September 2023 Horoscopes: Venus Direct & Jupiter Retrograde 

by Kaitlyn De Leonardis
September 2023 Horoscopes

Just when we think it’s going one way, the game changes on us. Your September 2023 horoscopes feature a drastic switch up. It all starts as Venus stations direct on September 3, bringing an end to her 40-day retrograde and our own introspection regarding our desires, possessions and expression. We may be feeling up to speed after a period of review and reflection, but there are much bigger and broader topics to examine as expansive Jupiter stations retrograde on September 4. Suddenly we may need to retract or slow down, but it doesn’t mean we can’t keep growing at a leisurely pace. 

The second exchange is a new moon in Virgo on September 14, where we can really dedicate ourselves to something. Shortly after Mercury emerges from retrograde, we can make use of every stone we have turned in our personal lives. Other than the intensity of a couple days, September is a somewhat chill month. We can use this time to gather, heal and restore ourselves. Initiation by fire is likely towards the end of the month with the full moon in Aries on September 29. We can fully step into the most authentic versions of ourselves. 

September 2023 Horoscopes: Important Dates 

Venus Stations Direct in Leo- September 3

After one dramatic period of review, all of the “Venus” things we love, like love, romance, creative talents and money can move forward again. We may have hesitated, weighed the ups and downs a million times, made our list of pros and cons, only to let our hearts make the final decision. It’s time to choose—to stay or go—one path or the other. As we take action that aligns with our true desire, we can be met with a sweet sense of satisfaction. 

Jupiter Stations Retrograde in Taurus – September 4

Just as one benefic (Venus) goes direct, the other heads the opposite direction. Jupiter stations retrograde and this will slow our growth, but we can learn alot in the meantime. By taking our time we can really get to know our higher mind, spiritual beliefs and styles of acquiring things. On the bright side, Jupiter will move away from Uranus. They haven’t quite met yet, but Jupiter has an expansive influence, so hopefully we’ll experience a less chaotic world as Jupiter moves out of orbit from the planet of the unexpected. 

New Moon in Virgo – September 14

We can get a fresh start when it comes to our work schedules, habits, and wellness routines. It’s an ideal time to set goals that relate to your daily life. Mercury’s recent retrograde may have shown us where we need to make a change. This is impeccable timing as we come into this lunation with a clear understanding of what we need. 

Mercury Stations Direct in Virgo – September 15

Finally an end to those pesky miscommunications, general delays and little annoyances. For the last three weeks we may have been reflecting and reviewing the trivial matters and tasks that take up our everyday lives. What we planted or received during the previous day’s new moon in Virgo is ready to get kick-started. 

Sun Transits Libra – September 23 

Love is certainly in the air when Libra season comes around! This is always an ideal time to catch up with friends or enjoy some cozy romantic dates. Treat yourself to a stylish fall jacket, whatever makes you feel good and in love with yourself. We find the balance of giving and receiving, between us and those we share our lives with.

Full Moon in Aries – September 29

We all feel called to embrace our independent spirit. We can cultivate the power to be confident in ourselves. The time has come to take bold action but let it unfold naturally. After all the retrogrades we’ve been through, we understand ourselves on a much deeper level.   

August 2023 horoscopesVirgo 

You’re wise enough to know that distance is a good thing sometimes. You’ll likely reconnect with a lover, family or friends as Venus starts moving forward on September 3. Your time alone served its purpose and the reunion may be sweet. As the planet of the higher mind, Jupiter, stations retrograde on the following day, you may be adopting some new beliefs. This could make interacting with some people—including your nearest and dearest—uncomfortable. You’ll feel secure in your own skin as Mercury dances with the brilliant Sun on September 6. A moment of clarity may suddenly dawn on you. The new moon in your sign of September 14 marks a fresh start, so focus on defining who you want to be in this world. Decision making gets a lot easier as miscellaneous Mercury stations direct the very next day. You can put all the pieces together and make a solid plan of action, for whatever your next conquest is. You’ll likely be feeling extra confident by the time Libra season rolls around on September 23. Now more than ever, it’s important to stand up for worth. There is a magical element in the air as Venus and Mars play nice the week of September 24. This can be an ideal time to make a soul connection out of the blue or enhance your intuitive abilities. The month draws to a close with the full moon in bold and fiery Aries on September 29. Take a walk on the wild side with someone you’re fond of. 


Friends cause friction sometimes, and your social circle may have been putting you through the ringer with drama and petty arguments. Luckily, this should subside as love planet Venus stations direct on September 3. The flaws in your friendships have been laid out on the table and all there is left to do is accept and aim for improvement. The pace of everyday life should slow down as larger-than-life Jupiter does on September 4. This retrograde may cause you to move at a slower pace, and this can be an ideal time to free up your schedule or take on less of a work load. Your daydreams can be an excellent source of inspiration around September 6. Mental Mercury joins the Sun and sparks could fly in your mind’s eye. With your season just around the corner, use the new moon in Virgo on September 14 for personal restoration. Do something that lights up your soul. Getting lost in your imagination could help you reach solutions in real life as Mercury stations direct in your dreamy realm on the following day. The Sun officially takes up space in your sign on September 23 and the time has come to let your confidence shine. In doing so, you connect with the true essence of yourself. You may have gotten comfortable in your solitude, but you find your social stamina as Venus connects to Mars around September 24. This is an optimal week to get together and celebrate with friends. If there is a special someone in your life, the full moon in Aries could solidify a commitment. 


If you’ve been unsure of your direction, or feeling lost when it comes to achieving a personal goal, the confusion is coming to an end. Venus stations direct in your Tenth House of Ultimate Dreams on September 3 and it’s as if you can see your vision crystal clear. Your attention may shift to relationships as boisterous Jupiter stations retrograde on the following day. For the next couple of months, you’ll be sussing out who really fits into the version of the future you want for yourself. September 6 is the perfect time to reconnect with an old friend—reminiscing on old memories—as retrograde Mercury conjoins the warmhearted Sun. However, there is no room for the past by the time the new moon in Virgo comes around on September 14. You’ll get the opportunity to plant some seeds for future endeavors. Mercury direct follows this lunation, so you can network and start to piece together a detailed plan of action. Be sure to take a moment to relish in your current success and standing on September 20, as the Sun harmoniously trines your ruler Pluto. Just a few days later, our shining star moves into Libra on September 23, and personal restoration and relaxation becomes a necessity. Give your imagination space to flourish. Practice the art of “letting go” as Venus sends aid to Mars. The more you release control, the more you will get. The month ends with a full moon in determined Aries on September 29. You might get serious about finding a wellness routine that works for you. Revitalize yourself, the right circumstances will find their way to you.  


Personal values and core beliefs have likely been a recurring theme as Venus was moved backwards through your Ninth House of the Higher Mind. You can move with more confidence in what you stand for as the Goddess of Love stations direct on September 3. The character development doesn’t stop here. A day later your ruler Jupiter stations retrograde, and it’s time to tweak your work ethic and organization skills. Mercury teams up with the Sun on September 6 and this is an excellent day for taking public action or making strides towards your goals. The new moon in Virgo on September 14 could be the start of something exciting. Whether you start a new job or relationship, it has personal achievement written all over it. Good thing the planet of the mind, Mercury, stations direct on the following day. You’ll have the mental capacity to maintain whatever you obtain. Your reputation is on the up-and-up as the Sun drifts into Libra on September 23. Tis’ the season to network and connect with your social circle. Venus sweetly sextiles Mars the week of September 24, and you have extra synergy when it comes to persuading and impressing the person across from you. Use this extra dash of charisma to your advantage. The full moon in Aries on September 29 asks you to ditch work in the name of fun. After all, you’ve been putting in some hard labor and deserve a wildly good time.


Inhibition is a thing of the past come September 3. Liberated Venus stations direct in your sector of intimacy and you’re free to let whatever flag you choose fly! Your sex life is about to drastically improve, as you now have a better relationship with your own desires. Now that you’ve got that down, your attention turns to leisure and romance. Jupiter goes retrograde on the following day and it’s time to spice up what has gone stale. This will be a trial and error process. Let your true gauge of success be the level of joy and happiness you feel. September 6 may be a mind opening day, as Mercury greets the Sun and offers you a new experience. The new moon in Virgo on September 14 also brings in a wave of fresh energy—you may begin to dive into a new subject or decide to pick up a new skill. You’ll excel at anything that has to do with learning, especially when Mercury stations direct on the following day. Your mind is moving faster and you can pick up information with ease. It’s time to shine as Libra season comes blowing in on September 23. You’ll begin to get noticed, so be sure to be on your best behavior. Someone who cares for you could give you the royal treatment the week of September 24. Venus plays nice with Mars, so this can be a sweet time for a romantic getaway if you can make it work in your schedule. The full moon in Aries on September 29 may have you feeling unstoppable, but take a moment to connect your body, mind and soul. You’re operating at a higher vibration! 


Any relationship issues you’ve been experiencing are likely to be resolved as the month gets underway. The planet of love and beauty, Venus, stations direct in your Seventh House of Relationships on September 3. Just as things start to move forward in this area of life, your own emotional state comes into focus. Jupiter stations retrograde on the following day, and starts a journey of understanding yourself at the core. It may be helpful to discuss your current feelings with a close confidant around September 6. Mercury meets up with the Sun and their insight may prove to be extremely helpful. The new moon in Virgo on September 14 could open the door to a greater sense of intimacy in a particular relationship. Even if you are unsure of your emotions, you can still share what’s on your mind. As Mercury stations direct on the following day, you are learning to lean on and trust others. You may be sufficiently independent, but you can’t rule out the importance of your special relationships or connections. The brilliant Sun moves into Libra on September 23 and helps you open up to new concepts or perceptions. Things might really heat up in a romantic affair as sensatiable Venus sweetly sextiles passionate Mars the week of September 24. The conversations you have are likely to stimulate your soul and bring you two even closer. The full moon in Aries on September 29 draws the month to a close, and this is an optimal time to take note of all the resources you have available. Feel the gratitude for everything life has provided for you up to this point. 


Life may have had some pretty difficult days over the past couple of weeks. It may have been hard for you to relax or find the beauty in your day-to-day, but that ship turns around as of September 3, when free-fluttering Venus stations direct. It’s all in your head, and mindset becomes a major point of examination as jovial Jupiter stations retrograde on the following day. Perhaps the devil lies in the details of your core beliefs, and those may need some smoothing out. An important conversation might take place on September 6 as the Sun and Mercury meet for a clarifying cazimi. If there is something you’ve been wanting to say or convey this may be the right time to do it. Your love life undergoes some form of renewal under the new moon in Virgo on September 14. Whether you wipe the slate clean in an existing relationship, or find yourself entertaining a new potential mate, this has “fun and fresh” written all over it. Mercury stations direct on the following day, so you can let your inhibitions go and just be yourself with this special person. The Sun makes his monthly transit and kicks off Libra season on September 23. For you this period is about diving deeper into intimacy and sharing the many different facets of yourself with another soul. Venus exchanges alluring glances with Mars the week of September 24, making it the ideal week for one-on-one time. While you may be fixated on romance, do take some time to sort out your finances under the full moon in Aries on September 29. You might have to course correct if you’ve been a bit lenient with your budget. This lunation is great for making a plan and sticking to it.  

September 2023 HoroscopesAries 

Romance heats up as the summer draws to a close. Vibrant Venus stations direct in your dating sector on September 3. While your heart may be fluttering for someone special, it could still take a while to get this fling off the ground. Lucky an expansive Jupiter goes retrograde on the following day, so love might not sprout as fast as you had hoped. You can still be practical about it and make your intentions known as Retrograde Mercury joins the brilliant Sun on September 6. Just be sure to set realistic expectations and take things slow. Expect to become more health conscious under the new moon in Virgo on September 14. As Mercury stations direct on the following day, you may be ready to dive headfirst into a new wellness routine. Be wary of your disposition, as you should still allow yourself a bit of indulgence as Venus harshly squares Jupiter on September 16.  Denying yourself some pleasure now could come with regrettable consequences in the near future. It’s all about balance as the Sun waltzes into Libra on September 23. Enlisting the help of a trusted confidant will likely keep you in check. Venus hugs it out with Mars the week of September 24, and while this might not bring the commitment you are looking for, it can be a fantastic time for your love life. Dates may go especially well this week—the only thing that could get in your way are your own lofty expectations. The full moon in your sign on September 29 reminds you that self-care is a necessity. You can’t give away all your love and heart-energy to another, you must reserve some for yourself, too.


The solution to an emotional issue you’ve been facing may start to become clear around September 3, when your dear ruling planet Venus emerges from retrograde. Some patience may be needed as Jupiter starts his retrograde on the following day. You may know what you want, but long-term work and dedication are required to obtain it. A spark of inspiration may hit around September 6 as the Sun and Mercury meet for a cazimi, and this can help fuel your desire to keep moving forward. The new moon in Virgo on September 14 is likely to mark the start of a new creative endeavor or exciting romance. As Mercury stations direct on September 15 you can approach this fresh start with a new perspective. Although you might not feel all gung-ho for the next couple of days—Venus and Jupiter are not in good standing and uncomfortability or skittish behavior is likely.  The Sun ventures into level-headed Libra on September 23 and you can become quite the task master. You may be able to take on more than usual, but be careful. Do make time for love and leisure as Venus blows kisses to Mars the week of September 24. The month ends with the full moon in self-oriented Aries on September 29. This can be an ideal time to reflect on what you truly want. Get to know and love yourself on a deeper level.  


Your spark is back baby! As of September 3, Venus starts the commotion by moving forward and your charming and expressive ways are here to stay—albeit with a tad more potency. You may have been experiencing a lack of confidence or repression, which allowed you to self-reflect. Jupiter, the planet of your higher mind, slows down for retrograde on September 4, marking the start of a much deeper journey in exploring your spiritual beliefs. You may come to a solid emotional understanding with someone around September 6 as your ruler Mercury meets the Sun for an eye-opening cazimi. The new moon in Virgo on September 14 may present an emotional fresh start, and this could take place right at home base. Out with the old and in with the new, you may be ready to finally release what no longer serves you as meticulous Mercury stations direct on the following day. Say “yes” to any last minute invitations on September 19 as the outgoing Sun catches the glistening eye of Neptune, and you never know who might be intrigued by your free-spirited ways. Libra season kicks off on September 23, putting a greater importance on leisure. It may be time to take that well-deserved vacation. You can really let loose as vibrant Venus dances with fervent Mars the week of September 24. Life is meant to be lived, so it’s okay to indulge a bit right now. While you’re out there living it up, a potential lover could be around the corner waiting. The full moon in Aries on September 29 might bring a drastic change to an organization you belong to. This could allow you to step up or take the lead if you desire to. See everything as an opportunity.  

2023 horoscopesCancer 

Those petty little money problems should clear-up as Venus emerges from retrograde on September 3. Things in this realm will start to move forward once more, and you might even ask for a pay increase after a recent lesson in self-worth. On the following day, Jupiter stations retrograde, and this might put you in a more frugal mindset. Normally you’d go to the ends of the earth for the people you care about, but even that has a limit. Don’t let anyone guilt into spending more than comfortable with. If you need to have a difficult conversation, September 6 may be the day to do it. As Mercury meets the Sun, you can eloquently stand up for your own needs and wants. You might find yourself in a fresh environment under the new moon in Virgo on September 14. Whether you’re moving houses, joining a volunteer effort or starting a new job, look at this as an opportunity to make some advanced connections. You’ll have no problem putting the charm on anyone you come across as Mercury stations direct in intelligent Virgo on the following day. Libra season kicks off on September 23 and you can feel extra settled in your home. You’ll likely want to pour some of your creative energy into it as Venus works with Mars. Really put on those finishing touches! While you feel cozy in your own space, you may have to come out for the full moon in Aries on September 29, as you’ll probably receive some sort of recognition for your hard work or talent. 


This month you get your mojo back, as the Goddess of Love and Beauty stations direct in your sign on September 3. Your outfits and hair are on point, and a new confidence falls over you. While you’ll be ready to mix and mingle, you might start to question your overall direction and goals, which is a whole nother level of uncomfortability as Jupiter stations retrograde on the next day. Look at this as a chance to further explore your options. Keep a notebook nearby around September 6, because you might have some bright ideas on how to save or make more money as Mercury melts into the Sun. The new moon in Virgo on September 14 is the perfect time to get started on your savings plan or side hustle. Your mind will be extra sharp when it comes to these matters because Mercury ends its retrograde on the following day. You’ve collected all the info you need and it is time to implement. Libra season comes around on September 23 and increases your need for social interaction. This can be an ideal time to reconnect with old friends or former networks. As Venus hooks up with Mars shortly after, your most heartwarming connections can be your greatest source of joy in the coming week. You’ll likely end the month in a drastically different mindset. The full moon in Aries on September 29 gives you a bird’s eye view, and you can pick and choose your next move with a new sense of wisdom.

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