Your August 2020 Horoscopes Are Here

by Kaitlyn De Leonardis
August 2020 Horoscopes

As we unpack our August 2020 Horoscopes, there is one lesson you can take away from Leo season: your greatest power lies in being true to yourself. Even if it creates conflict with the world around you.

Unlike July, conflicts are the theme this month, thanks to Mars in Aries squaring Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn all month long. A square is an astrological aspect that presents challenges, obstacles and setbacks. While the initial shock of this can be difficult, it’s just the Universe redirecting us to reach our greatest potential. Jupiter will be the first to experience the wrath of Mars, from August 3 to 5. With the full moon in Aquarius on August 3, this could feel like an emotional tipping point. The good news is that Neptune has Jupiter’s back, so we’ll easily overcome whatever Mars puts in our way the first week of August.

Mercury transits into Leo on August 5, encouraging us all to be bold when communicating with others. Two days later, on August 7 Venus moves into Cancer allowing us to experience the love and beauty this world has to offer, even in these unprecedented times. Take note of August 10, Mercury will square Uranus, and on this day we have to be extra careful about the way our words are perceived. My best advice as we dive into your horoscopes for August 2020? Spend time alone and ditch the phone. On the following day, Mars will square Pluto for the remainder of the week. What is keeping you from pursuing your greatest passions and ambitions? With these two, whatever stands in your way will be blown to smithereens.

Uranus will start his retrograde in Taurus on August 15. Collectively, we will be reforming the value we place on money and otherworldly possessions. August 17 the Sun, Mars and Mercury will be in harmony, providing some relief and preparing us for the final battle of the month. On August 21, the day before the Sun enters calculating Virgo, Mars and Saturn go to war. This will be the most intense square of the month, with both of these planets in their home signs. Come up with a sound strategy to achieve your goals while remaining flexible. This is only but another hurdle on the road to success.

August 2020 Horoscopes Important Dates:

  • Full Moon in Aquarius: August 3
  • Mercury Transits into Leo: August 5
  • Venus Transits into Cancer: August 7
  • Uranus Stations Retrograde in Taurus: August 15
  • The Sun Transits into Virgo: August 22

Leo (Jul 23 – Aug 22)

Happy Birthday, Leo! With the Sun back at home you’re finally feeling like your dazzling self.  You probably don’t want to hear this, but during the first week of August, you might be required to work extra long hours. While this is not ideal (this is your season, after all) just suck it up when Mars squares Jupiter from August 3 to 5. With Neptune supporting Jupiter through all of this, you will be rewarded for your efforts. And do take advantage of the full moon in Aquarius on August 3. Be sure to spend the evening with the person, or people, you love the most. On August 5 Mercury enters your sign and saves the day, giving you the mental stamina to get through a grueling workweek.

Venus moves into Cancer on August 7, bringing with her a feeling of endless possibilities. You’ll find success if you approach life with a sense of wonder. When Mercury squares Uranus on August 10, you could potentially tarnish your reputation in a single text, email or post. Do yourself a favor and stay off the grid. The following day Mars faces off with Pluto for the rest of the week. You’re being called to dissolve the limiting beliefs that keep you from achieving your work and health-related goals. Uranus stations retrograde in Taurus on August 15, making your career aspirations feel like they’re drifting further and further away.

With your ruler the Sun aspecting Mars on the same day, there could be a shift in direction. Mercury will join the mix on August 17 and a course of action will become clear. As your season draws to close, on August 21 there is a showdown between Mars and Saturn. You will be forced to implement changes to your daily routine. While shocking at first, this will ultimately set the stage for the brilliant future you envision.


Virgo (Aug 23 – Sep 22)

Has there been a lull in the bedroom? Blame it on the Mars-Jupiter square from August 3 to 5. With the full moon in Aquarius on August 3, come up with ways to incorporate more pleasure and romance in your daily routine. With dreamy Neptune assisting Jupiter, consider adding a touch of fantasy to your sex life. Yes, Virgo, I’m talking about role play. When your ruler Mercury moves into Leo on August 5, you’ll feel brave enough to express your deepest secrets and fantasies. Don’t have a significant other? Share with a friend.

Venus moves into Cancer on August 7, and you’ll be feeling the love from your tribe. If single, it is very possible that a platonic relationship might head in a romantic direction. On August 10, Mercury squares Uranus and this could leave you feeling guilty for the sexscapades that have been occupying your thoughts. Don’t. With Mars and Pluto in the same aspect for the rest of the week, do some inner work and get to the root of your inhibitions. When Uranus stations retrograde on August 15 this deep dive into your subconscious might have you rebelling against the extremely high standards you’ve set in place for your romantic relationships.

With the Sun, Mars and Mercury making some helpful aspects you’ll see the error of your ways and want to change them. One day before the Sun moves into your sign and kicks off your season on August 22, Mars and Saturn will start their antics. It is now time to do away with any hang-ups you have sticking around from previous relations. You might find that you’re not completely over an ex. In the coming week, you should reach out to them and get closure. If actually speaking to them isn’t an option, write them a letter (even if you never send it) or get rid of all their memorabilia. You need to take some sort of action to let it go.

When your ruler aligns with Jupiter and Pluto the last two days of the month, you’re feeling proud of all the progress you’ve made. You can now enjoy your season, without the proverbial monkey on your back.


Libra (Sep 23 – Oct 22)

If this month could be summed up in one word, it’s drama. As Mars squares Jupiter from August 3 to 5, expect some sort of divide between a close relationship and family or the people you live with. It’s likely that a close relative or roommate might not approve of your significant other. Neptune is also involved, so try not to let this get in the way of your responsibilities. As a Libra, your first reaction is to mediate, but it’s best to let it be for now.

The full moon in Aquarius on August 3 is prompting you to forget about the drama and have a little fun. With the Mercury and Venus transits in the latter half of the week, you can now mediate away! You’re everyone’s favorite confidante. In trying to fix the rift between a lover and someone close to you, you may discover something unsettling about a party involved, with Mercury squaring Uranus on August 10. This will only cause further conflict thanks to Mars and Pluto working their dark magic from August 11 to 15. Do your best not to let it consume you.

With Uranus gearing up for his retrograde on August 15, your thinking is a little hazy. Mars, the Sun and Mercury are vibing for the next three days, turn to your circle for insight. You ruler Venus and Uranus are also in a stellar alignment on August 18 and 19, bringing you some clarity—this will help when Mars and Saturn square up. A falling out between your lover and a relative or roommate might occur, and then there’s you, right in the middle of it. You may feel torn to pick a side, but you don’t have to. Let things work themselves out and focus on what makes you happy. With the Sun now in Virgo, open yourself up to insights from a higher power. When Venus hooks up with Neptune on August 27 and 28, it gets a little easier.

august 2020 horoscopes

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Scorpio (Oct 23 – Nov 21)

Watch the way you communicate at work this month, it could land you in some hot water. With a Mars-Jupiter square from August 3 to 5, an off-the-cuff joke or comment could rub someone the wrong way. With Neptune in the mix, you’re very likely to have the conference room (or Zoom) roaring, but you never know who might be silently offended.

On August 5, Mercury moves into Leo, and you’re suddenly all about climbing that corporate ladder. When Venus moves into Cancer two days later, look into furthering your education and skills. Consider getting a certification or going back to school altogether. The real trouble starts on August 10, when Mercury makes a quick square to Uranus. An important business connection could be severed on this day. To make matters worse, Mars and your ruler Pluto will form their square for the rest of the week. This will most likely manifest in some sort of situation with a coworker, where your words get twisted. Do your best to retain your emotions, if you do blow up the results could be devastating.

On August 15 Uranus goes retrograde in Taurus, and it is very possible that a colleague has it out for you. With your water sign intuition, you probably already know who this frenemy is. Use the energies of the Sun, Mars and Mercury alignment to stay one step ahead of them. When Mars squares Saturn from August 21 to 28, you may be called into question by an authority figure about your snafu earlier this month. While this feels like a big deal, it’s really not. Your ego may be a bit bruised, but it’s best to just apologize, dust yourself off and keep it moving. With Sun now in Virgo, focus on your life outside of the workplace.. On August 30 Venus will be directly across from your ruler Pluto. Do something nice for yourself, you deserve it after what you’ve been through.


Sagittarius (Nov 22 – Dec 21)

This month, money is the motive—and there might not be much of it at the moment. With Mars and Jupiter from August 3-5, it does not look good for the bank account. Neptune is also involved, so you could receive some help from a family member which will give you temporary relief. With Mercury’s move into Leo on August 5, it’s a good time to focus on other things you value that don’t have monetary worth. Venus moves into Cancer on August 7, making this a good time to face your fears, especially in regards to your income. Do your best to let these fears go once and for all, they’re only adding to your anxiety.

When Pluto and Mars face-off, there could be some frustrations regarding money and pleasure. While you might not be able to afford a lavish getaway at this time or other pricey activities, this is a great time to dive into a creative project.

On August 15, Uranus will station retrograde, driving you to restructure your daily routine. With Mars, the Sun and Mercury in the mix, incorporate ways to expand your mind and have fun from day to day. This will bring you the inner peace you’re longing for. You’ll need that inner peace when Mars and Saturn duke it out from August 21 to 28. You’ll be forced to reevaluate your budget, and you might have to give certain things up for now. The Sun’s move into Virgo on August 22 is prompting you to pursue your passions. Mercury makes a fabulous aspect to your ruler Jupiter on August 29. Nervous thoughts will subside and you’ll likely find a new way to generate more income. Breathe. Just like everything else in life, financial hardship comes and goes.


Capricorn (Dec 22 – Jan 19)

As the month starts, Mars and Jupiter create tension between your ego and your emotional state from August 3 to 5. With the full moon in Aquarius on August 3, talk to a sibling or close friend about what you’re going through. Neptune is creating a lovely aspect to Jupiter and they might surprise you with some wise insight.

When Mercury moves into Leo on August 5, you’ll have the mental strength to confront all those emotions you so keenly hide from the world. Venus moves into Cancer on August 7 and you can lean on a close relationship for support. The conflicting energies of Mar and Pluto the following week will most likely cause some family drama, this will change the structure of your family unit. When Uranus turns retrograde on August 15, your attention switches to your romantic life. You might find a new and strong desire to shake things up.

With Mars, the Sun and Mercury in stellar alignments until August 18, your emotional state is back on solid ground. Just in time for more family drama. This week might be a little harsher than the previous one, with Mars antagonizing your ruler Saturn. You’re feeling personally attacked, while the first reaction is to get angry, there is a valuable lesson you can learn here. With Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in your sign for practically the whole year, you’ve been doing a lot of inner work. Now is the time to put it to good use.

august 2020 horoscopes

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Aquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 19)

When Mars and Jupiter make a challenging formation from August 3 to 5 you’ll feel like a stranger in your own community. With the full moon in your sign on August 3, it could be time for a change of residence. With Jupiter receiving help from Neptune, you are in the right financial position to make this move, or do a major renovation if relocating isn’t an option. When Mercury moves into Leo on August 5, this would be a good time to open up to a significant other or close friend about your need for change. They can offer you some helpful advice.

Venus enters Cancer on August 7 adding a little TLC to your daily routine that will have you feeling revitalized. On August 10, Mercury will square your ruler Uranus and you might realize that you rely too much on the support of your family. If you are thinking of moving, this is not the day to tell them. When Mars aligns with Pluto, your current environment is just not doing it for you anymore. You’re in need of a drastic change, start looking for a neighborhood that suits you.

When Uranus goes into retrograde on August 15, you may need to distance yourself from family for a while. With the Sun, Mars and Mercury all working in harmony, you can now give your undivided attention to your lover or a new romantic interest. Venus links up with Uranus on August 18 and 19, and you find that you can in fact love your family from a distance. Even though you’re itching to change your local environment, there are limitations (blame Saturn.) From August 21 to 28 Mars will be in a harsh square with Saturn. You might not be able to make the move you want right away. Frustrating, yes, but it doesn’t mean it won’t happen. All in time, Aquarius. With the Sun now in Virgo, focus on an intimate relationship. It will bring you some peace during these ups and downs.


Pisces (Feb 20 – Mar 20)

You’re killing it, Pieces! With the full moon in Aquarius on August 3, you might find out that someone is jealous of your success. With Mars squaring Jupiter until August 5, it’s possible that you’ve been bragging a bit too much about your achievements. Jupiter is in a fabulous alignment to your ruler Neptune (currently at home in your sign) and you’ll be able to easily resolve this, for now.

Mercury’s move into Leo on August 5 will have you focused and your health and wellness routines. Two days later on August 7, Venus moves into Cancer and you can feel the love. If single, this could bring a new romantic relationship into your life. If coupled, your love connection will reach new heights. Turn off your phone and/or take a personal day on August 10. Mercury is in a negative alignment to Uranus, any form of communication could lead to mishaps, especially at your day job.

When Mars squares Pluto on the following day and for the remainder of the week, there could be a falling out with your jealous friend. Uranus stations retrograde on August 15 and you’re being called to review how you communicate with others. With the Sun, Mars and Mercury blending their energies, sticking to your health and wellness routine will revitalize you. Mars squares Saturn from August 21 to 28 and you’ll have to take a good look at the way you share your triumphs with friends. You don’t want to do it in a way that belittles the people you surround yourself with, or it will be very lonely at the top. With the Sun now in Virgo, you’re determined to mend and strengthen your close relationships. Venus links up with your ruler on August 27 and 28 making it much easier to come from a place of love.


Aries  (Mar 21 – Apr 20)

The road to success isn’t always a smooth ride. Keep that in mind this month. From August 3 to 5, your ruler Mars makes his first alignment with Jupiter. This could leave you feeling stagnant when it comes to your career. With Neptune involved, this revelation is simply an illusion. Use the power of Neptune to imagine what it would be like to reach the next career milestone. With the full moon in Aquarius on August 3, reach out to your network for guidance. Their words of wisdom could help light the way.

On August 5 Mercury moves into Leo helping you escape the stress through a creative outlet. Venus moves into Cancer two days later, this is a good time to spend time with family. With the Moon in your sign all weekend, you’ll feel their love on a different level. On August 10, with Mercury squaring Uranus you could come to the conclusion that your current salary doesn’t support the lifestyle you want to live. Use this as motivation. For the rest of the week Mars squares Pluto, expect some major changes at work. This will shake up the status quo.

With Uranus going retrograde and the Sun positively impacting your planet the weekend of August 15, you have cosmic permission to let loose. Just mind your spending, it’s all fun and games until the tab arrives. Starting August 21 Mars challenges Saturn, drowning you in responsibilities at work. With the Sun’s transit into Virgo on the following day you’ll have to alter your daily schedule to meet these demands. Don’t expect immediate compensation or recognition for this, especially with Uranus retrograde in Taurus and your income sector. Just be the superstar you are (It won’t be that hard with Mars in your sign) and you’ll be rewarded in the future.

august 2020 horoscopes

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Taurus (Apr 21 – May 20)

This month you might experience somewhat of an existential crisis. When Mars lines up with Jupiter on August 3, you could discover what limiting beliefs keep you from achieving success and abundance. The full moon in Aquarius on August 3 will bring a culmination to an important project you’ve been working on. But you’re still feeling unfulfilled, so what gives? With Jupiter receiving help from Neptune, reach out to friends and talk through your feelings.

Mercury moves into Leo on August 5, encouraging you to reach out to family too. Remember that you have a solid support system, they are here for you in times like these. Your ruler Venus moves into Cancer on August 7 and getting involved in your local community could bring you a new sense of purpose. On August 10 with Mercury in a harsh alignment with Uranus, input from a relative might upset you. The following day Mars starts his square to Pluto for the rest of the week. Get ready to purge anything that is standing in the way of your mental peace.

On August 15, Uranus stations retrograde in your sign, cue mental fog. On August 18 and 19, your ruler Venus will be the shining light that leads you through that fog when she makes a wonderful alignment to Uranus. Just in time for the Mars and Saturn square starting August 21, and lasting for a week. You’ll feel a strong need to make some progress, but fixating on the timeline will only produce more frustration. With the Sun now in Virgo, get out of your head and have some fun. Solutions appear when you aren’t looking for them.


Gemini (May 21 – Jun 20)

You pride yourself on being an open book, and with the full moon in Aquarius, you’ll want to tell all. However, it is best to refrain from spilling anything personal to acquaintances or colleagues. Not everyone can be trusted. On the same day, Mars starts a challenging aspect to Jupiter, lasting until August 5. With Neptune also in the mix, there could be unforeseen ramifications of over-communicating (#GeminiProblems).

The good news is your ruler Mercury will jump into Leo on August 5, you’ll now have a sense of who is worthy of hearing the thoughts you keep locked away. Finances will pick up starting August 7, when Venus moves into Cancer picking up a side hustle will prove to be extremely lucrative. On August 10, your tendency to overshare could come back to bite. Mercury will make a quick but disastrous alignment to Uranus, and for the rest of the week Mars will be squaring Pluto. While this issue might be difficult to deal with, chalk it up to a lesson learned. The weekend of August 15, Uranus goes retrograde in Taurus causing your subconscious mind to go haywire.

Fall back on the people who’ve proved they can be trusted with the Sun, Mars and Mercury in supportive aspects until August 18. As the month draws to a close, Mars is in another tense aspect but this time to serious Saturn. This will prompt you to reconfigure the role you play in your social circles. While difficult truths about yourself could come to the surface, Mercury will make reinforcing alignments to Uranus and Jupiter in the last week of August. This unearthing will be beneficial for you and deepen your bonds with others.


Cancer (Jun 21 – Jul 22)

Are you placing too much importance on your reputation? A full moon in Aquarius on August 3 might reveal that you care too much about what other people think. When Mars squares Jupiter on the same day, you’re completely wrapped up in your achievements (or lack thereof) and this can cause a rift in close relationships. Neptune is also involved, and while your ideals are high, you don’t have to achieve them to be deemed likable or worthy to others.

When Mercury moves into Leo on August 5, your mind’s on your money. Use this energy to come up with a solid budget for the rest of the year. Venus moves into your sign on August 7, blessing you with love and beauty. If single, you’ll attract many potential partners. Coupled Cancers can expect to be showered with love from their S.O.

On August 10, Mercury is in a harsh alignment to Uranus, and you might have to pass on an outing due to finances. You’ll throw yourself into work because of this, but with Mars squaring Pluto for the rest of the week this will only cause tension in your relationships. Uranus goes retrograde in Taurus on August 15, this is a good time to find out why you feel the need to be “successful” in order to be accepted by your social circle. Mars clashes with Saturn from August 21 to 28 and a problem with an authority figure is likely. Don’t get down on yourself. With the Sun now in Virgo, go hit the town to let off some steam. Venus forms a nice alignment with Neptune on August 27 and 28. This will help you see how valuable you truly are. Brighter days are around the corner.

That’s your August 2020 Horoscopes. Check-in next month!

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