Uranus Retrograde 2021: A Time for Steady Progression

by Kaitlyn De Leonardis
uranus retrograde 2021

Uranus, always having to be the odd one out, is the last outer planet to go retrograde this year. “The Great-Awakener” will be in retrograde from August 19, 2021 to January 18, 2022. When this planet is moving at full force, its energy can be somewhat disruptive. But when Uranus retrograde comes around, the atmosphere calms down a bit. Some astrologers actually prefer it, because the planet’s energy isn’t so erratic. Here’s what you need to know about Uranus retrograde in 2021:

When Uranus is Direct

Uranus has been moving forward since it came direct in early 2021. So if life has felt a bit crazy since the start of the year, you know who to blame. It’s important to remember that the planet’s ultimate goal is to push us to progress. When Uranus is direct, life moves fast and we may have to deal with or come to terms with sudden changes, shocks or roadblocks that may require detours. The energy creates an upheaval of some sort, and this can happen on many different levels. While the planet makes life seem turbulent, what is actually happening is an awakening. We are being made aware of what needs to change so we can level up. This change can be internal, external and sometimes both! 

How to Work With Uranus Retrograde

Now is a good time to reflect upon the last eight months. Has some area of your life been particularly chaotic? What do you feel needs to change?

Uranus retrograde is the time to start implementing changes because the external or internal chaos is subdued and the sporadic undertones seem to settle down. When Uranus was moving direct, we opened our eyes to what needed a drastic overhaul but we were in too much of a fast-paced environment to really step back and deal with it. Now that the static background noise will cease, we’re able to make improvements with a greater focus. Progress is a process, so when Uranus slows down, it’s imperative to not get too caught up in the timeline. 

This type of retrograde, like all the other outer planets, isn’t felt instantaneously but in layers. Over the next five months, take baby steps. While Uranus likes swift and forward movement, going too hard and too fast can be this planet’s pitfall; quickly leading to burnout, especially during retrograde season. This isn’t a “hit the ground running” sort of energy. Retrogrades of any planet call for some reflection, while Uranus retrograde is the perfect opportunity to dive deep into our personal evolution or that of the collectives.  

Uranus takes seven years to travel through one sign, so there is a bigger picture to all this. By taking the time to work with Uranus and its retrograde cycles we are setting ourselves up for success by being thorough. Really understanding the “why” or “how” behind our actions and intentions puts us in a better position to handle life once the pace picks up when Uranus moves direct again. 

Uranus Retrograde in Taurus 2021

uranus retrograde 2021

Photo by Alex Simpson

Uranus has been in Taurus since 2018, so on a collective level, the planet has been revolutionizing our value system. This may relate to money, material items and consumption. Knowing what house or houses Taurus rules or occupies in your birth chart can be helpful for picking up on where these shifts are taking place. But the bottom line is that the need for this shift or alternative direction is likely due to a change in what we value. Something we’ve once held in high regard, no longer aligns, which can be difficult to deal with or even admit. It all stems from our own self-worth, so we cannot give our attention, time or energy to anything that does not produce favorable results. 

If you have been trying to implement some sort of change in 2021 and have had difficulty doing so, Uranus retrograde can make the process a little easier. Innovation is a word that’s often associated with this planet, so trying new methods, strategies or routines may lead to victory. Uranus is a planet of extremes, anything that feels stale, daunting or draining may need to be revamped over this five-month period. 

For more on how Uranus retrograde will affect your sign, be sure to read your August 2021 Horoscope.   

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