Mars Retrograde in Gemini: Everything You Need to Know

by Kaitlyn De Leonardis
Mars retrograde in Gemini

While the outer planets are in the midst of ending their retrogrades, Mars is gearing up for his. We’ll all feel Mars retrograde in Gemini on very personal levels. As the planet of action, drive and ambition moves backward through imaginative and curious Gemini we may be frantically searching for answers. The truth we seek within this three-month period will ultimately set us free. 

Mars, along with Mercury and Venus, is considered a personal planet. They are Earth’s closest neighbors and in astrology, they represent our way of going about life. When any of these planets are retrograde, it becomes apparent that a particular area of our lives needs some attention. Mercury infamously goes retrograde three times a year, Venus does so every 18 months and then there is Mars. The planet that is all about forward movement actually goes retrograde the least— just once every two years. 

This is a rare one. According to Cafe Astrology, the last time Mars retrograde fully occurred in Gemini was 1943. Everytime Mars has been retrograde in Gemini since then, it has also involved Cancer or Taurus. We have never experienced a Mars retrograde quite like this one.  


What to Expect with Mars Retrograde in Gemini

When Mars is retrograde, our efforts can feel thwarted. Movement is sluggish and we may experience a decrease in ambition, motivation and morale. However, this is not an invitation to throw in the towel but to reflect upon how you go about taking action and achieving it. Mars is all about the chase, but while this planet is retrograde, that chase is more of a steady jog than a full-out sprint. When you slow down, the details become apparent.   

Mars retrograde tends to bring about a do-over— a second chance at a missed or overlooked opportunity. While Mars will move from 25 to 8 degrees of Gemini, there are themes of communication, truth and our sense of belonging. Air signs tend to represent our relationships and social life, so there could be frustrating obstacles with your friends, co-workers, family and partners. Gemini is also the traditional ruler of the third house and this retrograde could shake things up in your neighborhood or community. Expect some disturbances in your immediate environment. Anyone who is in the process of moving may experience some setbacks or delays. 

Gemini also brings mental processes and behavior into this. You might review or revamp the way in which you present yourself or your strategies for reaching goals. For some, this can bring about brand new mindsets and motives— Mars in Gemini can be quite hasty and impulsive. It needs to make things happen. Gemini is a mutable sign, a facilitator of change. With Mars, this process is usually quick, but this time it is significantly slowed down.

Mars Retrograde in Gemini: Dates to Know 

Mars will be retrograde from October 30, 2022 until January 12, 2023. While Mars appears to be moving backward in our sky, the planet will initiate some repeat aspects to Saturn and Neptune. These alignments add additional layers to the deeper meaning of what this reflective period will be all about. 

The Pre-Retrograde Shadow

Mars entered its pre-retrograde shadow on September 3. First, this fiery planet created a harmonious trine to Saturn from September 26-29.  From October 9-15, Mars square Neptune brought about a challenge or obstacle. 

It can be helpful to look back on the pre-shadow period and what transpired to truly understand what this retrograde is bringing up for you personally. 

The Retrograde

Mid-November to early December may be the most intense period during Mars retrograde.

Mars squares Neptune in Pisces from November 16-22 and these dates may feel particularly confusing and hazy. It can be difficult to know which way is up, and you should be careful of impulsive behavior. During this period, judgment is off and can lead to some regrettable decisions.

From November 26-30, Mars is trine Saturn in Aquarius. This aspect can offer assistance in the form of help or advice. It is important to lean on the people around you or be the person someone else can lean on. Others will play an important role in your story with the Gemini and Aquarius influence. A major theme of this Mars retrograde in Gemini is that we can’t go about life alone. Community is a strong value of this Mercurial-ruled sign. 


Mercury | Photo by Photo by ZCH

Speaking of Mercury, Mars will oppose Gemini’s ruler on November 29 and this may reveal some sort of inconvenient truth. This day could feel mind-bending— it can be hard to accept the information you receive. Mars will also be opposite Venus on December 1 and the Sun on December 8. All these planets will be in Sagittarius at this time, which brings a push to relinquish control. Although it may be difficult, trust in something greater will prove to be extremely helpful. These aspects can help you to get out of your own way. 

The final aspect Mars makes is a trine to Venus in Aquarius on January 9, 2023— just days before the planet goes direct. This will likely present a harmonious turning point within an important relationship.

The Post Retrograde Shadow

Mars’ post retrograde shadow will take place from January 12 to March 16, 2023. As Mars makes up for lost ground and moves from 8 to 25 degrees of Gemini. During these dates, the pace of life picks up as the feeling of stagnation dwindles away. This is when the action happens. When you can take what you’ve learned during the retrograde and put it to good use. Take note of March 13-16, when Mars squares Neptune for the third time. These dates may test you to fall back into some old habits, but be careful not to dive too deep. The Sun and Mercury will be conjunct Neptune at this time— getting through it will require a strong sense of self and belief in your capabilities.  

The Takeaway 

Retrogrades are always a time to pause. It’s as if they say, “hold on, look at this!” This is why reflection, review, and do-overs are prominent during these times. There is not only a lesson to walk away with, but newfound ways of taking action or going about our daily lives. Gemini is a truth-seeker, so we will all discover a personal truth at this time. While the process is sometimes difficult, Mars retrograde in Gemini is showing us new ways to move forward or relate to the people in our lives. Collectively, this retrograde will teach us how to curve enthusiasm and impulses— allowing us to make sound decisions. After all is said and done, we will come out wiser and stronger than ever before. 

For more on how Mars Retrograde in Gemini will affect your sign, be sure to read your October 2022 horoscope!

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