Riding the Waves with Jetty

The quintessential East Coast surf lifestyle brand

by Mike Ham

Amidst the roaring waves of New Jersey’s coastal culture, one brand stands tall, embodying the essence of resilience and community spirit. In a recent podcast episode, I had the exhilarating opportunity to chat with Jeremy DeFilippis, co-founder of Jetty, a quintessential East Coast surf lifestyle brand with roots deeply entrenched in Stafford Township, New Jersey.

Jeremy shared insights into Jetty’s evolution, detailing their transition to handling all operations in-house as a strategic move to safeguard their brand’s integrity. By bringing everything back under their roof, from screen printing to distribution, Jetty gained greater control over quality and reputation, ensuring that each product embodies their authentic ethos.

The pride in Jetty’s hometown roots resonates throughout our conversation, with Jeremy highlighting the fulfillment of employing a dedicated team of 51 individuals in Stafford Township. This commitment to local employment reflects Jetty’s ethos of giving back to the community that shaped them.

Jetty’s collaboration with the New Jersey Devils emerged as a significant milestone, showcasing their brand’s resonance beyond the surf community. Jeremy shared the excitement surrounding their limited edition collaboration and the overwhelmingly positive response from customers, reinforcing Jetty’s growing presence in various industries while staying true to their coastal lifestyle roots.

Looking ahead, Jeremy discussed upcoming collaborations with Lowtides, Priority Bicycles, and Kona Big Wave Beer, showcasing Jetty’s expansive reach into diverse markets. From fashion to outdoor gear and even their own beer line, Jetty’s commitment to innovation and expansion knows no bounds.

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