The Venus Star Point of 2021 + Cycle Phases

by Kaitlyn De Leonardis
Venus Star Point of 2021

Every nine and a half months, the Sun and Venus come together to form a conjunction. This is a powerful union, but plays a part in a larger cycle. Every time Venus crosses paths with the Sun, she alternates between Morning Star and Evening Star. This transformation often creates a shift in the Venus-ruled areas of our lives, which includes appearance, self-worth, relationships, love and finances. Yes, Venus is the planet of love, but she governs all that we hold close to our hearts. A good way to remember it is that Venus equals values.

The Venus Star Point in Aries 2021

The Venus Star Point of 2021 is occurring in the sign of Aries, fresh into the Astrological New Year. The Sun entered Aries on March 20, followed by Venus the next day. As of Monday, March 22, these two celestial objects are close enough to be considered in conjunction. The aspect will peak on March 26, when their union is considered exact. This is a wonderful energy surrounding the Spring Equinox, both the Sun and Venus will be blending energies for an entire week.

Aries is a cardinal fire sign with a zest for life and experiences. They do what they want, when they want. Think of Aries as the spark of life, the very foundation of our existence. Aries is the traditional ruler of the first house of self. So much of our energy is focused outward towards professions, loved ones, our home and other obligations, so when do we find the time to focus on ourselves? This star point is calling us to do just that. To love yourself first, and put yourself first. Embody the Aries archetype, be bold and be proud of the person you are today. Venus’s cycles may have helped get you here.

Venus’ Cycles

Venus is a planet with some complicated cycles. I guess that’s just divine feminine energy for you! These cycles within cycles begin with the nine and a half month segments between her conjunctions with the Sun, also known as a star point or cazimi. This is the fundamental building block of Venus’s larger synodic cycle, which is when the courses of two celestial objects meet up. You may recall The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in late December of 2020, this is yet another example of a synodic cycle since these two planets meet up every 20 years.

Her retrogrades are the next piece of the puzzle, which happens every one and a half years. As these cycles add up over an eight-year period Venus’s movements create a petaled flower shape in the sky. She also creates a pentagram, the five points of the star are where her five retrogrades took place over the course of eight years. There are also four-year cycles thrown into the mix. For example, the last star point in Aries was in March of 2017, where she became Morning Star, this time around she’ll switch to Evening Star and in March 2025 she’ll yet again become Morning Star while moving through Aries. This is also an example of her eight-year cycles work. Something that started in March of 2017 will come full circle in March 2025. The current Venus Star Point in Aries is smack dab in the middle of this cycle.

The Mayans kept a close eye on Venus and her cycles, allowing them to make predictions well beyond their civilization. Being our neighboring planet, Venus is often visible in our sky. When she is Morning Star she appears near dawn and conversely, when she is Evening Star she appears at dusk. She only disappears from our sight during star points when she is too close to the Sun.

Venus Morning Star Vs. Evening Star

During her retrogrades, Venus makes the transition to Morning Star, when she meets the Sun and forms an interior conjunction. While moving direct, she transitions to Evening Star after forming a superior conjunction, and so on. An interior conjunction means she is between the Earth and Sun, while the superior means she sits behind the Sun from our view on Earth.

When Venus is Morning Star, she is thought to be a Lucifer Venus. According to people with a Lucifer Venus will likely be driven by their emotions. They are extremely open and get over heartbreak easily. Venus as Evening Star is linked to Herespuense, and these people tend to keep their emotions to themselves. They also have the tendency to hold on to emotional pain longer than their counterparts.

Venus is a Personal Planet

Venus is considered a personal planet, along with Mercury and Mars. If you really want to understand how Venus and her cycles affect you, map out all the Venus Star Points over an eight-year period. Think of your life and what was going on, you’ll usually be able to pick out specific events and instances (good and bad) during each nine and a half-month interval. Then look at the bigger picture to find any common themes or lessons. You might just find that the events you tie to the Venus Star Points helped get you to where you are today.

For more on how this Venus Star Point in Aries might affect you, read your March 2021 Horoscopes!

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