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President Joe Bertolino on Education and Community at Stockton University

by Mike Ham

I recently sat down with President Joe Bertolino of Stockton University for an enlightening conversation. We delved into Stockton’s rich history, its commitment to accessibility, and its exciting vision for the future under President Bertolino’s leadership.

President Bertolino’s journey to Stockton University originates from Glendora, New Jersey, shaping his deep connection to the Garden State. He shared his personal experiences growing up in New Jersey and his academic path, ultimately leading to his role as Stockton’s president.

Throughout our conversation, President Bertolino emphasized Stockton’s mission to provide higher education opportunities to working-class families. We discussed the university’s innovative initiatives, including dual enrollment programs with local high schools and partnerships with community colleges, aimed at enhancing accessibility and affordability.

Looking ahead, President Bertolino envisions Stockton University as a destination campus renowned for its top-quality programs and interconnected curriculum. He stressed the importance of fostering a connected community, where relationships among students, faculty, and the broader region are valued and nurtured.

Listeners are encouraged to explore Stockton University further through social media channels and campus events. With President Bertolino’s leadership, Stockton University continues to shine as a beacon of excellence, embodying values of dignity, respect, and compassion in all its endeavors.

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