imaginative and curious thoughts may fill our minds. We can also adopt a more optimistic mindset. While it’s all sunshine and rainbows in Gemini, retrograde Pluto moves back into relentless Capricorn. We need to look at the deeper aspects of ourselves and aspirations. We are all experiencing a drawn-out revelation of a personal truth.

Saturn Stations Retrograde in Pisces – June 17

Breaking and setting boundaries becomes the thing to do as Saturn begins to slow down and review the steps it’s taken since entering the sensitive watering sign in March of this year. With the planet of restriction and discipline in limitless and free Pisces, there is bound to be contradictions and tests every way we turn. We can use the Pisces influence of the transit to learn when to be a sponge and when to keep our guard. Remember, success is often obtained through trial and error.

New Moon in Gemini – June 18

We may feel the kick-start jolt of this busy bee air sign. Youthful Gemini views the world differently and as the Sun and Moon join forces, we all will feel the spark. Starting to learn something new or getting acquainted with a new social circle are likely at this time. This is the start of something that will bring us a wealth of experience and inspiration.

Sun Transits Cancer – June 21

A little more in tune with our emotions and internal desires, we embrace the comforting and warm hug of Cancer Season. Let this one be a time of gathering with those we love the most, or taking moments to retreat into ourselves. Be sure to spread your nurturing evenly, and don’t forget to water yourself!

Mercury Transits Cancer – June 26

We are willing to speak up and express how we are feeling. First, we must confront our own restrictions, what holds us back from fully opening up? As we may be having some heartfelt interactions, this transit helps us take a deeper look and softer approach to how we converse with ourselves. It’s time to get analytical when it comes to feelings, moods and desires.

Neptune Stations Retrograde in Pisces – June 30 

Extremely receptive at its best and delusional at its worst, far-out Neptune starts a backwards trip through its home sign of Pisces.  Our grand vision and dreams, our beliefs about the world and life itself, are about to be reflected up. We may suddenly have a clear view, and the route to getting there is finding our inner tranquility and calm.  

2023 astrology



This month and your season bring you a lot of love. The full moon in Sagittarius on June 3 lights up your relationship house. This weekend should be spent with a lover, friends or family. They can inspire you in some surprising ways as Venus aligns with Neptune. The creative Goddess of Love and Beauty moves into fun and fabulous Leo on June 5 and you’ll officially be the life of the party. Your interactions have a whimsical flair and your charm is sure to work its magic. On June 11, Mercury comes home to your sign, while Pluto backtracks into Capricorn. While you may be ready to step up your professional game, intimate matters will require some of your attention. There is still some unearthing to do whether you’re single or happily paired off. Saturn stations retrograde in your Tenth House of Career and Status on June 17, this marks the start of a five month period that is best used for formulating a plan to rise to the top. Jupiter aligns with Saturn on June 15, and you might notice some odd coincidences that help you get off the ground. You can solidify a commitment to a goal under the new moon in your sign on June 18. Cancer season might bring the opportunity for a financial influx. On June 26, Mercury enters this fertile water sign, and you’ll likely make a lucrative deal— it might just be a bit confusing or frustrating at first, so hang tight! Neptune stations retrograde on June 30 and presses pause on your high-level energy. Take the end of the month to chill out and understand the greater purpose behind what you want to accomplish.  


All signs and stars point to wellness, and the full moon in Sagittarius on June 3 might be a checkpoint. This is a good time to schedule annual health visits or commit to living a more wholesome lifestyle. You might become obsessed with the quality of things as Venus moves into high-standard Leo on June 5. This month, you might purge possessions that have overstayed their welcome and replace them with something shiny and new. The week of June 11 could bring on some deep soul searching. Pluto retrogrades back into Capricorn, so you may question your role in relationships. While Mercury enters Gemini too, this week may be a real journey through your subconscious, as you discover new things about yourself. Jupiter politely gets in line with Saturn around June 15, and you can create more discipline around your ultimate plan to achieve success, however you define it. Saturn stations retrograde on June 17, and it’s a good time to dive deep into your knowledge and wisdom. What have you learned and where can you grow? You may feel like you’re coming undone under the new moon in Gemini on June 18, but in reality, you’ll be putting pieces of yourself back together. Your season kicks off on June 21, and you can truly say, “New year, new me.” You’ll start feeling revitalized as Mercury moves into your sign on June 26. Plus you’ll be well-equipped to handle what life throws your way with some accurate problem-solving skills. You can start working on connecting with your higher self as Neptune stations retrograde on June 30. Learn to trust your intuition and it will never steer you wrong.


Are you up for a furiously good time? The month starts off with a blazing full moon in Sagittarius on June 3, so live it up because you’re feeling your fire. The spice of life continues as Venus moves into your sign on June 5. You certainly don’t need an excuse to primp or invest in your appearance, but this might be a particularly good time for a hair treatment or new wardrobe. Pluto moves back into Capricorn on June 11, as Mercury grooves into Gemini and there might be an abrupt change in your work relationship dynamics. You may have to get used to working with a whole new team this week. Jupiter fortuitously aligns with Saturn on June 15 and you’re likely to make an important connection or sign a big contract. Saturn stations retrograde on June 17, and if you are working with a new partner or in a serious relationship, there will be a focus on building structure as a unit, which at times might prove to be difficult. The new moon in Gemini on June 18 could open the door to a new network of people. You may be rubbing elbows with some of the big wigs in your industry. However, the Sun moves into Cancer a few days later on June 21 and it may implore you to step out of the spotlight. Take some time to yourself as Mercury enters this sensitive realm on June 26. Delight in creative and private affairs. Neptune stations retrograde on June 30 and you may realize how refreshing it is to take a step back from the gaze of others. You start to see the bigger picture.

june 2023 horoscopes



The month starts with some excitement in your social or love life. The full moon in Sagittarius on June 3 might reconnect you with an old friend or lover. Venus moves into heart-centered Leo, and you might find yourself reminiscing over your fond memories. There are glory days still ahead of you. Your ruler Mercury moves into its other home of Gemini, and your personal Tenth House of Career and Status on June 13. You might start to make a name for yourself and can achieve steady progress in this sector for the next two weeks. On the same day Pluto regresses back into Capricorn, and you shouldn’t underestimate the power of your creativity. As Jupiter initiates a steady alignment to Saturn around June 15, you could dive deeper in your personal relationships. Conversations surrounding beliefs and values are likely to arise. Saturn stations retrograde in boundless Pisces, your relationship sector, on June 17. There is still some work to do surrounding a steady foundation in your partnerships. The new moon in Gemini on June 18 could present a prize that you’ve had your eye on. The work doesn’t stop here, you’ll likely have a booked and busy calendar by the time Cancer season arrives on June 21. Once Mercury joins the party on June 26— you’re in it. Ready to mix and mingle with the best. However, the month ends on a personal note. As Neptune stations retrograde on June 30, you may have to reflect on your ideals and views of romance. 


You might find yourself discussing some new ideas or unconventional topics. You’ll feel a strange pull towards anything that is not of norm under the full moon in Sagittarius on June 3. As Venus conspires with dreamy Neptune, everyday life can feel like an adventure. Your Love Goddess ruler makes a move into playful Leo on June 5, so you can expect to be surrounded by a lively bunch. There is no shortage of friends, lovers and business connections this month. On June 11 Mercury burst into Gemini, making you quite the curious cat. Pluto retrograde steps back into Capricorn, and you may start to notice an inward focus. This could be a good time to do some soul-searching, while asking yourself what you truly want out of life. Jupiter and Saturn combine their forces around June 15, and you might make some progress in a partnership you are deeply invested in. Saturn stations retrograde a few days later on June 17 and inspires you to make some necessary changes to your daily routine. The new moon in Gemini on June 18 calls for a commitment to your mental wellness. You might start a meditation ritual or pick up some brian-boosting puzzles. Any commitment to your mind will suffice. The Sun moves into Cancer on June 21 and your public life could use some nurturing. You’ll certainly be more forward facing as Mercury enters this sector on June 26. Whether you’re being more active on social media or doing some public speaking, you’ll knock it out of the park. Neptune stations retrograde on June 30, and reminds you that it’s the little things day in and day out that contribute to your overall well-being. Don’t neglect your need to rest, play and connect. 


A prime opportunity may present itself, whether it’s a side hustle or investment it’s worth reading into. This chance won’t be around forever and will likely appear around the full moon in Sagittarius on June 3. You may be in a bold and risk-taking mood, especially as Venus moves into optimistic Leo on June 5. You want to achieve certain things, live a certain lifestyle and you’re currently more privy to that. Around June 11 you may feel called to share a message with someone close to you as Mercury moves into Gemini. Whether you see someone dear heading down the wrong path or need to share some sensitive information with a significant other, you’ll find the right way to approach. Pluto also retrogrades back into Capricorn at this time and this is just a step towards transforming the way you interact with the world. On June 15 Jupiter initiates a power alignment with Saturn, and you’ll find success and satisfaction through partnerships or collaborations right now. Your creative process could likely use some tweaking, as Saturn stations retrograde on June 17, let others teach you a thing or two. There may be a fresh start in a particular relationship thanks to the new moon in Gemini on the following day. After you’ve wiped the slate clean, brainstorming can begin. As the Sun moves into Cancer on June 21 you can start a new venture in personal revitalization. The true brilliance and genius happens once Mercury joins in, and holds space in your Ninth House of Knowledge on June 26. You may have to deal with some internal or creative blocks as Neptune stations retrograde on June 30. Incorporate practices that help you stay centered and boost your creativity in your free time.  


It’s okay to take a step back to focus on yourself. You should give numero uno all the attention under the full moon in your sign on June 3. Venus moves into fierce Leo on June 5 and increases your penchant for adventure and exploration. Learning some skills or facets may prove to be quite entertaining this week. Mercury enters Gemini on June 11 and you can expect to be doing a lot of conversing with friends as you pay more attention to your close relationships. Pluto backtracks into Capricorn on the same day and you’ll start to take a deeper look into how all facets of life impact your value and self-esteem. Surround yourself with people who lift you up. By June 15 your ruler Jupiter is playing nice with Saturn, and you can cultivate some peace and harmony at home or within your daily routine. Saturn stations retrograde on June 17, and you may start to reach a greater level of maturity when it comes to your emotional realm. You can no longer deny your feelings and must acknowledge or confront them. The new moon in Gemini on the following day offers you a fresh start in a romantic partnership. If you are single, your status might change soon. This is about coming together, and you can dive deeper as Cancer season rolls around on June 21. Mercury moves into this sentimental water sign and you’ll be having some deep talks with close peeps around June 26. You’ll gain more clarity in your feelings as Neptune stations retrograde on June 30. By the end of the month, you’ll be exploring your emotional depths.

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You may be set to hyper mode as the month gets started, but the full moon in Sagittarius on June 3 asks you to take a chill pill. Some time off from your go-getter tendencies can be beneficial for your overall productivity. Venus moves into Leo on June 5 and you may be desiring some deeper connections. This is a paramount opportunity to embrace romance and intimacy, whether you’re single or coupled up. Mercury moves onward and into analytical Gemini on June 11, which kicks your mind into overdrive. You can accomplish the impossible over the next couple of weeks in both your work and personal life. Just be careful not to spread yourself too thin as Pluto retrogrades back into your sign. This is about recognizing and utilizing your personal power, something you’ll become very familiar with for the rest of the year. Around June 15 Jupiter makes a stupendous connection to your ruler Saturn, adding a good helping progress to business or creative projects. Saturn stations retrograde on June 17, and this might lead to some rebranding. Over the next couple of months think about how you present yourself or your business and what you can do to refine it. You may have to change your schedule with an influx of work under the new moon in Gemini on June 18, but any overtime you put in now is likely to pay off. In all this excitement don’t forget about your nearest and dearest when Cancer season rolls around on June 21. Five days later Mercury jumps into this emotional water sign, and you can expect to be deeply involved in your close relationships. As Neptune stations retrograde in ethereal Pisces on June 30, it’s about tuning into your soul’s expression.


Your attendance is requested at an important event under the full moon in Sagittarius on June 3. Instead of viewing this as an obligation, view it as an honor and show up as your warm and social self. You’ll likely have a shocking but romantic encounter over the next couple of days. Venus moves into firecracker Leo on June 5 and this might just set off sparks in your heart. If you’re in a relationship you’ll be feeling the flames of passion, and if single someone from your past could show up at the right place and time. You’re certainly ready to dive into sensuality and playful antics as Mercury moves into Gemini on June 11. There is a new zest to life in general, but as Pluto retrogrades back into Capricorn, you might start to recall some darker times. Try to relish in all that you’ve overcome to get to this point. Around June 15 Jupiter and Saturn combine forces and you might be ready to put your all into a project. Whether it’s for work or personal gain, things should go swimming for the next couple of weeks. Saturn stations retrograde on June 17 and it’s an ideal time to mind your finances. Set a strict budget and stick to it— this is about learning to set boundaries with yourself. The new moon in Gemini on the following day brings a new sense of delight. You may feel called to try a new hobby, pick up a favorite pastime or dive into the dating pool. Cancer season begins on June 21 and asks you to remember self-care when it comes to your daily routine. Mercury takes up residence in this intuitive sign a few days later on June 26 and you’ll likely find your grasp on things. As the month ends you could be working through some illusions about yourself. Shed the roles you’ve played in the past as Neptune stations retrograde on June 30. You could realize you’ve outgrown some a long time ago. It’s a month of wonderful memories and self-discovery. 


Unattached to outcomes, you’re always in awe when your manifestations come to fruition, must be why you’re so good at it! Be sure to take some credit for your creative and magic touch under the full moon in Sagittarius on June 3. Venus moves into extravagant Leo on June 5 and romance becomes a part of your regular routine. Things could really take off if you recently started dating, and committed Fishes will be reviving their passionate flame. You might start to notice yourself expressing your thoughts and feelings as Mercury moves into quick-tongued Gemini on June 11. This can be sure to ruffle a few feathers, so let it— You’re here to push boundaries after all. Around June 15, Jupiter and Saturn make a strong alignment, and this is rather auspicious if you’ve got any business deals in the works. Things might be slow to get started as Saturn stations retrograde in your sign on June 17. However, it’s best to sit and observe before getting your piece of the action. The new moon in Gemini on the following day may bring a celebration at home, and you’ll thoroughly appreciate some time away from the hustle and bustle. The Sun moves into Cancer on June 21, and reminds you to tend to and foster the joy you’ve cultivated, in friendship, love and your homebase. Mercury enters this fellow water sign on June 26 and you’ll want to be around your closest kin. They could even help you come up with your next bright idea. Neptune stations retrograde on June 30 and you might start to rethink some of your ideals. An exciting journey of self-discovery begins.


The month starts with some easy-going vibes. You can really enjoy your surroundings under the full moon in Sagittarius on June 3. The light-hearted atmosphere will allow you to open your mind, you may even be up for an adventurous new experience. The thrills don’t stop as Venus moves into Leo on June 5. Live it up and indulge this month, just be careful not to go overboard and make poor financial decisions. The week of June 11 may be your time to shine in your professional life. Pluto moves back into determined Capricorn giving you the chance to really up your status and game. Coupled with Mercury’s move into charismatic Gemini, you’ll be extra persuasive in your communications. With a fortuitous alignment between Jupiter and Saturn around June 15 you might really impress some higher-ups. Saturn’s retrograde on June 17 will start a several-month trial and error period. You might experiment with using your creativity in your work or look for the greater purpose of it all. The new moon in Gemini on June 18 is an excellent time to get acquainted with some new people, and stick to meeting them on an app or at a local event. Cancer season kicks off on June 21, and Mercury dives into this emotional water sign a few days later— don’t be surprised by random moodiness towards the end of the month. It may be helpful to retreat from the world. Neptune stations retrograde on June 30 and these days are meant for dreaming.



The deep understanding and bond of friendship is strong as the month starts off. Someone close may show up to your rescue under the full moon in Sagittarius on June 3. It is not their actions, or warm words of encouragement that melt your heart, but their undoubted loyalty. Venus moves into your emotional Fourth House on June 5, and your feelings may take on a light-hearted and playful tone. June 11 brings a different vibe, as Venus precariously aligns with Jupiter you may feel somewhat deflated. Around this time Mercury moves into Gemini, and you’ll be focused on financial security and saving money; but Pluto also jumps back into Capricorn and some of your fundamental beliefs about worth a value may begin to unravel. Your focus may shift to your higher aspirations as Jupiter links to Saturn on June 15. Just a few days later Saturn stations retrograde in ethereal Pisces, and you may have to work on defining what your dream life looks like. The new moon in Gemini on June 18 might spark a bright idea. Whatever you conjure up may fill you with loads of inspiration, which helps you create something of real value. As the Sun moves into Cancer on June 21 you may be feeling a deep connection to your local environment. As Mercury enters this sensitive water sign on June 26, signing up for a volunteer effort might benefit you in some unforeseen ways. You may be daydreaming about the future as Neptune stations retrograde on June 30. Drift away and notice all the fine details in your fantasies, this is the first step to make them a reality.  

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