A Month of Forward Movement: Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter Station Direct 2021

by Kaitlyn De Leonardis
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Retrograde season is practically over! In the month of October, we’ll experience a total of four planets moving direct. That’s a lot of forward movement, considering that three of the four planets have been in retrograde since the spring of this year. Mercury’s final retrograde of 2021 is more of a guest star this month, because Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are ending their retrogrades too and will station direct within two weeks of each other. This is extra significant because these planets were involved in the rare alignments we saw in 2020. Jupiter and Pluto formed an exact conjunction thrice and we had the infamous “Great Conjunction” of Jupiter and Saturn with both planets crossing over from Capricorn to Aquarius together. What the three planets started in 2020 is still playing out and their retrograde cycles are helping us adapt to a new way of living.

While life may have been turbulent since then, our saving grace is that Jupiter is the link. Also known as the “Great Benefic,” Jupiter is the good guy and wants what’s best for the highest good of all. We must hold on to optimism, find our inner light and believe in a brighter future. 

The Outer Planets and Their Retrograde Cycles        

The outer planets move at a much slower pace than their respective inner planets. This is largely due to their once-a-year retrograde cycles. On average, their retrogrades last for five to six months. Lengthy retrogrades also contribute to longer shadow periods, meaning that these planets spend the majority of the year in their retrograde cycles. Planetary movements are measured by degrees, and even when Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are moving direct, they don’t breeze through degrees as the inner planets do. But just like Mercury, they too have post-retrograde shadow periods where they make up for lost time. Or in this case, degrees. 

Retrogrades have been known to cause stagnation, and we may feel some initial momentum this month. Life seems to be picking up and moving in a new direction. However, these planets are only stationing and they won’t move much in terms of degrees. We still have to make it through their post-retrograde shadows, and their cycles won’t really be complete until January of 2022. As Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto move through their shadows, we’ll come to a better understanding of what the last six months were all about. Their post-retrograde shadows can also bring us second chances. While the retrograde itself is a reflective stage, the post-shadow is really the do-over portion. When the shadow is over, we’ll have the ability to utilize what the retrogrades taught us.    

What does it mean when a planet is stationed? 

When a planet transitions from direct to retrograde or retrograde to direct, it slows down and appears to come to a halt before changing direction. So when a planet stations, it means that it is “stationary” and has stopped moving in preparation for its directional change. Here’s what to expect when Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter all station direct in 2021.

Jupiter station direct 2021

Pluto Goes Direct 2021 l Photo by NASA

Pluto Direct – October 6 at 24 Degrees of Capricorn 

The first one out the gate is Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth. Since the planet went retrograde at 26 degrees of Capricorn in late April of this year, we’ve been reflecting on what needs to change in our professional and public lives. Jobs, career paths and business relationships are on the chopping block, but with the purpose of making room for new opportunities. Once this planet starts moving forward, we can slowly begin the transformation process. Pluto’s post-shadow will be complete by January 27, 2022.  

Saturn Direct – October 10 at 6 Degrees of Aquarius 

Saturn, the planet of responsibilities, restrictions, work and service, has been retrograde since late May of 2021, starting its backward trek at 13 degrees of Aquarius. While the planet has been posted up in one of its home signs, it has placed an emphasis on our individual role in society. Bringing up the Capricorn notion of “What can I contribute?” and the age-old Aquarian question “How does my contribution impact society?” Heavy stuff I know, but that’s Saturn for ya! Now that the “task-master” of the solar system will start moving at full force, it’s time to get to work. Saturn direct will bring us a greater sense of discipline and the ability to implement new structures. The post-retrograde shadow will be over by January 15, 2022.

Jupiter Direct – October 18 at 22 Degrees Aquarius  

jupiter station direct 2021

Jupiter Goes Direct 2021 l Photo by NASA

Known as the planet of abundance, blessings and expansions, Jupiter has had quite the retrograde journey. The planet officially went retrograde at 2 degrees of Pisces (one of its home signs) back in late June of this year. The planet’s brief stay in this water sign gave us some insights into the beginning of 2022. At the end of July, Jupiter retrograded back into Aquarius, where the planet will remain until December 28, 2021. There were loose ends that needed to be tied, related to the meet-up of Jupiter and Saturn in late December of 2020. Jupiter’s time in Aquarius is amplifying all those Saturnian themes of work and responsibilities but puts some purpose behind them. 

Now that the planet will be moving forward, people are more likely to come together with the intent of a better tomorrow for all. With both Jupiter and Saturn back in Aquarius, there is a greater emphasis on unity at this time. Jupiter will officially exit its shadow on January 8, 2022. 

October 2021 is only the beginning of Act II. We don’t have all the details or information yet, but we have enough material to begin to move forward. By the end of the month, Uranus and Neptune are the only planets that will remain in retrograde. Still, October presents the chance to start setting the stage for the coming year.

Wondering what will happen to your sign when Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter all station direct in 2021? Check out your October 2021 Horoscope!

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