5 Awesome Luau Party Ideas

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Your luau party can be the hit of the summer, focusing on tropical foods, flowers, and other features of Hawaiian tradition. Start with fresh summer treats, from pineapple to sweet macaroni salad, and do not forget the pina Coladas!

Tropical Table Settings

Your luau party decor can actually be quite simple. For example, you can use grass skirts to wrap your tables and cover them in cloths of the colors of Hawaiian sunsets. Define spaces on the table with leis. Set up drink dispensers loaded with water, lemonade, and a cool fruit smoothie that can be altered with a splash of rum by the adults.


Tiki torches are a lovely way to add light and a bit of volcanic heritage to your party without any hazards. In addition, if mosquitoes are a worry in your area, you can look for torches that can also help repel them. If you can find a torch that will burn a blend of citronella oil, try to place them every six feet to create an effective perimeter in your yard.


The tradition of giving leis was a method of welcome among the Polynesian settlers. Hosts might consider wearing more than one, so they can transfer their flowers to guests as they come in. If you have a gate post into your backyard, hang more there. Try to invest in silk leis that are comfortable against bare skin for those with allergies, and make sure to have a few floral leis available for fun as well.

Palm Trees

If you cannot grow a palm tree, buy a few inflatables and have some fun! You do not have to invest in a giant palm tree, but try to create a bit of height variety. For example, if you have a swing set out back and only grownups coming, place palm trees on the swing set, add a blow-up flamingo and build a tower of beach balls up the ladder for fun. Another option is to add solar garden lights in the shape of an umbrella on a fence or just wrapping solar lights around your ornamental trees for a soft glow.

Umbrella Features

One of the traditions of summer drinks is that you need a paper umbrella. To keep things interesting, treat your guests to themed beverage cups that they can take home at the end of the night.

For example, you could serve everything in coconut shell cups with umbrella picks loaded with everything from fresh fruit to olives for those who require a martini. There are many umbrella straws on the market, and you can invest in umbrella sun hats for those who just have to drink a beer out of a bottle.

Your luau party can be a simple joy that does not take a great deal of effort. To keep things as simple as possible, invest in disposables that you can recycle for best results. Use brightly colored plastic bowls to hold ice so you can serve chilled fruit kebabs, fresh salads, and cold drinks to keep your guests hydrated and happy.

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