A Once-in-a-Lifetime Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction in Pisces

by Kaitlyn De Leonardis
Jupiter-Neptune conjunction

Up until now, most of the rare cosmic events we’ve gone through have been pretty intense, and not in the easiest of ways. However, this month, we’re finally getting one—a generally positive and favorable alignment between two outer planets! Jupiter and Neptune are meeting up for a conjunction in their home sign of Pisces. The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction will start on April 7, with an exact meet-up (the peak) on April 12. If you have any planets or sensitive points in the later degrees of Pisces, you may already be feeling it. As a collective, we’ll feel this influence up until April 17.  

When Jupiter, the planet of fortune, wisdom and expansion, initiates the alignment with Neptune, the planet of dreams, ideals and spirituality—big things happen. The last time these two met in Pisces was 1856. They typically meet up every 13 years, but every 166 years, this happens in their watery home of Pisces where both planets are strong and operating at their full potential. This is a “once-in-a-lifetime” celestial blessing.  

Jupiter’s Transit Through Pisces

Jupiter in Pisces l Image by Chil Vera

Jupiter in Pisces is a burst of jovial and abundant energy. Both Pisces and Jupiter share a boundless quality, where limits don’t exist. This is why Pisces is the traditional home of Jupiter before the outer planets were discovered. Both the planet and this sign signify a profound sense of enlightenment and the ability to live in our souls. Tap into universal energies and connect with all there is, was and will be.  

This expansive energy can be a good and bad thing. There can be a strong need to connect with our souls, others and the divine. This transit alone expands our consciousness on personal and collective levels. It’s about growth in every sense of the word, but particularly on some sort of a spiritual plain. 

Jupiter is known as “The Great Benefic,” meaning its presence is typically a positive one, bringing good fortune, growth and abundance. This planet returns home to Pisces once every 12 years.  

Neptune’s Transit Through Pisces 

jupiter-neptune conjunction

Neptune in Pisces l Image by Chil Vera

Neptune in Pisces brings a vivid sense of imagination. This dreamy planet has been at home in Pisces since February of 2011, and it will remain here until 2026. Neptune is now traveling through the last decan (or section) of Pisces, which means its influence hits us a little deeper. This decan’s secondary rulers are Pluto/Scorpio, so now more than ever, we are looking to get to the core of who we are. A lot of people are seeking truth, trying hard to discern fact and fiction. Neptune can sometimes make this hard, as its influence can cause confusion and hazy vision. This makes us vulnerable to deception, but once we see past the illusion, there is no going back. 

While we may feel a bit lost, Neptune in the last decan of Pisces inspires enlightenment. The planet represents spirituality and can help us tune into the frequencies and the energy around us. You may notice higher receptivity, stronger inner knowledge and an oscillating increase or decrease in clarity.   

Neptune’s drawn-out transit through Pisces is one of the reasons for a “mass spiritual awakening,” particularly among millennials and Gen Zers. More and more, people are searching for deeper truths and are open-minded to esoteric practices like tarot, astrology, etc. This transit is probably the reason why you’re reading this article right now. Spirituality and mysticism aside, Neptune in Pisces is also why so many people are “waking up,” looking to live healthier, cleaner and more meaningful lives. For some, there has been a shift in consciousness towards compassion, upholding a moral code and living life based on purpose versus material gain. These are all Piscean and Neptunian influences.   

Jupiter and Neptune’s Relationship in Mythology 

Much of the archetypes of the planets in Astrology relate back to Greek and Roman mythology. Jupiter (Zeus) was the god of the sky and Neptune (Poseidon) was the god of the sea. These two were brothers, along with Pluto (Hades) the fod of the underworld. All three of them banded together to overtake their tyrant father, Saturn (Chronos), and divide the rulership of the realms amongst themselves once they succeeded. Neptune had a violent and vindictive side; he tried to overtake Jupiter at one point but failed to do so. 

jupiter-neptune conjunction

Poseidon, god of the sea l Image by Gordon Johnson 

The Power of the Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction in Pisces

It is definitely interesting that both Jupiter and Neptune are meeting up in Pluto’s decan at 23 degrees of Pisces. All three energies will be activated, meaning we may very well reach a victory in our personal lives. One that leads us to a profound transformation towards our ideal self or life.  

This is a very strong conjunction, a magical and mystical divine intervention of sorts. In a way, it’s like rapidly purging an old way of life. Pisces energy is connected to release as it rules the twelfth house of death and rebirth. After the release comes a bright and brilliant fresh start, which is why Pisces tends to be an optimistic and hopeful sign. 

During the month of April, we must remember to remain open. That’s how we receive what the universe wants to give and points us in the direction our soul is taking us. It’s about finding and following our purpose, and it’s a once-in-a-lifetime window of boundless opportunity. This is not a time to get lost in the rational mind. This is how the haziness and anxiety that Neptune can bring take over. Remain grounded, but let your spirit and intuition lead the way. 

Many blessings are available so we must act, but also relinquish control. Pisces are known for “going with the flow” because they’ve learned to detach from expectations and let loose. This does not mean “let go completely.” The term “manifestation” gets thrown around a lot, and it’s important to remember that if we want to create our own reality, we must take action towards it while separating our desires from the outcome. This is the best way to make use of the Jupiter-Neptune energy right now.  

For more on how the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction will affect your sign, check out your April 2022 horoscope!

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