Venus Mars Conjunction in Leo 2021

by Kaitlyn De Leonardis
venus mars conjunction in leo 2021

The cosmic lovers are meeting up for a rendezvous in fiery Leo. Their conjunction will last for three days and be the strongest on July 13. Occurring in Leo this aspect is bound to spark inspiration and romance by creating a playful atmosphere. A mix of passion and pleasure takes over giving us a moment of bliss, where we can truly connect to our heart space. The Venus Mars conjunction in July 2021 is actually the first of three meet-ups that will occur over an eight-month period. While this meet-up is fairly common, three of them in less than a year is rare. Venus and Mars will be in exact conjunction again in both February and March of 2022. The running theme of this aspect is all is fair in love and war.

The Role of Venus and Mars in Astrology

Ahh, the planet of love and beauty. In Astrology Venus governs the way we fall in love, our taste, aesthetic preferences and income. Venus is connected to our value, as we constantly search for it in our relationships, professions and possessions. This planet represents love in all its forms, relationships, self-love and our affinity for the material world. Her energy is soft, inviting and comforting at the same time. Venus calls to the divine feminine energy in all of us.

Mars is the planet that rules the divine masculine energy in all of us. Mars is all about passion, drive, ambition and anger. It governs our actions, instincts and sex life. Yes, Mars is the planet of sex. Mars represents the spark and the burning desire that pushes us to act or strive towards our goals, no matter how small or substantial they may be. This is the true go-getter spirit, courageous and fearless, Mars is commonly referred to as the God of War and awakens the warrior in everyone. His energy is aggressive, dominant and all-encompassing.

The Story Venus and Mars the Cosmic Lovers

The archetypes of the planets in Astrology are derived from Roman and Greek mythology. These planets are both “love planets” in their own respect. Known as the “cosmic lovers” Venus (Arodiette) infamously had an affair with Mars (Ares) while she was married to Vulcan (God of Fire.) Venus’s true love was Mars, and they wound up having several children together. As the story goes, Vulcan was tipped off and caught them in the act. By trapping the two lovers in a net, he exposed their affair and made them the subject of ridicule by their fellow Gods on mount Olympus.

The story of Venus and Mars speaks to just how messy and complicated love can be. Venus was known for being a “free-lover” and had many affairs. Mars was known for being an extremely jealous and possessive lover. Love is never really a smooth ride, but it’s a driving force and everyone seems to be in search of it. While relationships don’t last forever, love does and we can experience it in many different ways. Eros (Cupid) the God of Love is the child of Venus and Mars.

Venus Mars Conjunction in Leo 2021

Both of these planets really compliment the archetype of Leo. This sign prefers to live lavishly, thrives off being adored and can be very into their own looks. Leo also understands the importance of both giving and receiving. While Leo gets a reputation of being self-centered, at their core they’re actually quite generous and love to shower the ones they care about with love and gifts. This is similar to the Venitian energy. Mars gels with Leo, because the sign is brave and outgoing. Leos are bold, ready and willing to express their true self and feelings. They don’t hold back and might often be described as loud and proud, and this is a very Martian quality.

In Astrology Leo is the ruler of the traditional fifth house, the sector of creativity, children, romance and hobbies. This is the house of play and pleasure and is all about having fun in whatever way we define it. The Venus Mars conjunction in Leo will inspire us all to connect with our inner-child. The blending of these energies is truly magnificent. This aspect could inspire creative ventures/projects, heighten romance, increase attraction and generally encourages us to have fun, live passionately and fully express ourselves from the heart. It could also help us build a stronger bond with children or pets or provide some assistance to those trying to have kids or start a family.

For more on how the Venus Mars Conjunction in Leo might affect your sign, check out your July 2021 Horoscope.

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