The Healing Powers of Chiron in Astrology

by Kaitlyn De Leonardis
What Sign Does Chiron Rule?

You’ve heard the name before. Maybe you’ve read it in your horoscope or stumbled across this “wounded healer” on your Instagram feed. Chiron has intrigued both astronomers and astrologers alike since his discovery in 1977. In astrology, Chiron points to an area of life where deep healing is intended to take place.

Chiron is still fairly new around these parts, considering how long the practice of astrology has stood the test of time. An air of mystery still surrounds this celestial body. However, modern and evolutionary astrologers have been diligently working with and studying this wounded healer.

Over the years there has been speculation as to what Chiron actually is. He has been labeled an asteroid, dwarf, minor planet and even a comet. As of the present day, he is classified as a centaur, along with 250 other celestial objects that have been discovered in the outer reaches of the solar system between Jupiter and Neptune. Chiron was the first one of the lot to be discovered.

Chiron’s Myth

To understand what Chiron represents in astrology, it helps to understand his back story— and for that, we look to ancient Greek mythology. According to Chiron’s myth, he was abandoned by his mother for being born a centaur (half human, half horse.) It is believed that Apollo and Artemis took Chiron under their wings and taught him many skills. However, some tales say he taught himself.

Regardless, he was a scholar and well educated in many subjects, medicine being one of his most notable skills. He quickly became a great teacher and healer. One day, he was struck in the leg by a poisonous arrow at the hand of Hercules. Chiron could not cure his own injury, despite being a great healer himself.

As an immortal he could not die, so he lived on in agony until he turned to Zeus to revoke his immortality. He found peace through death and took his place among the constellations, honored for his contributions to humanity.

What is the Significance of Chiron in the Birth Chart?

In the birth chart, Chiron points to an area of life where we may feel blocked or inflicted. These lacerations may be imposed upon us in this life or maybe leftover residue from a past life. The so-called “Chiron wound” can manifest on emotional, mental and physical levels. Our Chiron is one of the deepest pains we feel in this life. It is part of our journey to heal in some shape or form, which can be a lifelong process.

What Are the Effects of Chiron in Transit?

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With our Chiron wound comes a beautiful and quite ironic gift, we possess the ability to cure or help others. This gift is the key to our Chiron. In fact, his symbol resembles a key, and his placement in the birth chart does not mean we are doomed to forever suffer in a particular area of our lives. It’s important to remember that a great deal of struggle promotes spiritual growth. Many modern-day healers, counselors and teachers have strong Chiron placements. However, we don’t have to be in these professions to pour talents and wisdom into others, which can be a therapeutic experience. As we heal ourselves, we gain the tools and insight that we can share with others, and through helping others, we heal ourselves all over again. This is the Chiron conundrum.

What Are the Effects of Chiron in Transit?

Chirons’ current movements, or transits, can influence us to release trauma and pain. Crises arise and get resolved, issues that plague us are confronted and set free. This happens both in our individual lives and on a collective level. When transiting Chiron interacts with natal Chiron (in the birth chart), it marks pivotal points in our journey to heal ourselves and a chance to unlock our special gifts. Like the planets, he too goes retrograde, and this puts an internal focus on the Chiron-affected area of life.

Chiron’s orbit is erratic compared to the more established planets; he travels fast or slow depending on the sign he is in. All in all, it takes Chiron about 50 years to orbit the Sun and move through all 12 signs of the zodiac. On a personal level, we experience a Chiron return around age 50. This is considered a major life transit, alongside Saturn returns (circa ages 30, 60, 90) and Uranus transits (opposition at age 38-42 and return at 84.) Returns in nature can bring both hardship and liberation, or a mix of both.

Astrologers that have been working with Chiron since his discovery, like Melanie Reinhart, have also taken note of the fact that Chiron’s orbit intersects that of Saturn and Uranus. As Saturn represents things like the established structures and Uranus pushes us towards progress and awakening, there is a theme of breaking down and expanding awareness. She goes into further detail on her experience and other concepts surrounding Chiron in Episode 271 of the Astrology Podcast with Chris Brennan. Both these planets have an important role to play in our journey with Chiron. According to mythology, Chiron is Saturn’s son, and Saturn is the son of Uranus. They are all blood-related, so ancestral influence is yet another layer of this complex centaur. Nevertheless, it takes hard work (Saturn) and the evolution of our own consciousness (Uranus) to unlock the key to integrating healing (Chiron) in this lifetime.

What Sign Does Chiron Rule?

The short answer is that Chiron rules Virgo or that he doesn’t rule any sign. However, this depends on the astrologer. While most astrologers still use Mercury as the ruler of Virgo, some practitioners have adopted and use Chiron as the modern ruler of this service-oriented earth sign— or are at least testing this theory through client work. In fact, this idea of new Virgo rulership is starting to gain acceptance.

Virgos are the doers, the organizers; they have a strong drive and desire to put their skills and knowledge to use. Their contribution to society comes not from a place of needing to “gain” anything but from the goodness in their hearts. Virgo is also associated with the sixth house of work, health, well-being and daily routines. The sixth/twelfth house axis represents healing and health on all levels — mind, body and soul. Our actions in the day-to-day contribute to our overall physical health (Sixth House) and spiritual development (Twelfth House.) So, when our actions align with a purpose, we rise above, transcending pain, trauma and all that torments us. The themes of this axis seem to fit perfectly into Chiron’s archetype.

Sagittarius has also been a contender for Chiron rulership, due to the sign’s association with knowledge, teaching and experiences of the higher mind. Paired with the fact that Sag is also a centaur. This wise fire sign seems like a good fit, but Virgo wins the general consensus.

As more celestial discoveries are made, astrology and the way we use it evolves. Chiron has played a key role in this progress, as we look to the stars above for a better understanding and deeper meaning of what life, in this time and space, is truly about.

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