Venus Retrograde in Capricorn Will Guest Star Pluto

by Kaitlyn De Leonardis
venus retrograde capricorn

Venus will retrograde in Capricorn from December 19, 2021, to January 29, 2022. Yes, she’ll be moving backward throughout the holiday season and well into the new year. Don’t freak out, you can still continue on in merry measure but some things may come undone so better things can come together. 

Venus only retrogrades once every 18 months, and when she does, we feel it for 40 days and 40 nights. As Earth’s neighbor, she is a personal planet which makes her backward trek pretty intense. Perhaps it’s her association with all that we value like love, beauty and money that gives her retrogrades a bad rep. It’s never fun to rethink what we hold in such high regard. Venus retrogrades have a way of removing the rose-colored glasses, and sometimes, we don’t like what we see when this happens.

Like all the other retrogrades, it helps to reflect, review and renew. This one may cut a little deeper than most, given Venus’ close proximity (aka conjunction) to Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth. We’ve been feeling these celestial energies since December 9, but Venus’ retrograde will take us on a deep dive. This is a wonderful time to purge whatever has lost its value in our eyes and hearts. 

In other words, the rumors are true. This retrograde has break-up central written all over it, but it doesn’t necessarily have to occur in our romantic lives. (Although for some, it totally will.) It can be a break-up with a friend, a job or the way we take care and treat ourselves. Whatever or whoever exits stage left wasn’t a part of the main act anyway!

With all this action happening in Capricorn, we’ll be focused on reaching our accomplishments and the overall trajectory of our lives. We may start to ask questions like: Do my values align with my goals? Are my relationships helping or hindering my success? On our climb to the top, we must stop and evaluate— that’s what retrogrades are for.

venus retrograde capricorn

Venus retrograde in Capricorn l Photo by Chil Vera

How Will Venus Retrograde in Capricorn Affect Relationships? 

Venus retrogrades are always a make-it or break-it time when it comes to partnerships, in both a business and romantic sense. Given that this one is happening in Capricorn with Pluto, power struggles and dynamics will certainly come into play. Toxicity in relationships will become transparent and intolerable. Suddenly, we’ll be rendered incapable of giving our heart, resources or energy to anyone who doesn’t value what we bring to the table. If someone continuously makes you feel unworthy, they gotta go. 

If you’re not cutting ties with someone, chances are a relationship will evolve on a profound level. Venus retrogrades are perfect for rehashing relationships or agreements. It may not be easy to go through it, but when it’s all said and done, the results are worth the struggle. 

While Venus’ connection to Pluto may extract things from your life, it just as easily transforms what is already there. Mainly people or things that have proven their worth and value. Be open and honest about your needs, wants and values within a partnership and be ready to hear the other person out. This is how bonds are strengthened and given the Capricorn energy, it helps to have a defined, shared goal. You may simply be reworking a plan to achieve success together. If there is one thing this earth sign is a wiz at, it’s strategizing.

How Will Venus Retrograde in Capricorn Affect Financial Matters? 

Venus is associated with money and the things we buy with it. Capricorn also has ties to money and possessions; like all the earth signs. Although for the Sea Goat, it’s more about status,  glory and the satisfaction of achieving. Money will be a major theme of this retrograde, but mainly about your relationship to it. The next 40 days is a good time to take a cold, hard look at how and where you spend your money and make some necessary adjustments. Use the retrograde to nip frivolous spending in the bud. Financial planning may become essential, and ignored debts will have to be dealt with. 

Typically, investments of any form are advised against during Venus retrograde. The planet can be quite impulsive, but Capricorn likes to think things through and have a plan. So, it may be best to mull it over during the retrograde itself. This can be anything from renovations, cryptocurrency or big-ticket items like a new car. Basically, if you’re going to spend the big bucks, make sure whatever you’re getting is worth it. Do your research. A large amount of money spent on a whim could lead to a huge loss or financial burden with Pluto’s involvement. 

Venus’ Cazimi 

A date to take note of is Venus’ cazimi or “star point” with the Sun on January 8, 2022. When Venus and the Sun get together, it’s the halfway mark of the retrograde and a turning point in her cycle. Venus will go from the evening star to the morning star. Any tension’s felt during the build-up will start to reach a resolution.

This is a moment to focus on ourselves—in astrology, the Sun represents “the self.” An underlying lesson of this Venus retrograde is to strengthen our self-worth. If there is one thing we can all learn from Capricorn, it’s the power of believing in one’s self. Underneath their strategic plans and determination is an unwavering belief that they will succeed. This transit is teaching us to adopt this mentality. Anyone or anything that makes us feel unworthy has no business in our lives anymore. Letting go of such things and defining our values puts us in a position to go out and achieve our dreams. 

The next 40 days will show us what needs to be released to improve the overall quality of our lives. Given Pluto’s involvement, what transpires during this retrograde will have a lasting effect for some time, so staying true to oneself is of the utmost importance. We’ve got mountains to climb and we need to make sure our team, equipment and mentality will get us there.     

For more on how Venus retrograde might affect your sign, check out your December 2021 horoscope!

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