July 2020 Horoscopes

by Kaitlyn De Leonardis

This July, the planets are making some major moves. It all starts with Saturn’s return back home into Capricorn on July 1, helping us all work smarter and harder. At the start of the month, expansive Jupiter and transformational Pluto are conjunct (aligned right next to each other). This is a second of a rare series of three this year. The lunar eclipse in Capricorn on July 5 will be the final eclipse of the season and will close out a Cancer/Capricorn cycle that started in 2018. Something you began at that time could come to a culmination.

Mercury is retrograde in Cancer until July 12, and will form a square (harsh aspect) to Mars twice this month. Communications will be misconstrued, but try your best not to get angry over it. Don’t panic. The majority of the planets are actually in retrograde, the roaster includes: Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto. These energies take a long time to play out since these planetary bodies move slowly. It’s the inner planet retrogrades you want to watch out for, like pesky Mercury.

The month ends with the Sun’s transit into Leo on July 22. The last two weeks of the month Jupiter is aspecting Neptune. What do the stars have in store for you this July? Read your Sun and rising sign to find out!

Cancer (Jun 21 – Jul 22)

Happy Birthday! You can cry if you want to! And you probably will with Mercury retrograding in your sign and the lunar eclipse in Capricorn (aka your relationship zone). This is a big one, and will lead to a major change in relationship status break ups, new relationships and deeper commitments. However this manifests for you, rest assured with the joined forces of Jupiter and Pluto it’s the best birthday gift ever. Saturn is also in retrograde here, it won’t make this easy, but it will be worth it. Mental Mercury forms a tense alignment with Mars from July 7 to 9, you’ll have to put your celebrations on hold for work. Don’t let your emotions get to you, as a water sign ruled by the Moon, it’s easier said than done. When Mercury turns direct, the Sun in your sign opposes the planets in Capricorn—so some alone time for reflection on your relationships may be needed. And just like that, it’s New Moon, new you on July 20. The events of your season have taught you, ultimately, how to love yourself. When Mercury melds with Neptune on July 30, you’re ready to share it with the world.

Leo  (Jul 23 – Aug 22)

Health and wellness has been a major theme for Leos this year. The lunar eclipse in Capricorn on July 5 will shift your mindset when it comes to your daily routines. Your sixth house is seeing a lot of action. With Saturn in this zone, you’ll have to try harder to ensure you’re balancing work life and self-care routines. Jupiter and Pluto working together will help you pinpoint what is draining your energy and what replenishes it. Harness the mojo of Mercury retrograde in Cancer and your 12th house of endings and beginnings, it’s time to halt unhealthy habits and thought patterns. On July 7 to 9, the planet of the mind (Mercury) will be in a tense predicament with Mars. This will make you aware that your life philosophies need some rearranging. The week of July 12, Mercury stations direct, and your ruler, the Sun opposes all the planets in Capricorn. This will shed light on what needs to change to make better choices, day in and day out. On July 22, it’s okay to indulge because it’s Leo season, baby! Celebrate you, as only a Leo knows how.


Lunar Eclipse 2018 by Farzad Mohsenvand

Virgo  (Aug 23 – Sep 22)

The lunar eclipse in Capricorn on July 5 will bring about a major change in the way you experience pleasure and express your creativity. The Jupiter-Pluto mashup, along with Saturn’s recent move back into Capricorn, will help you find new activities that spark joy. With Mercury currently retrograde in Cancer and your eleventh house of extended networks, you might find some circles don’t align with the new direction you’re heading in. When Mercury squares off with Mars on July 7 to 9, you’re called to do some soul searching. You’ll have to decide what and who deserves your time and energy. The week of July 12, Mercury turns direct and the Sun (also in your 11th house) will oppose the planets in Capricorn, you’ll only want to be around people who support your visions and endeavors. The aspects the Sun makes before he moves into Leo and your sixth house of daily routines on July 22, will help illuminate who can no longer be part of your tribe. When Mercury makes it’s second square (harsh angle) to Mars July 27 to 28 it’s time to cut the dead weight loose. Mercury blends with the energies of Jupiter and Neptune on July 30, causing you to feel delighted with the company you’ve chosen to keep.

Libra (Sep 23 – Oct 22)

Things at home are changing, and fast. With the lunar eclipse in Capricorn on July 5, this will be a major event and could leave you feeling like the rug has been ripped from beneath your feet. Taskmaster Saturn is also here, and it’s time to rebuild your relationship to your home and the people you live with. Luckily, Jupiter is joined at the hip with Pluto in this zone of your chart, helping you see the silver lining. While change is uncomfortable, it’s necessary for growth. With all the focus on home and Mercury retrograde in Cancer, your workflow may need to be put on hold to attend to personal matters. Don’t let the stress of the external circumstances get to your head. Be careful not to lash out at people you do business with when Mercury challenges Mars July 7 to 9. By the end of the month, you may find that a professional partnership is no longer serving you. From July 26 to 28 your ruler Venus, in a tough alignment with Neptune the planet of illusions. Due to contradicting work ethics, and with Mercury, now direct, making the same aspect to Mars, it’s time to move on. Jupiter is also in the mix, bringing good fortune. There are bright things on the horizon.

Scorpio (Oct 23 – Nov 21)

With the lunar eclipse in Capricorn on July 5, your immediate environment is being shaken up. While a fixed sign like you doesn’t take kindly to change–this will be different. Your ruler Pluto is locked up with Jupiter, also in this area. This could bring about some mind-expanding personal transformation. With Saturn here too, you’ll be motivated to restructure how you interact with your community. Meanwhile, Mercury is retrograde in Cancer and your ninth house of deep understanding. With the planet of the mind in this state, you’ll be rehashing your personal beliefs. From July 7 to 9 Mercury is at a hard angle to Mars, it’s possible your day to day activities will be a source of anger. Take deep breaths and let it go. The week of July 12 Mercury goes direct, while the Sun will oppose every planet in Capricorn. It won’t be easy to integrate the new set of core values that are currently being formed. Give yourself some time alone. Harness the power of the second Mercury-Mars on July 27 to 28. Take action and start to make changes to your daily routines to eliminate frustrations.

Photo by Anastasia Dulgier

Sagittarius  (Nov 22 – Dec 21)

Your self-worth gets flipped upside down with the lunar eclipse in Capricorn and this area of your chart on July 5. Luckily, your ruler Jupiter is also here, and merging with the energy of metamorphic Pluto, helping you understand the value you bring to this world. Saturn also chimes in, and your confidence in yourself might be tested. With Mercury retrograde in Cancer and your house of the subconscious, there is no better time to restructure your thought patterns. Until July 12, you can dive deep into your subconscious. Do your best to not let your rambunctious side get the best of you from July 7 to 9. Mercury is in a hard predicament with Mars in your house of fun and pleasure, you could take things too far. The week of July 12 Mercury goes direct and the Sun will oppose all the retrograde planets in Capricorn, including your personal planet Jupiter. This will help find new ways to experience greater self-worth. The month ends with a decadent Jupiter Neptune aspect, lasting from July 19 all the way into August. You’ll find your greatest peace at home. Now is a good time to spend your resources on sprucing up your retreat from the world.

Capricorn (Dec 22 – Jan 19)

This is your lunar eclipse Capricorn, make the most of it. With your ruler Saturn back at home in your sign, you sure will! You’re about to go through a very personal transformation. All with the support of expansive Jupiter and regenerating Pluto joining forces. It may be best to take a step back from other areas of your life on July 5. Make the changes you’ve been yearning for. With Mercury retrograde in Cancer and your house of partnerships, you may neglect some relationships. This will particularly affect family relations from July 7 to 9, when Mercury is in a strained aspect with Mars. After Mercury goes direct on July 12, the Sun (also in Cancer) will oppose all the planets currently in your sign. This will nudge you to integrate the new you into every compartment of your life. With the New Moon in Cancer on July 20, you’re ready to invest your energy in relationships again. There may still be tensions with a family member when Mercury and Mars make the same alignment from earlier this month on July 27 to 28. Use this time to put any issues to rest.

Aquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 19)

With the lunar eclipse in Capricorn on July 5, prepare yourself for something big because this is your house of endings and beginnings. With Jupiter right next to Pluto, your unconscious will become conscious. While this might be a lot to handle, Saturn is here to provide the mental stamina to make it through any adversity your psyche might face. All these planets together is a recipe for growth, and you’ll come out of this with a greater understanding of life and yourself. While Mercury is retrograde in Cancer and your sixth house of work and health, the pressure of your job could take its toll both physically and mentally. Use some personal days if you can. Watch how you talk to subordinates and colleagues from July 7 to 9. Mercury is in a rough alignment with Mars, and you don’t want to project any negative feelings onto someone else. Mercury goes direct on July 12, work will start to slowly calm down. The New Moon in Cancer brings a fresh start to this area of your life. Spend time with family on July 22 to 23. Mercury is in a supportive aspect to your ruler, Uranus, currently in your family sector for the long haul. Opening up about what you’ve been going through is just the release you need. Being around those who love you unconditionally will do you a world of good.

Pisces (Feb 20 – Mar 20)

Major changes are happening in your network. With the lunar eclipse in Capricorn on July 5, you could find yourself in a new circle. You’ll really feel like you belong here with Jupiter and Pluto merging in the same area of your chart. Saturn is also in Capricorn and these new people have come into your life to teach you a valuable lesson. While Mercury is retrograde in Cancer and your creative and romance zones, these areas are feeling dull. Mercury turns direct on July 12 and the Sun makes an aspect to your ruler Neptune, currently at home in your sign. This will bring the wave of inspiration you’ve been hoping for. From July 19 through August Jupiter, the planet of abundance is blending energies with Neptune, your bond with your new network flourishes. Don’t forget about the folks at home. Spending too much time out of the house might upset those you live with. This could come to a head when Venus, the planet of love in your home sector confronts your ruler Neptune from July 26 to 28. Wait for a supportive alignment from Mercury on July 30 to handle this situation.

Photo by Anastasia Dulgier

Aries  (Mar 21 – Apr 20)

The lunar eclipse in Capricorn on July 5 will create a harmonious aspect with Neptune–this has “dream job” written all over it. You may get that promotion you’ve been coveting or head in an entirely new direction. Saturn’s recent return home to Capricorn is just the kick you need to put your nose to the grindstone. The Jupiter-Pluto mash-up will shine a giant spotlight on the adjustments needed to achieve your lofty goals. This energy is too good to waste! With all that focus on your career, and with Mercury retrograde in Cancer, it’s possible that you’ve neglected responsibilities at home. Altercations with spouses, family or roommates could arise around July 7 to 9, when Mercury clashes with your ruler, Mars. On July 11 the Moon moves into your sign, leaving you feeling extra emotional about this situation. Things get better with the New Moon in Cancer on July 20, Mercury is now direct and you’re able to clearly convey your emotions to loved ones. Two days later on July 22, Leo season begins, as the Sun moves into your fifth house of pleasure. Go have some fun. Use the second Mercury-Mars aspect from July 27 to 28 to hash out any remaining misunderstandings from the first one earlier this month.

Taurus (Apr 21 – May 20)

You’re ready to experience the world beyond your bubble. This shift in priorities is brought on by the lunar eclipse in Capricorn on July 5, in your ninth house of travel. Unfortunately, Saturn, the planet of restrictions is here too, putting the kibosh on any travel plans you had made. With Saturn in retrograde, this is an optimal time to start replanning. A Jupiter-Pluto alignment could make the planning process an adventure in itself. Connecting to the people in your immediate environment will be difficult, with Mercury, the planet of communication–stationed retrograde in Cancer and your third house of local environment. A tense Mercury-Mars aspect from July 7 to 9 makes it all too easy for disagreements to escalate. The week that Mercury goes direct the Moon is exalted in your sign on July 14-15, finally some emotional stability! The second Mercury-Mars aspect hits just as Mercury steps out of its shadow, on July 27 to 28. At the same time, your ruler Venus in your self-worth sign of Gemini is making the same aspect to Neptune, in Pieces and your friendship zone. It’s time to cut toxic people loose. As Mercury blends with Neptune on July 30, you’re feeling liberated, life is better without them.

Gemini (May 21 – Jun 20)

Everything is up in the air this month. Hold tight for the lunar eclipse on July 5 in Capricorn and your eighth house of sex, death and taxes. This event will usher you into uncharted territory, even if only on an internal level. Harness the strength of Saturn and a Jupiter-Pluto get together in the same sign. These energies will help you see the bigger picture. Mercury in Cancer is currently retrograding all over your second house of worth and values—the money house. An unexpected and costly expense could arise, so be extra diligent when submitting your taxes. Whatever you do, don’t take your frustrations out on friends. From July 7 to 9 your ruler is locked into Mars, so leave the evil twin at home. On July 12 Mercury stations direct, hallelujah! While your debts and stress won’t magically go away, you’re officially ready to face them and move on. With the Sun’s transit into your third house and Mercury vibing with Uranus on July 22, you’re everyone’s favorite party guest. Be mindful of a tendency to pick a fight from July 27 to 28, Mercury is not playing nice with Mars again. As the month comes to a close, Mercury merges with Neptune bringing about a major epiphany and solutions.

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